Divine Mother* You Were Created From Pure Love!

You Were Created From Pure Love!
Divine Mother through Sol’Ara An

September 5, 2008

Dear Divine Mother, many have asked how they can believe in the love
within and that all is well as you speak of, when so much chaos is
going on around them. Please would you offer a message to these ones
this day? I am grateful!

Beloved one’s, I greet you this day with the Love of a thousand Suns!
It is thus that we have much to speak of… this energy of Love! We come
today with the understanding that many are searching for the strength
to follow their hearts guidance, yet still feel the fears of the
illusions presented in this world of linear time. I have great
compassion for all of my children of the Earth. We understand that you
do not always have the ability to see the “big picture” in all of
this. That is why I come to assist in this way. There is no other way
to bring awareness to the consciousness of humanity than to find the
places within your hearts where you allow our presence to be known.
And so this day I ask that you would allow my presence to be known
within your hearts at this moment, and allow me to offer you solace
from the pain you continue to allow into your realm of human life

Please know that there is nothing that causes more pain than
separation, and your awareness of it. Within the energies and the
frequencies presented to the Earth and humanity in these days, are the
information programs that activate knowing within the consciousness of
all life that the separation time is coming to an end. With the
allowance of this information into your consciousness, for you must
accept it on some level of your consciousness to receive this energy
into your knowing field, there is the occurrence of difficulty because
it also brings up the original guilt associated with what is called
“the Fall” of mankind. Within every cell of your being and DNA codes
there is this knowing. And with the guilt comes great grief, and still
this has yet to be resolved in the wholeness of humanity. This is what
you have been experiencing these past several months, the healing love
of your Creator.

Many have learned to clear these energies rather quickly now. The
studies of the energetic frequencies and the vibrations within the
human consciousness teach that you are not these negative illusions,
and yet still they are allowed to attach, and so they must be released
through forgiveness and acceptance. We would say that in allowing this
energy to
awaken these energies of guilt and grief… our love is shown to awaken
you from your slumber and release the “weight” you all carry in your
bodies and your subtle bodies in regard to this guilt, and is that
which caused humanity to attach also to the energy of unworthiness.

When you were created, you were created from pure Love and given great
compassion so that you would once again find your way back to the
Oneness of that Love. It has been a long journey for many, and many
are ready to come home… but we ask dear one’s that you stay a bit
longer and allow the gifts to be given for the long road you have
walked and the service you have all given to all of humanity, and to
your Mother Earth, and her nature and elemental spirits and life forms
as well. For there is much life upon this Beautiful Mother Earth you
walk upon, and many of our creation you still do not understand.

Life is within everything you see! Indeed, every rock, tree, river,
ocean, bird, dog, cat, mouse… they are all part of you… created from
the divine Love of your Creator. We offer this perspective that you
shall allow us to heal the resistance you carry within you to accept
that you are ONE with all things. That you are ONE even with your
Divine Mother and also your Divine Father God of All that Is! We now
come to offer assistance in the way of energy that soothes you, and
restores your energetic strength. As you read our words, and as you
allow yourself to breathe slowly… and accept your own inner peace, we
offer this energy of peace within… now! Allow yourself to feel the
feelings as they now rise up, for these are your true feelings… asking
for release of pain and suffering… asking for the release of your
resistance to allowing the truth to be known within your own heart,
indeed within your full conscious self! You did nothing wrong… it is
as it was to be!

This is one truth we present to an open heart and an open mind… ready
to release the hold on the walls of resistance to “what is”. And “what
is” my dear beloved children, is that you are only in pain and
suffering because you continue to see yourself as such… as separate
from your Creator! You have been given a heart full of knowing, and a
great mind to open to higher truth, and all that we ask is that you
give yourself the possibility that maybe we offer a better way, a way
that releases you from the “nightmares” you have allowed yourself to
walk in.

This is a time for all beings to awaken to the truth of the illusions
you see, and change your vision…your perspective… and allow the
possibility that You are Divine Love, You are ONE with your Creator,
and that in the truth of this you can have peace, prosperity, love,
and health in every way in your life now. But beloved ones, you must
be willing to give up the “victim” consciousness you hold in your
beliefs, and surrender to the truth of Love and Peace offered by your
Divine Mother, Holy Father God. It is our compassion that offers this
writing at this time. There is no other way to say this, for we know
the truth of Who you are. You are all Divine Souls, who are creators!
Now is the time to gain greater awareness, allowing the high-self to
finally embody, now in this life experience. This is the process some
are now aligning to and embodying on the Earth this day.

When you are ready, you will feel the pull of your Soul to go deeper
within, and as you breathe deeply into the core of your being you will
feel this Love and everlasting knowing that you have always been that
which we tell you… A Divine Being of Light, created from Love as true
aspects of our being!

The Light of your hearts will change the energy of your societies upon
Mother Earth. It is the collective heart that shall bring peace and
clarity of your true way to happiness, health, prosperity, and full
self awareness for all beings upon the Earth. This is your divine
right! You were never meant to be in pain and poverty or illness. Your
bodies originally were in such a state of purity that you would have
lived for may hundreds of years… that now is being offered once more.
The veils have been thinning more each of your past months, and the
ability to access your higher knowing has never been easier. All it
takes is your willingness to listen within, to meditate each day,
listening for guidance. Allowing the energies of divine love to come
through and clear you of these blocks and fears compacted in your
cells and in your subconscious, through your simple but sincere
surrender to Divine Mother, Holy Father God’s love for you and your
acceptance that forgiveness was never necessary, once you accepted
your role in all of creation. Your responsibility to yourself and to
others is to simply accept who you are within love, and offer that
love to yourself and everyone upon Mother Earth.

This is the true path of the Human in this which you call “Ascension”
times. In order to ascend, dear beloved children, you must first
descend into your hearts as the full self that you are, and by
accepting your humanness and the humanness of others, you will find
that the love within shall move you higher and into the realms of
light of divine love… and thus you shall walk within these energies of
love. The key is… you shall walk here upon the Earth… for you shall
have brought this divine higher energy embodied here upon the Earth,
and the beauty and peace of the paradise garden you dream of shall
manifest! It is of course always your choice as what you shall do. We
offer the possibility of another way, another perspective on your
transitional energies of these days upon your beautiful Mother Earth!

Our great love fills these words, and our energy of compassion follows
as well. Look at the possibility dear one’s that all is truly well
within the heart of your being. Forgive the guilt and release in
simple prayer… and then open your heart for the healing back to ONENESS.

Our love surrounds and fills every one of you now! Know we will always
be with you in great love and support of the wholeness of who you
truly are! I am grateful for the time you have given me to share with
you. My Love is everlasting in each of your hearts! I AM Divine
Mother, the feminine aspect of Creator
Anon… Anon… Anon… Peace is!


320.828.0970 Universal Copyright 2008 is authorized. Please distribute
freely as long as the URL http://www.solara-an.com is included as the
resource and the channeling is intact and complete as written, and is
distributed on a non-commercial, no charge basis. Also, please email
the channel of your intention. All rights reserved.



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