Merlin on Magic


Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Merlin on Magic


~ ~ ~ Sunday October 19, 2008 

Greetings my very, very dear friends! It is I Merlin who comes in today to speak with you. It has been a while in your time but I am constantly and continually close to you and always available to you. I am, in this now moment, wishing to speak to you of all that is happening and occurring, for so much is going on on so many levels. And I’m sure you are aware of this.

It is a time for you, for all of you, to go deeper within than you ever have before in this particular lifetime and certainly in many lifetimes. It is a time of much turbulence, much turmoil, much change…what is seen and what has been said to be the crumbling of the old in order to birth the new. These are difficult times for many. And yet, if you can go deep within, you have access to connecting to much knowledge that has served you previously, that has helped you through other difficult times. And you have access to knowledge you have never tapped into before in your human experience. This is the doorway that is beginning to swing open for you in your now. You might call this magic. Indeed magic is very associated with Merlin. Magic and alchemy. But this is not Merlin’s magic I speak to you of. This is your own interdimensional magical ability to not so much transcend this human realm, but to transform the way you have lived as humans in a way that has never been done before. I’m aware that you keep hearing those words…never been done before, over and over in the many different messages that are received upon your planet. It is important to emphasize this for you to be aware and to realize the magnitude of the time you are standing in and of what you are here doing. Not just to do, but doing. For each of you in your own way is moving this process forward, is bringing this new awareness of this new ability into your own world of human experience. Now not all are in this place, for not all have been on this journey that the many of you I speak to are upon. Yet all will make the journey eventually in their own ways. You are experiencing what has been called the hundredth monkey by some. It has been talked of as resonance, it has been talked of as synchronicity, but indeed it is just that so many have tapped into this expanded awareness of interdimensional consciousness that it is very easily now beginning to trickle down because it has reached its critical mass. And some of you continue to be the first to experience this, and some of you are going through experiences that may seem quite foreign to you, or unexpected to you…that seem quite unique to you. And yet you do not do this for yourselves alone. You are doing this for the collective.

Much has been studied about alchemy, much has been delved into, explored, written about…ah, the Philosopher’s Stone goes back many eons of time. It is not outside yourselves. It is within you. You are in the place of awareness to make manifest the Philosopher’s Stone in your consciousness. And this is what I wish to catalyze within you energetically and through our conversation. Many are experiencing difficult and challenging times in their Earthwalk at this particular point in time. It is not without reason. It is not without purpose. Each challenge is a doorway. Each challenge is an invitation to expand beyond where you are standing in your own now.

The magic and the alchemy that you seek is not to be found in secret societies and ancient manuscripts. It is to be found within your own interdimensional doorways. It is to be found within your own DNA. And it is more wondrous than anything that has ever been written about. It is more wondrous than any myths and tales that speak of it.

I encourage you to see beyond your present circumstances, whatever they may be, and whatever challenges you may be standing in. I encourage you to alchemize your own experience. I encourage you to be the Philosopher’s Stone. You do not need substance and matter outside of yourself. You contain the Philosopher’s Stone within. Utilize it. The alchemy and the magic you seek is within you.

I transcend realms and this is why I am speaking to you today. My energy has been present upon your planet. My energy is familiar to many who tap into the Arthurian legends and myths, which are not myths, indeed they are simply a reality removed a bit from the third dimension. They are ones that so many of you are familiar with. Yet I also contain the White Light of other dimensions. My energy is also quite other-worldly. It is not foreign to you. It is part of those of you who are tuned in to this message, who are tuned into my words, and also tuned into my energy.

You are being called upon to alchemize in your now beyond anything you have ever done before, experienced before. In many ways the abilities that are upon you, the changes that they will bring, are anticlimactic, for you have been building up to this for so long that you do not see how far you have come. Open your eyes wider than you have ever opened them before. And indeed you will see with a depth and a perception that you have never had before. Be prepared for wonderful surprises!

What may I say to you personally in this now moment?

Participant: There have been words mentioned about interdimensional eyes. I was going to ask for further explanation of that. You’ve mentioned seeing beyond, seeing within, and so on. My eyesight has been changing in the last few months. Its almost as if its being directed within rather than without. My distance vision…looking off beyond…is certainly not what it used to be. Its a bit on the blurry side. I was wondering if you could comment on what’s going on there.

Merlin: I will certainly comment on this for you, but first I would like to ask you what are your feelings about this? What do you feel is happening?

Participant: Well, I’m not feeling any fear or any of that kind of energy. I’m just allowing whatever is going on to work itself out. I really feel that it is…that I am developing a new and different kind of eyesight.

Merlin: Indeed. And this is what it is most important for you to embrace for you see, now not just for you, but for all who have come this far on this journey and yet still face challenges of the human and the physical, not just with the body but with the circumstances of living…it is all being made manifest by your own desire to move beyond where you have been. And oftentimes doing this requires a movement beyond what is the norm, or what is considered the norm in your reality. You my friend have much going on that is transitional in your reality of living in this dimension. You are transitioning energetically and this is being made manifest in physical transitions. Now, throughout the history of human existence upon this planet every individual has had the same potentials for expansion that you are looking at in your now moment, and yet the vast majority have not been aware of the potentials that were in front of them. For every experience in the human realm, whether within your body or within the circumstances that you are in within your body, every one is an opportunity to expand consciousness. Now your consciousness is in such a place that you are bridging the dimensions in your now. You are…oh, I’m sure you are quite aware of what has been going on physically now that it has brought itself to the forefront of your experience. And yet this is not just happening to you physically. It is happening to you energetically and as always, there is a greater purpose for this. It is an opportunity. It is a doorway opening to the new should you choose to walk through it. And so there is a human medical explanation for what is happening with your vision in the now. And there is always a reason to pay attention to what is happening on the physical, but do not get caught up in it. You have been told this. For you see, your greater…greater meaning bigger than the mere human experience you are aware of…your greater expanded soul is quite aware of the experience that you may expand into in your now if you allow it. And yes, much has been said, through different energies, through different conversations, about developing new eyes. This is something that is in front of many, but not always in the same manner of experience. You are experiencing a physical change in your own eyesight in the now. Others will not do this in exactly the same manner that you are doing it. But what is being put in front of you, what is being offered to you, is an ability to have vision that sees not only what is in your human world, your human reality, but is in the beginning stages of being able to see into the other dimensions.

This is not something you have much experience with so it is not easily understood in your experience of the now. You my friend have had the experience of healing your vision in 3D, have you not?

Participant: Yes, I have.

Merlin: And what did you do to do this?

Participant: Nothing apparent. (laughter) But my eyesight was very good up until a few months ago. Very good for 3D vision. I could see very clearly into the distance and I could see very clearly close up as well.

Merlin: So it was very good for 3D purposes.

Participant: Yes.

Merlin: What are your expanded purposes in the now, would you say?

Participant: Well, I know I’m expanding interdimensionally as far as my awareness goes. I have many glimpses of that happening through my dream time and occasionally visions while I’m awake and so on. And I know that’s the direction I’m going.

Merlin: So how vested in 3D are you, dear friend?

Participant: As a human being, we have to stay vested, that’s my feeling, certainly to a certain degree. But once a person drops the linearity of being in 3D you certainly lose a lot of the…what would I call it…the effects…the effects of 3D reality…so I’m immersed to a certain degree in 3D but I’m certainly not all there.

Merlin: It is a good and honest answer. I would say from my perspective a human does not have to be vested in 3D in order to live as what you have called Divine Humans on this planet. This is perhaps what is the sticking point for many on this journey in the now because it seems if you are a human you must stay vested in what has been significant and important to humans for the many lifetimes that you have lived upon this planet. I wish to remind you all that you are not humans by origin, that you are quite interdimensional, that you come from the stars, that you come from other realms, and that you are God also and God is not only human. God is human, yes, for you are here in human form. But God is far grander than mere humanness. And so I would say, I would say to you in particular and I would say to all in general, that it is a time to release what you have been vested and invested in in your human experience. For you see, this is what has held you in the denser vibrations that have kept you on this planet as humans. Now, you are at the threshold of being able to experience the joys of the human dimension without the density of the experience because you are opening to allowing your divinity and allowing the lightness of your beingness beyond a body to flow into your experience, to meld with your experience in the now.

And so you are standing in a place where you have the opportunity to move forward if you choose it, and now, there are no right or wrong choices. Anything you choose at this point will add to your experience and yet some of you are in the position to move beyond all that you have experienced previously into experiencing in new ways. New realms yes, but blended realms. Blended realms in that you may in your now experience while still in a human body what previously you could only experience out of body. This is very new. It is very magical . And yet to be in the vibrational place of resonance of this experience you must be very light. And when I say very light it means your vibration must be not where it has been before as you have lived as humans upon this Earth, upon this planet.

I give you the example of Tinkerbelle from Peter Pan. (laughter) If you can place yourself in the magical space of that particular myth, fairy tale…Tinkerbelle moved in and out of realms and dimensions. Tinkerbelle vibrated at a rate that allowed interaction with human experience and yet did not weigh her down with the density of physical mass. There is great symbolism in the tale of Peter Pan. It is a bridging of dimensions and it is before you in your own nows to choose how to move forward in the bridging of your own realities, for you are not only real in this dimension, you are becoming more and more aware of that. Oh in many ways it has been that you are seeing your limitations as a human…this is why religion has sought to transcend the body…and this is why so many cultures have sought transcendence through spirituality. Yet in your now you are in the position to enjoy the body and enjoy the physical in a way you have not done previously for you are in the position to imbue your physical body with a lightness of being that can only come from your divinity. Are you following me at all in what I am saying?

Participant: I am following you very well, thank you.

Merlin: And what do you feel about this my friend?

Participant: I feel like stepping through that doorway.

Merlin: Well indeed, it is your choice.

Participant: Yes.

Merlin: And I am here to encourage you on and to applaud your divine human experience. This dance you have done. Ohh! It is once again very touching from the vantage point that we who communicate and connect with you from the nonphysical have with you, to watch what you willingly take on, willingly experience. You are so loved for what you do. Every one of you is loved for who you are, for what you have had the courage to live up to this now point of time. And yet we so desire to see you move into what you have on the soul level desired for yourselves. It is a grand game that is at play. And you are playing magnificently. And so you are indeed receiving the standing ovation that comes when you have surpassed all expectations of play. Each of you is doing that.

The energies are very thick in the moment with interdimensionality. There is a difference between thick and heavy. I hope you can feel it. The interdimensional energies that flow are light but they are potent. You are continually increasing your ability to take in…mmm…not so much to hold but to flow the energies that are not of this human earth and human realm.

It is a signal that it is enough for now, the ringing of the phone. Your world is very much a part of your experience. And yet you are the ones who choose the experience. You live in this world. You are the creators.

I come in today to remind you to tap into the alchemy within yourselves. You are the magicians. You flow the Merlin energy. And you are dearly loved. And so it is. Aloha. ~ ~ ~



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