The Sirian Council* Nov08 New Age of Hope




ray of hope 





“Ray of Hope”
Message from the Sirian Council





 November 2008

We are moving into interesting times! We are at the brink of a New Age…an age of hope and re-construction. At the epicenter of this New Age is a heart-warming movement of human empathy and unified vision. We are no longer satisfied with building up our egos and feeding the insatiable beast inside. We realize after centuries of war and destruction that we are not any more secure. And it has taken a devastating toll on the human spirit! But now the seeds are sprouting, we are moving into a new direction…it is the beginning of a New Age as we rebirth a New Earth.
So why is this happening now in our history on this planet? Why are we now convinced that something is missing and it has nothing to do with acquiring the latest gadget? What has motivated many thousands of souls to reflect on the deeper meaning of life, and to reconsider how they pursue joy and personal fulfillment?
The new movement is beginning to enter into the mundane thought forms of the masses, by ways of the media and entertainment, in our philosophical dialogues, and in our conversations at Starbucks. sunrise yogaHow else do we explain the influx of awareness regarding health and wellness, yoga and meditation, aromatherapy and organic food, grassroots online organizations, progressive ideas and inventions, forums of individual opinion (blogs)…all rising out of the growing unity consciousness. It is truly amazing to be witnessing this movement and to join its powerful birth!
At this time in human history, we are coming out of a deep sleep of separation from the very essence of life itself. As we wipe away the mental fog of confusion and dissolution, we are being given the opportunity to peer into an alternate path, a human reality unknown to generations before us. It exists in the higher realms of spirit. And it is available to all who pursue union in their hearts – union between the human and the soul. It requires a dedication to the pursuit of Wholeness.

dissolving earthIn this New Age of reconstruction we no longer aspire to join the ranks of the spiritually bankrupt, the emotionally vacant up-and-comers who pursue wealth and power at all cost. It has become unsavory, distasteful. We’re awake now, and watching the greedy grab for more, as the wave of human consciousness cries out “Stop!”
We can feel the injustice viscerally in our bodies, as our hearts ache and our minds recoil. We now realize that we are all connected, in ONE human race, and no one can get away with rapacious, unjust behavior without harming the Whole. The unchecked greed of a few is destroying the world as we know it, and the karmic wave of justice is sweeping through and toppling their “house of cards”.
The New Age is upon us and forming now. As the old World Order collapses under the weight of injustice, we are witnessing the power of the people challenge and demand a new system for human life. You can hear it on the news, see it online, read it in print media, listen to conversations all around you – the people have spoken and they demand a New Earth. The signs of Ascension surround us!
As the world financial and governing systems collapse under the pressure for change, a new hope arises. For those whnew earth hologramo are awakening from centuries of excessive consumption and spiritual dis-connection, the Universe has provided a “perfect storm” for massive human evolution. As the planet aligns within the Galactic Core of our Milky Way galaxy, we have within our grasp the seeds for hope and transformation. A New Earth is birthing!
Not only are we being supported by our Universal neighbors at this time, but we also have a powerful particle field of divine light entering our atmosphere. The inter-dimensional pathway opened in the heavens, and the Upward Spiral of Ascension swept into our human energy field in 1987 at the Harmonic Convergence. Since then we have been gradually shedding density and parasitic systems, so that we can disengage from the downward spiral of the human death cycle, and shift into embodying the Universal upward spiral of evolution. This is the path of hope, renewal and rebirth!

I invite all who are drawn to the New Earth reality to join the Ascension movement now. Send love from your hearts into the wave circling the planet as we build a crescendo of hope that supports the New Age. Charge it up in your hearts, picture it in your minds and feel it secure into the quantum hologram, so that we can take back our world and create the change needed to provide for all life on this planet. We are ONE community! Our time is NOW! 

Copyright © 2008 Meg Benedicte · All Rights Reserved



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