A Message from AA Michael


10th November 2008


Archangel Michael
Channelled Through Natalie Glasson

I am Archangel Michael; I am your companion and friend while you travel along your
spiritual path on the Earth. I am a great protector of humanity, the Earth and the angelic
kingdom. It is my mission and purpose to ensure that all exist within the light of the
Creator and are able to achieve the goals of their souls while in existence on the Earth. I
stand as an illuminated beacon of light that all can integrate with to raise their energy
vibrations and increase their connection with both the angelic kingdom and the Creator’s
mighty soul.

I, Archangel Michael have seen many changes occur to the Earth some have been for
the greater good of humanity, others we have had to stand by trusting that it is the will of
the Creator, knowing that love pours from every situation on the Earth and within the inner
planes. I am happy to watch the wonderful changes that are now occurring on the Earth.
The energy boosts that the ascended masters are sending into the Earth through humanity
and the love crystals are beginning to achieve their mission. Many without realising are
opening to love; they are noticing that their focus may have been negative and now wish to
live a harmonious and blissful life on the Earth. Through love many understand that there is
more to reality on the Earth and that a truth exists within them, a power and source that is
so magnificent that they cannot now ignore it. The energy boosts that are anchoring love
and abundant energies now are causing a great releasing process on the Earth. Humanity
and Mother Earth are releasing negative energy and blockages in a variety of ways to
ensure that love is embodied at a later date. As love brings forth negativity to be released
it is important to know that you are always supported by your soul and guides and have the
power to release any blockages. It is vital that you view all situations in your life as positive
processes of growth as even negative situations can anchor greater love. If you have a
knowing within you that the essence of the Creator is love then you will hold complete faith
that everything in your life is an extension of the Creator’s loving soul. When you look for
positive loving energies in your life you will see them clearly. Constantly searching for and
focusing on negativity will only manifest negativity and pain deeper into your life. The
Creator wishes you to be blissfully happy and to expresses the deepest of love to all.
When you are loving and are acting from your truth then you can achieve anything you
desire, because you are drawing the energy and the divine will of the Creator deeper into
your being and reality.

It is important now for all to ask for healing from the Temple of Mercy and the
abundant energies of the ascended masters that channel in waves continuously onto the
Earth. Healing is simply allowing the embodiment of love, the love that stems directly from
the Creator’s mighty soul.

Truly I am here today communicating with you as a symbol of the anchoring of the
angelic kingdom into the ascended masters’ energy of abundance. The angelic kingdom has
always been closely linked with the ascended masters, we work together to aid the
advancement of humanity and the planet, our energies are integrated as one. We are
encouraging the great and wonderful work of the ascended masters by adding the core
energy of the angelic kingdom to the ascended masters’ energy of abundance. This core
energy is the love of the angelic kingdom as it is so pure and divine. Soon many more light
beings from the inner planes will anchor their energy and support into the work of the
ascended masters allowing humankind to benefit from a unique energy surge that will
continue into 2009 allowing all to anchor love into their being and to use the abundant
energy to manifest their dreams and desires into their lives and realities on the Earth. The
presence of the angelic energies within the ascended masters’ energy waves is of great
importance. The ascended masters’ energy is becoming extremely powerful and intense
for those who invoke, anchor and channel it through their beings. The energy of the angelic
kingdom is extremely familiar to most, acting as a soft and soothing balm to comfort the
receiver and allow them to accept the powerful yet loving and essential energy of the
ascended masters deeper into their beings. The presence of the angelic light is also
creating a soft pink shimmering effect across the whole of humanity and the planet which is
breaking up negativity especially within the aura of Mother Earth. This is vital as it allow
waves of greater volume to flow from the inner planes on to the Earth, anchoring the
energy of the Creator deeper onto the Earth.

My dear wonderful souls you have the power and the ability to feel and experience
this pink shimmering angelic light directly. When you invoke the ascended masters’ energy
of love and abundance to anchor into your being you will experience the pink shimmering
angelic light but you may not be able to distinguish it from the other high vibrations,
although its affect will be the same. It is important for you to experience this energy as it
will deepen your bond and receptiveness to the energies of the angelic kingdom.

Sit peacefully gaining a meditative state of being. Focus on your breathing and ask
for your personal angels to surround you and ensure your protection at all times. You can
ask your angelic guides to cleanse and heal your mind so that you are able to gain a deeper
stillness and a release from any negative or distracting thoughts.

‘I ask Archangel Michael to oversee my meditation. Please align me with the pink
shimmering angelic light and allow it to pour into my aura, body and soul. Let it shimmer
brightly and at a high vibration to ensure that all negative energies, thoughts and emotions
are dispersed, dissolved and scattered transforming into divine and sacred particles of
love that illuminate my being and assist me in forming a deeper bond with the energies of
the beloved angelic kingdom.’

Allow yourself to sense, feel or imagine the pink light pulsating, vibrating and
shimmering throughout your being, simply sit and relax, enjoying this wonderfully uplifting
treat of experiencing and anchoring love from the beloved angelic kingdom. You may sit
within this energy for as long as you wish and as many times a day as you wish. It will assist
in bringing forth energies or teachings that are needed in your life but may have been
obstructed by negative energy or blockages.

‘I am the love of the angelic kingdom; let the love shimmering and cleansing begin,’

I am Archangel Michael





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