The Hierarchy* Oct. 2008 You Are Here To Establish Christ Consciousness

You Are Here To Establish Christ Consciousness
The Hierarchy through Frank Hoogerbeets
translation: Dutch

October 2008

You all know about the story of the one you call Jesus. While some still wonder if this story is true and if there has indeed been such a figure in your history, many of you believe or just know that this man did come to your world to help humanity. We, from the higher planes of existence have the wish at this time to put things into perspective regarding the history of your world and the role you have come to play at this critical time for planet Earth and humanity. You see, there is a Divine Plan or a Cosmic Blueprint in place for your Universe – for every Universe that has ever been created or will be created. Without a blueprint nothing would come into existence. If you would plan to build a house, you would carefully plan its appearance and its features. Creative forces, or what you would call God, do exactly the same when they create universes, milky way systems, solar systems and planets. And they never abandon what they have created. Instead they enjoy every aspect of their creation and will make sure their creation will reach maturity! Creative forces on every level of existence represent the Divine Mother and Father, and on every level these mothers and fathers care for their children. You can see these same aspects of creation at work in your own world; just look at how animals care for their young. It is not something they have to learn, it is something they do by instinct. This is because they are in harmony with the creative forces that surround them.

Just as the animal kingdom is humanity connected to its Father and Mother who created every one of you in their own image. However, unlike animals, humans have free choice, and you may choose whether or not you wish to experience this connection with your Divine Parents. If you look at the history of your world you see evidences of disharmony, indicating that humanity at one point chose not to live in harmony with its Divine Parents, but instead chose to rebel against them! The current situation of your world is the result of this choice. You may wonder why humanity had been given free choice. It’s a complicated matter we do not wish to discuss at this time. Suffice it to say that your Mother and Father decided to give the most sacred of their Being when they created you.

The primary condition to allow free choice be part of any creation, is a reality where the illusion of opposite forces are being presented to their fullest, otherwise the aspect of free choice would not be effective because there would not be anything to choose from. And in order to present opposite forces this reality would have to be on sufficient lower vibrational frequencies that would allow this illusion to exist. But as a result of these lower frequencies, the dwellers with free choice in this reality would also have difficulty remembering their divine descent because their connection to Source would be diminished to a far greater extend than would be the case in realities with less dense frequencies.

While most of you forgot their divine descent, some of you managed to keep their inner antenna sensitive enough to receive signals from ‘home’. These people have been the way showers throughout your history. You know them by names such as Krishna, Buddha, Maitreya, Zarathustra or Zoroaster, Jesus, and many others you have heard of who played a key role in leading humanity back to unity and oneness. We wish to emphasize that even though your history preserved the names of important male figures because its patriarchal nature, there have been just as many female way showers.

Having put this into perspective, we now wish to discuss the key role of the master Jesus two-thousand years ago and how his work was a preparation of what is now unfolding on your planet. Two-thousand years ago, at the beginning of the Piscean Age, The Hierarchy and Brother- and Sisterhoods caring for your world decided that the time had come to send a soul to Earth who’s primary role would be to establish Christ Consciousness on this planet for the first time. It had to be a soul with a high level of evolutionary development and understanding of the higher principles of life, because its destiny on Earth would be difficult and meet with much resistance as the opposite forces were predominant at that time. The soul chosen knew that it would be greatly misunderstood in a world where the awareness of the higher principles of life were practically non-existent. Yet there was the need to send this soul because of the need to plant this seed of Christ Consciousness as a preparation of times to come.

It was the one you call Jesus who imposed the duty upon himself to become the way shower for the next two-thousand years. Knowing that his teachings would be distorted, that churches would present them in a way to yet again mislead and misdirect humanity, and that wars would arise and fought out in his name, he answered the call of the Hierarchy and of all those concerned with the well-being of humanity and planet Earth, and chose to embrace his destiny recognizing it as being part of the Divine Blueprint for this world. We wish to emphasize at this point that he did not come to save humanity, as being taught by the representatives of your churches. Those teachings only serve to keep you in a state of dependency. Every soul is its own saviour! Jesus came to set an example and spread the word of the higher principles of life – the Law of One – inviting all of humanity to embrace those principles as a way of living. He did not sacrifice his life on the cross for you; he sacrificed it for himself out of love for humanity. Dieing on a cross was not by chance or because the Romans put it into practice to sentence criminals that way, but to instil into every soul’s consciousness the imprisonment within time and space, while his resurrection served to demonstrate that he was not ‘dead’. This example was needed because most people at that time had lost perspective and become trapped in believing that their reality in time and space was the only reality and that nothing else existed; they were almost completely presented with only one of the two forces and this was a dangerous situation because it could lead to permanent stagnation in this part of the galaxy.

The arrival of Jesus was an indication that provided within the Divine Blueprint of your world there would come a time in a not too distant future that the veil of illusion would fall away because the opposite forces would rebalance themselves and reach higher frequency bands allowing for Christ Consciousness to manifest on this planet. That critical time has come and you are here now in physical embodiment to witness this event and to establish and live Christ Consciousness – individually – as demonstrated by Jesus two-thousand years ago. In order to understand to some extend what he went through during his life, you only need to look at the last two or three decades of your life and see how much effort it took to rebalance the two opposite forces within you. Jesus life was not one of harmony, on the contrary: he had to face and overcome many difficulties while rebalancing the opposite forces. In recent years you have been doing exactly the same and you can see how much struggle it cost you to free yourself from the boundaries of established believe systems and to obtain a certain balance within.

As you may have noticed we put a strong emphasis on the connection between Jesus’ life two-thousand years ago and your lives in the present. This is because we want you to see that life in the universe is about co-creation, not about higher and lower ‘ranks’; contrary to what the present believe systems teach you, you have exactly the same capabilities and powers as any higher developed being who ever walked the Earth as a trailblazer. What you are accomplishing now may be beyond your comprehension at this time, but there will come a time when you will be fully aware of what you will have accomplished collectively as a race. It is most important that you realize who you are and that self-determination is your birthright. As long as you are working on rebalancing the life forces within on this level of existence, you will be tempted to enervate yourself and belie your own nature. There is no reason to think of yourself as less than others.

We frequently use the term ‘Christ Consciousness’ and we realize that its meaning is not clear to everyone, so let us explain. Christ Consciousness is positively polarized consciousness that understands the necessity and importance of progressive evolutionary development. From the perspective of your ego it means surrendering to your True Self or God Self within. Your ego tries to protect and set boundaries and conditions, whereas the real You always shows compassion and Unconditional Love, even to those who try to harm you. If you look carefully to the teachings of the way showers of the past, no matter the different religions that came from them, you will notice the similarities between them. By practicing those teachings in your daily lives, such as “Do unto other as you would have others do unto you”, you are working on establishing Christ Consciousness on this planet.

What you see unfolding in your world today, such as the collapse of your financial system, is the result of your reality reaching higher frequency bands where the concepts of Unconditional Love, detached compassion and Christ Consciousness are predominant. The belief systems on your world currently collapsing do not embrace those higher principles of life; they do not advertise the highest good of all, but instead the highest good for a few. Therefore, these systems will not be sustained by the higher vibrational energies flooding your world at present. We have been warning you in the past through various communications that the end of your world as you know it is near. We have also said that your world would not be destroyed, but instead that your ways of living would change dramatically. Evidence of these changes are all around you, so again we say: be prepared! Those of you who still cling to the old belief systems will experience dramatic losses in their lives. But those who embrace spiritual freedom, equality, cooperation and unconditional love as a way of living, will welcome these changes as a true blessing, for they will feel themselves liberated from the many limitations they as souls imposed upon themselves to establish Christ Consciousness on Earth.

The Hierarchy.

Copyright © 2008 Frank Hoogerbeets ( You have my permission to copy and share this information only in its entirety, including this copyright notice and as long as you do not make any changes.



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