Spirit Pathways* Our Ancient Song~The 10:10:10 Stargate

Our Ancient Song

The 10:10:10 Stargate

By Kate A. Spreckley


‘Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it’



Submit, surrender, and sacrifice, these are the key attributes able to describe our current phase of evolutionary growth and development.  As the illusion of our ordinary reality unravels it is essential that we now BE the Lightworkers and activate within us the bridge of rainbow light that is needed between the worlds. 


As Human Beings we have each been given rare and sacred gifts that are to be used to uplift the Soul and to advance the evolutionary process.  These special gifts are now being awoken within our Hearts and the memory of our inner wisdom and knowledge is being activated.  We are being asked to tap into our Creation Song and to allow ourselves to awaken to our original language, the language of love and light.


Within the Love and Light embodied by each and every living thing lies our Creation Song – the knowledge of Earth’s evolution and the awareness of the sacredness of all life.  In embracing this knowing we are able to discover our origins and to access our destiny as it is encoded within our DNA.  As we reconnect with our ancient origins the flow of energy will move through our DNA activating our personal records and allowing us to flow with ease towards our destiny, awakening the memory of our unique purpose and reason for being.


Our true path to the Light and Love of our Creator, the Great Spirit, is being revealed.  The path is not easy, but it is beautiful and gifts us with the ability to connect with the constant and ever flowing love and light of the Creator, helping us to move with grace and ease through these difficult and dark moments in time. 


If we follow our Heart during our times of crisis and chaos we are able to feel secure on our path, free from our fears and are able to maintain clarity while being challenged.  We are in a time of deep restoration and rebirth and we must discover what it is that we are holding onto and to let it go.  Fears and the need to control have dominated our world and it is time for us to forgive ourselves and do whatever it takes to turn things around.


Encoded information stored in our cells is being released allowing our energy centers to be completely opened and allowing for an alignment of our Spiritual, mental, emotional and physical bodies.  Waves of healing energy are heightening our sensitivity and instilling feelings of peace making it possible for our sacred gifts to be birthed into the realm of our Earth plane. 


Through this heightened sensitivity we are able to access the power of our higher will and to initiate it in all that we say and do.  Our power holds our strength and it is our courage.  In harnessing our higher power we embody the principle values of love thereby existing within the boundaries of balance and self respect. 


We are experiencing a crisis in our existing order because we designed a conformist system and created a fixed way of life.  In this crisis we are being offered a major lesson in nurturance and safety.  If we see the world from a higher perspective we are able to recognize that the old ways of organization and structure are but a reflection of our own behavioral patterns and solidified habits.


We must look carefully at that which we have previously claimed as our birthright and at the attachments and beliefs that we hold.  As stewards of our Earth we are expected to utilize the power of nature for good, to respect the natural world and to walk a path of balance.  Nature is our guide and will assist us in creating a vision of a new world where we honour and respect all of life, achieving a balance between our Hearts and our minds.


The Light is gathering and manifesting upon our Earth bringing forth the Spiritual light and unity of all creation held within the most difficult of energies.   A balance of energy is occurring allowing for freedom from past oppression and patriarchal structures.  The false idea of separation between our consciousness and our Spiritual evolution is being dissolved and we are being offered the opportunity to embrace and consciously know our innate Divinity.


In this radical leap of consciousness, our sense of identity is shifting from being motivated by fear and the drive for physical survival, to being motivated by unconditional love and great wisdom.  We are being invited to part the veils of illusion and to free ourselves from the ancient constrains of fear, guilt, shame, doubt and denial.  We are being offered true liberation on all levels which will enable us to rise up and to reclaim our true birthright.


It is a time of celebration as the mysteries of life are beginning a new cycle.  The energetic cord that binds us to our Earth Mother is being strengthened allowing for higher frequencies of Spiritual light to flow through our physical body and therefore into our world.


We are moving into the Age of Light and the process and goal of our Spiritual growth is to bring the vibration of physical matter into resonance with the vibration of Spirit.  We are to focus on becoming a channel for the Light and Love of our Creator and to manifest that Light and Love into the physical realm through our thoughts, actions, words and deeds.  It is through us that the Age of Light will be born into our world and with this awareness we must express the Light and Love of our Creator though everything we say and do.


As our new lives unfold a stream of pure healing energy is generating a restoration and healing of our cells and creating a direct link to the energetic structure of our DNA, allowing us to decode the mysteries held therein.  Our rapid healing, processing and integration of our cellular memories is creating clarity within.  Our hearts, minds and bodies are being purified of that which has brought our Soul much suffering.  Our personal evolution is being accelerated allowing for old patterns of addiction, attachment and abuse to fall away.  Our negative and self destructive habits are being eliminated and the choices we make now can take us to the core of self realization or can leave us somewhat untouched. 


Our belief in the illusion of separation has caused our imbalances and by accepting our Creator’s Love into our lives we are able to heal and to bring our bodies back into line with the Light.  The light is allowing for renewed clarity and is dispelling any darkness that has been shrouding our lives.  We are at the perfect centre were the harmonious forces of the Universe are combining and radiating the golden light of consciousness through all of Creation.  We are invited to move with and into this stream of consciousness allowing the Creator to ignite the flame of oneness within our Hearts.




Spirit Pathways – Kate A. Spreckley


Spirit Pathways has been created to bring awareness of ancient teachings & knowledge  for the healing and  ascension of  Mother Earth & all who dwell upon Her.All written information, messages and articles are Kate’s own interpretation of the energies that are affecting our world at this time.  The information Kate receives comes through her own direct communication with our Creator and her own Spirit Guides and Teachers.

Kate can be contacted on kate@spiritpathways.co.za





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