Ashtar message by Ariana

Ashtar message by Ariana

Those who live in Third Dimensional bodies this time around, who are a few decades of age, have gone through years of programming, which has stripped them of awareness and of sensitivity. All you need to do, in order to gather the benefits from the incoming energies, are to believe they are occurring, to understand the reasons why and to allow your body to give you clues as to the changes which are happening to you.

Little by little, with greater rapidity now, energies are changing upon the Earth; vibrations are rising. Because it is happening to all things, animate and inanimate, you cannot physically see the difference. The changes, which often manifest within your bodies, are attributed to illness. However, if you would “go with the flow” and allow those changes to happen without blocking them, you will feel much better. Understand that much of what I am explaining occurs at a subconscious level, yet you can influence your subconscious mind by use of positive affirmations or positive everyday thinking.

Cut worry from your life through trust and faith in those who guide you on a daily basis. If you are not in touch with your guides in a two-way communication, then pretend. Be like a little child once again! Name your spirit guide or guides anything you want to and begin to carry on a conversation with her or him inside your head or on tape or paper. If you play this childish game often enough and ask for answers, they will begin to come if you will remain aware and look for subtle messages. Of course, they may be not so subtle also, as in the case of automatic writing, well remembered dreams, or definite feelings which may be called “intuition.”


Become as a little child, as Jesus taught many, many years ago. “Unless you become as a little child, you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven.” You must trust as a child trusts a mother; you must have faith as a child has faith, who knows that Christmas will come in so many “sleeps.” You must have the determination of the little child who is running a race at school. You must have the love of the little ones, whose lives depend upon love. You must feel as secure as a little child feels when grandfather flips him in the air. You must have the knowledge that you will not fall but that you will be safely caught by strong arms, filled with care for you. You must feel nurtured by those you do not see, just as your mother nurtured you and fed you the milk of life. You must have fun, as you did when you played with your imaginary, unseen friends at age two or three.
This is not easy, I understand. Blind faith and total trust were conditioned out of your realm of existence by hard lessons and many falls and blows in your teen and adult life. Please remember those lessons were learned in order to prepare you for these times, for your planned part in prophecy. Any of you who read these words, who feel they are living upon the Earth for a definite purpose, have no doubt had the lion’s share of emotional and physical experiences which were not understood but were lessons learned.
Understand there is a master plan for your life and know there are no accidents. Your task is to look for the meaning behind the messages in your bodily discomforts, your emotional trauma and your interchanges with other people. As you talk to another, look for the precious seed of wisdom which may trigger a great realization for you, which will assist in your understanding of the “whys and wherefores” of your present situation.
There has never been a time, in all of the history of the Earth’s billions of years, when those with a conscious connection to God had more assistance. For this short time of the fulfillment of prophecy, you are living side by side with those of the angelic kingdom right up to archangels and seraphim. You are being guided by world teachers who have ascended, yet still have an affinity for the Earth and her people and you are being protected and nurtured by those who have gone before you in evolution, your brothers and sisters from dimensions beyond yours who live in both the worlds of Spirit and Space.
Great is the love and guidance which is showered upon those who will put aside their worldly cares in order to go within and see the treasures which abide therein. As you grow through the love and guidance of your invisible helpers, take time to meditate and remember to thank them for being your intermediary between yourself and the God force. They “hold you in the palm of their hand” in ways of love and they nurture you in many ways if you would raise your level of awareness and become as a little child.
Take time. to love others. Take time. to love yourself. Make it a project and make up your mind what you can do, in your own way, for humanity or even for one human being. Take as much time to love yourself as you do in helping others. Remember service is a two-way street and one can only serve well who has found their own way.  You can love and serve others in a multitude of ways but the simplest and easiest takes only a little of your time. Go and see a friend, make a telephone call or write a letter. In other words, be in touch in a way that shows you care. You don’t need to have anything in mind as to what you can do for another. The effect of the contact will often not be realized by the donor, yet often the contact will be mutually beneficial.  You can love and serve yourself through your daily habits, and you may wish to take a look at the things you do which become automatic.
How can you nurture yourself more fully?
Perhaps I can give you a few ideas.
It only takes a few minutes to plan your meals a day ahead so you will have nourishing food which will help to keep your body healthy. Therefore, you will not be tempted by fast food or sweets. Think of your daily bath or shower. What time of the day can you do this cleansing when you can relax in warm water and talk to your guides? There is no easier time to be in touch, for you are a “captive audience.” You can make that time more delightful through the lovely cosmetic and bath preparations that are available, by keeping plants in your bathroom and by lighting a candle.
Decide upon a spiritual program for yourself and find out which books would help you on your pathway. Take time to read. Schedule it, even if you have a busy life. Learn to meditate and explore the vast reaches of your soul through inner contemplation. Do not say you have no time, for even five minutes twice a day is beneficial. Out of 1,440 minutes every twenty-four hours, surely you can spare ten minutes for strengthening your inner resources! Work up the time until you are comfortable with twenty to thirty minutes each day and endeavor to attend a group meditation once a week, for the shared energies will enhance your growth.
Determine your comfort level of needed sleep and remember that either a meditation or a nap in your day will shorten your needed hours of sleep. Rest when rest is needed and eat when you are hungry. In other words, “go with the flow” of the universe instead of bucking the tide.  Train your mind to awaken you at a certain time, for that is a very basic, simple exercise which your subconscious can willingly learn. It will give great peace to your being, rather than being jarred awake by a bell, which breaks your alpha state immediately and causes many dreams to be forgotten instantly. Look at your dream world, for it speaks volumes as to what is going on with you. Study yourself through writing your dreams down, working on symbols and learning to interpret your dreams in your own way. Your spiritual guidance will help you with this.
Another thing which is helpful to all in these times of vast change is having a friend or counselor to talk to so you will be able to understand yourself and those hidden feelings which often surface as dis-ease. Much work can also be done yourself through meditation but guidance in this will be needed. This you can receive through those who work with spiritual healing techniques. Do your mental and emotional work and forgive others and yourself for that which might become a block to your progress. The secret to becoming a loving, nurturing being is just as simple as that.
Forgive others and forgive yourself. Look after your body and revere it as a temple, for a temple it is which houses many facets of the one called YOU!
Do you see how easy it is to spread love in your life to others and to yourself? The wonder of it is that as you spread love to others it returns to you and then you know and understand that your life works! You love and appreciate your fellow man and you can follow the stars along your pathway, fulfilling your mission. and you only have to think about taking one day at a time! Sweet children of Light put your cares aside; the past has passed. Discard them and forget them as you would a bad dream.
I love you. The hierarchy of Heaven supports you and great wonders are showering down upon you as the Earth slowly, day by day, prepares herself for the greatest change to come: her entry into higher dimensions and you assist by being aware and by living with love.
This is from Ashtar
Helping you to become like a little child
Communicated by Ariana Sheran

Cloverleaf Connection
138 Sturgeon Drive
Saskatoon, SK Canada S7K 4B3
Web Site:




  jcodiaz wrote @


Many thanks for this message .I feel that such a message was only be made for and advanced spiritual being.

I very much appreciate it.

  Madyanis wrote @

Than You! 😉 So Wonderful

Love and Light

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