Soul Transitions October 2008 Vibe Report

Soul Transitions October 2008 Vibe Report


There is an element of chaos in the energies. We see you all moving forward on a rather bumpy path and there are fireworks in the air – like static popping and snapping. This energy can create fearful thoughts, as well as unexpected encounters, delays and re-routing. As always, going with the flow and being present, being mindful of your multidimesionality – the vastness of the self – will help you to navigate the churning energies.

The fear within the chaos triggers thought patterns that build upon another and soon become an avalanche of panic. Remember your connection to Source Self. Breathe, do something physical, talk with a friend. Remember that you are so much more than the physical body you are in. Faith in the Divine Spirit that lives within you will help you move out of fear and panic, for a new feeling is also in the air and many are connecting to this feeling of freedom and delight. Yes it is there like a wave of energy that can take you above the churning chaos. What does it take to ride that wave? Letting go of that which is dissolving and passing away. Being willing to stand with nothing other than your connection to Spirit. This allows joy to well up within, for a new era is dawning, a new way of being and walking on Earth. The feeling is akin to a “snow day” – or some unexpected time off from something you “have to” do. The word is “YAY!”

Many of you have inherited a way of looking at life from your ancestors and this way is not in harmony with the resonance of love that is growing stronger and stronger. The old way is imploding. This is good news, dear ones, for love will prevail.

You see the structures of the monetary system collapsing. Great change is upon you. This is for the greatest good – the structures that have been built upon fear and greed are crumbling, for that vibratory frequency can not resonate with the higher energies that are being beamed to earth. These higher energies are anchored into the earth plane by you. In meditation, bring the energy of love into yourselves and then into the Earth. Anchor them there and send the love out through the Earth and then out into the Universe. You are amplifiers of energy.

Dear ones, you have been working diligently for so many years to clear the way within so you can hold the higher vibrational energies of pure love, and you are succeeding in doing so. Your efforts have not been in vain.

The changes that are being brought upon the earth through this higher vibrating frequency look scary. What you will see when the structures collapse and people who were living within these structures tumble to earth, is that the beauty of the human heart will shine through. Humanity will gather together to assist one another in an outpouring of compassion and togetherness. The high vibrational frequency of love will fill those who share the resonance and you will come to know that you are not alone, you are all one.

We have been saying for quite awhile that meeting together in groups to meditate and amplify the love is very important at this time. So do not hesitate – start a group gathering for this purpose. There are also groups on the Internet who meet on the “Innernet” together in meditation from all over the world. [For example: has a global meditation every Sunday at 7 a.m. Eastern Time. People from all over the world at whatever time it is for them meditate together and then share their experiences on blogs at It is amazing how their experiences are similar. Check the website on Fridays for more information.]

Power to the People is one of our favorite sayings – there are so many of you and you outnumber the ones who have been controlling world situations through fear. You are stronger than you realize! And that is why group consciousness is so important at this time. Groups amplifying love together gather more and more strength and serve to soften the transition. Utilize this empowerment at your fingertips!

Remember the Divine Source within you.

With gratitude and love,

Nancy Leilah Ward
Many of One

“There’s nothing you can know that isn’t known.
Nothing you can see that isn’t shown.
There’s nowhere you could be that isn’t where you’re meant to be
It’s easy. . . All you need is love. . .”
– The Beatles



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  Liara Covert wrote @

It is possible to sense blessings in every circumstance. As you evolve to expect the unexpected and learn to be grateful for everything, then how you view the world changes. Every experience is meaningful and offers humans key tools to evolve when ready.

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