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The Earth-Keeper Chronicles
November Issue, 2008 : EKC Issue : 24

Article & AAMetatron Channel

Sacred Sedona : The Stargate of Shaman’s Dome

via J Tyberonn

” Brothers, there are many paths to know Great Spirit. A worthy warrior must find that way. For me that path is to go alone to the mountain and be silent. And then let Great Spirit see that you are worthy, then he will show you the true purpose of the two-legged. It is our way of the vision quest, it is the good way of our Grandfathers.” -Chief Sogoyewapha – Seneca Nation

The Quest at Shamans Dome

By James Tyberonn

Shaman’s Dome is perhaps the least ‘known’ vortex in Sedona. It is isolated in a magnificent, rolling valley of the Red Rock National Forest, just south of Sedona. It is a perfect dome of rose sandstone quartz, soaring 750 feet above base. A powerful cave, known as Shaman’s Cave, is carved into its upper portion. Known to indigenous holy men for centuries, it is an inter-dimensional portal, a stargate.

Shaman’s Cave is a protected site. Local legends claim it is used by Starseed, extraterrestrials that taught and lived among the Indians. It is the most pristine, if not the most powerful, energy portal in the Sedona vortex.

In December 2001, I had the wonderful opportunity to do a five-day vision quest in the magnificent energy of Shaman’s Dome. It was my third.

Vision Quest

My efficacious drive to complete a series of vision quest had initiated in 1997 in Alberta, Canada. I had walked into a tea shoppe that offered psychic readings and decided to indulge. The reader was quite gifted and told me that there was a Native American standing beside me, and he wanted me to do a vision quest. I was intrigued, but took no immediate action. I soon began to have monthly dreams in which the Native American Elder appeared, and repeated the message. It promptly became a compulsion, and I searched for a facilitator. I found an able one in Adam Yellowbird. Although not a Native American (in this life), Yellowbird had lived a number of years on a Lakota reservation and become a devout follower of the sacred Redpath. A Lakota Elder had taken him under his wing, and led him through four years of vision quests and sundance ceremonies. Finding Yellowbird was no accident. Although much younger than I, Yellowbird was wise beyond his years, and truly an old soul. His gentle humility and dedicated consecration to his life mission galvanized me.

I had quested under his tutelage the past two years, annually in the third week of December. The first year in Arizona, the second in Mexico on a Yaquii reservation. Although I had not had a vision, I had found something very compelling, and upon completing each five day quest. The five days of solitude had allowed me to deeply review my self and afforded the opportunity to cleanse, to prioritize and pray. The quests gave me invaluable space to consider my life. Yet it had not been easy. Facing the self never is. After the first quest I was invited to complete a series of four, one per year. Before and after each quest, Yellowbird ceremonially conducted a purification sweatlodge for me. Each day he sang prayer songs and saged the circle of my 444 prayer ties. After each quest I felt peace, I felt honored and whole. I sensed a deep shift, and was vigorously compelled from within to continue.

And now was my third year. And it was a test. 2001 was the coldest December that the 4300′ elevation of the high planes of Sedona had had in a decade.

I actually began my fasting the day before the quest, as I prepared each of the 444 traditional prayer ties. Cutting squares of cloth in the four directions sacred colors, putting a sacrament of tobacco in each cloth, twisting it, holding it up to Spirit and saying a prayer, and then tying it onto a hemp weave chord. The old way, the sacred way. Yellowbird was a stickler to tradition, and he insured it was followed to the tee.

He told me we would quest this year in a sacred place, and that unlike the previous two years, he would not be camping nearby. It was time for me to be alone. He would visit daily, but stay in Cornville.

On day three Yellowbird brought a Native American Elder , from the Apache Nation, to my quest site. His name now eludes me, but he appeared to be in his seventies, yet quite spry and energetic. He acknowledged me, and walked silently around the perimeter while Yellowbird spoke to me. After a half hour, he came to me and kneeled at the entry of my prayer circle. He placed some herbs on the alter rock. He broke the silence by saying he was surprised that Yellowbird didn’t have me questing ontop of the Dome. Another few minutes passed , and he pointed to an area beyond the Dome and asked if I had seen any unusual lights in that area at night. I told him that I had not seen any, because the nights were so cold that I burrowed myself in the sleeping bag and blankets.

“I grew up in the land a few miles over there”, he said. “You should look for red lights at night, the ancient Grandfathers are still there”.

He continued, ” Look for mountain lions, there are a still quite few of them around here in the National Forest. They are powerful medicine.”

I told him I would, as I grew quite fascinated by this quiet Elder. I wanted to engage him in further conversation. I enjoyed his presence, and was hoping he and Yellowbird would stay for a while longer before the long night of solitude set in. I asked him what the Grandfathers were like when he was a child. What teachings they had taught. He didn’t answer immediately. He paused, and I feared for a moment I had taken a liberty in asking him of such things on our first meeting.

After a prolonged silence, he replied,” It was a different time then, and we learned a different way, a good way. It’s not like that now. I spent a lot of time in this place, and it’s a very sacred land, lots of good spirits lived here. People don’t care about this anymore. Young people leave beer cans in the cave now days. The ancient ones don’t like that”.

A few minutes passed, and Yellowbird walked to his truck. The Elder remained kneeling. I took another chance and asked him if he had known any shape- shifters.

He replied slowly, “Yes, when I was a boy, there was a Star Child that lived among us and taught us.”

I was enthralled. I asked if he meant a person from another planet.

“Yes, from Star Nation,” he answered. “Came in and left through that cave ( he pointed to the Dome) and lived with us off and on from the time of my Grandfather’s grandfather. Sometimes he was a man, and sometimes he became a woman, sometimes he became an eagle and sometimes a mountain lion.”

Yellowbird walked back, and the Elder stood up, and said, ” Look for those lights”, and walked to the truck. Yellowbird saged my circle, sang a prayer song of vision, and said it was time to go. I told Yellowbird what the Elder had shared. He raised his eyebrows and pursed his lips.

“Maybe its coyote medicine”, he said smiling, “And maybe not. I’ll take you up to the Dome and Cave tomorrow. Smoke your prayer pipe”, he said, “And ask for that vision”.

He stepped on the sideboard and eased into the drivers seat, started the motor, and then they drove away. I watched the old truck heave and groan down the red clay road until it finally disappeared in the distance. I felt quite alone. The sun began to set, and the temperature dropped. I contemplated what the Elder had said, and wondered if it was true.

As the dark set in, I began to feel tired and hungry, and I wondered in despair what I was doing here, sleeping on the ground at my age. I wondered what my colleagues would think in the engineering firm where I worked. I laughed to myself, I knew the answer to that. Some way to spend a vacation week !

The third day always seemed the most difficult in my vision quests. It was the half way mark, the hump day. The mid point where the discomfort seemed greatest and the doubts hardest. The fourth and fifth day were much easier in some respects. Something shifted the last 2 days, the hunger seemed to leave, and a altered state of clarity emerged. Interesting that.

Tyb’s Journal: Vision Quest- Day Four

The night was long and cold. I tossed and turned and couldn’t find comfort. I finally slept, but fitfully.

I woke at dawn from an endless night, feeling glad the long cold night was over. Sleeping on the ground is hard enough without freezing temperatures, and this December night had dropped to 18 degrees F and blanketed the ground and my artic bag with snow. I brushed the snow off my sleeping bag and blankets , and lay on my side, peering eastward to watch the sunrise in the east. I rubbed my eyes and gazed at the amazing Sedona landscape of the Red Rock National Forest. The orange ball of the sun rose over the distant hills. After a few minutes I sat up to allow the first rays of the sun to warm my face. I cloaked my blankets over my shoulders and wrapped my arms around my knees, huddling for warmth.

Vision of Red Feather

Entering my fifth day without food, I noted a shift in my being. The ‘light-headed’ aspect that made my body feel weak, had progressed to a different level that allowed for an extraordinary state of dream-like thought. I closed my eyes and drifted easily into a theta state of semi sleep.

Then it happened.

With eyes closed, I transposed into a radiant dimension in which I seemed to be floating above my body and observed myself sitting on the sleeping bag. And from that detached field , I saw a regal looking Native American suddenly appear and kneel beside me on one knee. He tapped my shoulder and I shifted back into the dream self. I turned to look at him. He was dressed in traditional buckskins. His face was bronzed and his raven black hair was tied back and adorned with a small red feather in the back. I knew instantly his name was Red Feather. I sensed a great wisdom and integrity in him and felt humbled by his presence. At his side was a huge mountain lion. The feline was sleek and magnificent, and emanated strength. I was in awe of her presence!

Red Feather tapped my chest with his hand and pointed to Shaman’s Dome, and I knew he was telling me to go there. I then felt a rush of great energy and suddenly jolted out of my vision. I opened my eyes, and to my amazement, Red Feather and the lion were still there. My first thought was, “Oh my God, I’m having a vision !”

Red Feather seemed to know my thoughts, and his wizened face opened in a wide smile. He stood up and motioned me to follow him. He turned and took a step toward Shaman’s Dome, and then disappeared.

Both excited and uncertain of what had just occurred, I sat and stared at the Dome. I felt energized and euphoric. I gathered my strength and stood up, still lightheaded. Immediately I felt dizzy as little starburst exploded all around my field of vision, a result of the sudden physical exertion and five days without food. I balanced my stance and evaluated the walk and dip and climb in front of me. I wondered if I should chance it alone. It was a steep hike, and ice was everywhere. Perhaps I should wait for Yellowbird. Red Feather suddenly reappeared and motioned for me to follow. He would help me, guide me up Dome.

I smiled in disbelief. The light-headedness was gone. Energy was pulsing through me as my numb fingers fumbled to tie the laces of my hiking boots. With appropriate ceremony, I opened the prayer-tie circle and left, not waiting for Yellowbird. I headed for the dome without him.

Shaman’s Dome

I really don’t know how I got to the top so easily. I crunched through frozen grass and snow, down a steep arroyo and up an icy switchback trail, the last 150 feet of which was darn close to a technical climb. When I reached the top, the morning colors were dancing. It was like a peyote dream with little crystal explosions popping all around, and I had to sit down. Though winded, I felt remarkably aware and euphoric.

An icy wind whipped across the top of the dome, but I was well wrapped, and the sun was warming. I felt a sense of joyous well-being. I was totally in the NOW of this lucid moment. The adrenaline energy returned, and I scampered over the summit of the dome. I saw four distinct energy springs, small electrical (out-flowing) vortexes, spiraling purple light. As I sat right on top of one, the vital earth current flowed upward through me. With legs gangling over the edge, I shifted until I fit comfortably in a small dip near a ledge. It offered a perfect back support, and I closed my eyes. The feeling was delicious – completely alive, so in spirit, so melded into the dome.

With eyes closed, I faced the beaming sun, and everything appeared red through my closed lids. Geometric patterns danced in my head in a vibrant kaleidoscope of color, and I drifted into vision.

Then Red Feather took my hand, and suddenly I was alongside an enormous red hawk and we flew effortlessly over the valley. I was seeing the valley below in real time. We left the National Forest and I saw below houses and cars, including Yellowbirds truck entering the turn off from highway 89.

The visionary experience was so vivid, so real, yet through the experience I was cognizant that this was a lucid dream. The rare joy of flying in that brisk, icy air was exquisite. Even now, I wonder if I was actually out-of-body. The flying sensation lasted for ten minutes or so, and then the vision ended, and I was back on Shamans Dome.

A noise. I opened my eyes to see Yellowbird’s green truck whining up the steep rocky track. He stopped at vision quest site, and I viewed him exit his truck a quarter mile below me. He seemed to know what was happening, and took out his drum and began singing a vision song in Lakota. His voice became a chorus of many voices and it echoed through the valley. When he finished I stood and waved, then called to him. He saw me, and I motioned for him to climb up the Dome.

Thirty minutes later he arrived, and I shared my vision and spoke of the energy fountains. We built stone cairns denoting the spirals’ locations. We connected the four to Ayers Rock, where he had been earlier in the year, and then to Machu Picchu, Enchanted Rock and Mount Shasta … places I had been.

We then made the precarious walk along the outer dome rim to the ‘CAVE.’

Shaman’s Cave was everything I anticipated and more, much more. The symmetry was beautiful. The cave featured an arched, semicircular entrance and a colonnaded buttress on the eastern side, with a stunning 360-degree circular window. Not a cave in the traditional sense, it is a sandstone erosion overhang, 40 feet deep, 70 feet long and 25 feet high, with the back carved into sandstone. It had a stone alter, with floors and walls of wind-polished quartz.

As we walked into the magical entrance, I felt an immediate energy shift. My eyes were first drawn to a pictograph on the cave wall. I walked forty feet to the back wall and saw, with a wave of validation, that it was the face of a lion! The lioness of my vision!

Inter-dimensional Portal

A condensed energy sphere pulsated inside, just below the pictograph. A lateral portal flowed through an amazing circular window. Electromagnetic ley energy was focused inside the center aperture of the cave, like the fulcrum point of an hourglass. Three separate lines of energy met at the center, and the entire cave held an inter-dimensional portal, which can be opened with the appropriate intent.

Yellowbird and I did a pipe ceremony and circled with white sage. He sang a vision song of the Lakota tradition, made offerings, and we positioned for prayer and meditation. Despite a cold gusting wind and temperatures in the 40s, the cave felt warm. After 90 minutes, in symbolic ritual I felt compelled to pass in and out of the magical circular window in the 18-inch thick sandstone walls of the cave. The window itself was amazing, facing easterly directly onto an electromagnetic vortex called the ‘Seven Chimneys.’ The window is a rebirth portal, the womb of the Goddess. After my last passing through the window, I knew my quest was complete Two hours later, we knew it was time to leave. I knew I would return.

Quest: Day Five

During another cold but beautiful night, I watched billions of stars in the clear night for an hour, as the occasional meteor streaked across the black velvet fabric of sky. My sleep was embellished with dreams.

On the final day Yellowbird came to close the quest circle in the traditional way. He came with a symbolic gift. Despite snow on the grounds and fluffy snow blowing in from the west on gray clouds, a rattlesnake had come out of hibernation and slithered under his truck tires, just 100 meters from my vision quest site. He could not avoid running over it. He recognized the symbol and gift. The snake represents transition, and he presented the rattles to me, wrapped in cloth cured in sage and cedar, at the Sweat Lodge ceremony that evening, the ceremony to ritually end the vision quest.

Closing Remarks

I continued the following June with my fourth vision quest, and was blessed with several lucid dreams, and a vision; a gift of intent, perseverance, growth and ceremony. I have continued to do ceremonial fast and prayer-dance once each year. Each has been profound, each has been humbly treasured. But my first vision at Shamans Dome opened a window of knowledge that I will forever remember with special reverence and gratitude.

Metatron Channel

Greetings Dear Ones, I am Metatron, Lord of Light, and I embrace each of you in the energy of Unconditional Love. A Love that embraces your being as you individually read these words, in the NOW moment of your time.

And so we revisit the topic of Vortexes, Portals , and of the energy of Sedona.

Now, Sedona and the surrounding valley of beautiful red rock has long been recognized for its sacred energy. We say sacred because it is a land of an electrical field that influences all energy, all life within its scope. The aspect of this electro-magnetic field has been recognized since the days of Mu and Atlantis.

This area has been, and remains, a powerful vortex-portal complex, with many energetic pools being generated from the Earth itself. Much is misunderstood atpresent regarding the mechanics and vitality of the vortex systems. There are those that say this or that system is in need of repair, or in need of alignment. We tell you that the vortex of Sedona is a powerful complex and has always been so. It will continue to be so, you see, it is geo-physically triggered by the forces of the Earth herself.

The land in this area has been a generator of electro magnetism for eons of time, millions of years. Even through the various phases when the land was below waters, the earth generated spirals of telluric electro-circuitry laden with Etherium Akash.

We will say that the vortex of Sedona is currently commissioned to play a key role in seeking the balance of what is termed the male and female energies. It is the equal balance that is desired, and at present this area of the Americas is in imbalance. The influx of the softer, more subtle feminine energy is being received via the portal and disseminated via the vortex engine. The description of vortex portal energies, and specifically the attempt to label them accordingly to chakras and experience, is somewhat misunderstood. All vortexes can and do effect all chakras. The resulting experience varies with the individual, according to their light quotient, their integrity, their needs and what qualities are in the inner self. Vortex energy resonates with, and strengthens the Inner Being of, each person who comes within it.

This resonance occurs because the vortex energy is harmonically in tune to the subtle energy of the chakric system. The very potency of geo magnetic and geo electric forces within the vortex system of Sedona are capable of creating an initial imbalance in those that visit there. You see, it amplifies that which is within in order to allow energetic observation for purification.

The indigenous understood this, and accordingly only their teachers and adepts resided full time within the vortex. That is why some of the residents of Sedona may appear to be eccentric or imbalanced. The electro magnetic frequential in power sites can in itself create what we will term an energetic pressure differential with the human EMF or auric field. In the period of equalization, auric fissures can occur, until such time as the balance is recreated. As such, there are times when it is prudent for the human to not overstay in power sites, until their auric energy is better adjusted to the harmonic. Those who choose to live in such sites will in time either gain the equilibrium or experience imbalance.

Now, the channel has asked for the defining of what is termed a sacred site, or a point of power. We tell you quite simply that a power point is many things. It is that which is of relevant importance to both the Earth and to humanity, to within and to without the Earth, to the celestial heavens and to the celestial body itself. It is that which empowers, it is that which evolves, it is that which affects conscious evolution, it is that which is destined to remain a part of humanity’s cellular existence.

A portal is that which allows one source of energy or beingness to transfer its energy from one source to another, from one world to another, such as physical or non-physical. It allows that which is a transmission, a transition of energies for purpose. Some portals through dimensions, some through space, some through time, some through all of these. Some portals align to specific star groups, others to specific planets. Some are set to receive energetic feeds of light and of more complex higher dimensional energies. The adept can determine which ones are which type. The channel is well on his way to rediscovering that ability within himself. Such knowledge he has had in previous experiences, and it is being activated by his travels to and from, here and there across the continents.

Indeed many are reactivating this knowledge, and it is why powernodes and sacred sites, specific ones, are drawing many to visit and absorb those energies. But Dear Ones, you do not anchor these energies, you do not align them, rather they anchor and align you. You are indeed capable of imbuing your higher energies into them, and as such contributing to their field, but you do not alter the sacred geometric formulae of their base matrix. Do you understand the difference. These living matrixes are your teachers, it is not the other way around.

Now, there are many forms of conscious energies that attach themselves to the structure of power sites. This is enabled by the energetic nature and multi dimensional overlay of such locations.

When these living Cathedrals are so recognized, the very reverence that they attract from humankind is imbued upon them. The accumulation of such high vibratory emotions collates and forms the energies of what you call ‘guardian spirits.’ This is different from what is called the ‘Spirit of Place’ and from the energies of the angelic realm, devic and elemental kingdoms. Know that all of these exist more tangibly in power points.

Now, we will say that within Sedona exist all of these. What can be termed as a collective consciousness of spirit guardians is currently drawn primarily from the imbued reverence of the Indigenous peoples who honored this area for millennia. Such was their recognition and understanding that the major vortexes of Sedona were ceremonially utilized and inhabited only for that purpose. So there is an energetic code that has shifted somewhat when the area became inhabited, roads and buildings constructed and venues of commerce eventuated in this century. You see, such areas reflect and absorb the harmonic of those within its structure. There has been, nonetheless, a significant drawing of reverent seekers to this area in current times, and these are devoted to the sacred guardianship and preservation of the vortex harmonic. The ceremonies of indigenous dance and worship and spiritual understanding have been re-energized and continue to seek the balance. These activities are so appropriate, and, you see, the Earth responds.

While some of the areas within this vortex have shifted, the primary mechanics have not. Vortex-portal points are timeless, and as such, all that has or will occur in space-time continue in the now of such places. The eons of reverence within Sedona coexist with what you term the present and future.

Now, beneath parts of Sedona and the volcanic area of the San Francisco Peaks are a network of tunnels and hollow earth. These are inhabited by what would be considered fourth dimensional beings. Those that were third dimensional of LeMurian descent but have not claimed a fifth dimensional reception. They are those of an in-between nature, quite accustomed to being in the Earth, not yet wanting to allow a body to dissipate, not yet called to the fifth dimensional state, for instance.

The realms of the fourth dimension can experience the tangibility of the first three dimensions. It is as if a third dimension plus, you see, all three plus the fourth, not just the fourth. Although the true fourth dimensional state is primarily non-physical, in your terms. And yes, the true fifth dimensional state is also non-physical, an enlightened translucent state, but that does not mean it cannot be sought and realized from a base of physicality. The third dimensional state, then, being the density of a physical state. A third dimensional plus energy would be a little of all of the above, which is why they find themselves within the Earth, then, not completely capable of surfacing, not completely capable of becoming fifth dimensional beings. It is an alternate choice, a parallel reality choice. Once chosen when the beings of LeMuria and her colonies chose to leave the surface world at the time of the deluge, some 30 thousand years ago in your time. There are other such subterranean colonies throughout the earth. Others of kind in California, Nevada, Central America, Peru, Arkansas and Bolivia.

Now, within Sedona there are also several extra terrestrial bases. Those of Sirius B and Pleadian have at various times involved themselves in the maintenance of the ley system and energetic matrix of the portal complex. Those beings, called Starseed that have worked with the spiritual indigenous peoples in this area, were from an aspect of the Pleades that the indigenous call Star Nation. One of several primary stargates in the area is focused at Shaman’s Cave, as the channel has described. Although, these points shift and are not as fixed as one might believe.

The areas of Shaman’s Dome as well as Boynton Canyon are areas of concentric dimensional overlay. What may be experienced as time-sequence distortions regularly occur within these areas. Yet these distortions are not perceived by all and do not consistently congeal. Rather the distortion field cogently prevails at specific phases of celestial gravity in tandem with over-surges of electro magnetic force from the vortexial source within.

Indeed the experiences of multidimensionality and lucid dimensional vision that occurred at Shaman’s Dome with the channel, were greatly facilitated by the unique energy concoction that gelled around the winter solstice in 2001. Had the quest have taken place in a different locale, the expereince, which was indeed quite valid, quite real, would not have been as animated or tangible. That is why this area was set aside for such ceremony by the indigenous.

It is also how the Pleadean that the Elder spoke of was able to MerKiVicly enter and exit there at specific energy phases.

Sedona is indeed aligned with the vortex of Lake Titicaca. The two might be said to be hemispheric counterbalances, one in clockwise vector, the other in counterclockwise. The communication between the two is immense and is connected to the purpose of what the Hopi termed, ‘The Eagle and the Condor.’ Many are drawn to the two in contract with this energetic blending. We will say that at this time the more potent, the more balanced, the more vital of these vortexes is Lake Titcaca. You see, at this time, Lake Titicaca is providing an energetic assistance to Sedona, and in the past there were times when Sedona provided such assistance to the south. But now, on your Earth, it is the southern portal that provides energy to the northern, and as such, much of the feminine is so drawn.

The geometry of Sedona is complex, consisting of the tetrahedron and hexahedron, and these two are enclosed within the octahedron. The tetrahedron represents the aspect of humankind, the hexahedron his search for understanding and knowledge, and the octahedron the connection to the celestial beingness. The octahedron is the I AM of ‘as below- so above.’ It is the emergence. I am Metatron and I share with you these truths. You are beloved.”

And so it is.

This channel is copyrighted to . Posting on websites is permitted as long as the information is not altered and credit of authorship and website is included. It may not be published in journals, magazines or print without expressed permission from Earth-Keeper. Permissions may be requested at



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