Message from Archangel Metatron – Oct. 2008

Message from Archangel Metatron – Oct. 2008

My intent in coming now is to bring forth an instrument to overcome negative forces in the world. I wish to bring forth peace, harmony, unity and cooperation to the human condition. My purpose is to heal and to do this I need your help.

There are some who say that the Earth doesn’t need healing that it is able to heal itself. To a certain extent this is true as Earth’s blueprint is one of regeneration as it brings forth the vitality that was given to her by her creators.
However, humanity must be healed of their control and domination or else as the planet shakes off the many layers of decay it will be imbued again with the same negativity that was healed earlier. So in effect there is a vicious cycle between the healing process sent forth by Gaia only to be diluted by more negativity, suffering and misery by some of her people.
Something that is most difficult for Gaia to clear is the misery of her children. She has taken the role of the mother. She has brought forth abundance and in that abundance she fosters beauty and balance.


The balance has been disarrayed by energetic forces that include negative emotions such as fear, but also hatred. This becomes a shock to the delicate balance of Gaia’s beauty but also becomes a heavy burden upon this force of rejuvenation that is programmed into the planet’s systems. 

What this means is that current events and struggles of a negative nature hold back humanity and the planet from enjoying the healing and advancement that is upon you. What the final effect in this is that what is promised to you will come, but there is suffering that can be alleviated before the final implementation of spiritual advancement that some call a new Golden Age and some call Ascension
It is my intent as the Keeper of the Keys between humanity and the Spiritual Hierarchy to dissolve all disharmony and pain in every layer of humanity and within the folds of Gaia’s advancement towards the higher vibrational cycle.
If I could gather a group and that group meld their energies together as one to alleviate the pain and misery of Gaia’s children, the breakthrough to the promised spiritual level of existence would be faster and permanent.
What is happening now is that the light brings forth great splendor and the dark pushes back. No matter what we have accomplished in the spiritual realms, we see our work undermined.
Archangel Michael is presently working with a group to set up a process which will change the course of human events and move them towards the fulfillment of the promise to elevate humanity. They will be doing this by using the power of the Standing Wave. This is the same energy that is contained in the pyramid of Cheops.
What I have in mind is to gather energy that will be produced and accelerated again by souls who wish to see advancement here and not misery and terror. This energy will be focused as only humanity can do if they understand how to do this and how to direct it in tandem with those who will change events with the Standing Wave.
This energy will be incorporating a love force that while yes, it is part of the Standing Wave, we will color that force slightly so that there will be a healing element to this force. This healing element will not only change and heal those who wish to control and dominate, but it will also bring forth hope and eventually trust to those who are oppressed. There is a healing that needs to be integrated between these two forces, those who have wielded the weapons of terror and pain and those who have suffered at their hands.
All must be healed. This might seem difficult to understand, but all souls are holding their origins in the works of the most high. God considers all souls their progeny even though they have taken different roles in their journey. It is time to change, integrate and advance. This means ALL souls.
So I come to you and ask you to join us. We need your good intentions, your light and your love. We need this if we are to find permanent solutions to the world’s misery. All factions of humanity, no matter who they served must be transformed, healed and reminded of who they are. They must see again that all are brothers and sisters. All are children of the God-Force.
Join with us. We will have two groups working for the cause of peace, brotherhood and freedom to find the happiness that is every soul’s right. The pursuit of happiness was written in your Bill of Rights, but before one can pursue happiness, there must be the freedom of self determination. This can only be brought forth when the light is allowed to dissolve the dark particles that infiltrate all forms of life, animate and inanimate.
More information is contained at our website:
Personal Akashic readings are available at: along with conference calls with Archangel Michael, and interviews with the Spiritual Hierarchy at our Voices From Heaven series.
About Carolyn Evers
Carolyn Evers is a messenger for the spiritual hierarchy. She has written six books and a course, Journey To The Other Side. Her work encompasses information that she has received from the Spiritual Hierarchy. Carolyn believes that there is a connection between spirituality and science, and she endeavors to incorporate scientific research along with what she receives from spirit. Her work can be found at and her contact address is
She also works with the Cherubim Angels and reads from the Universal Akashic Records. She has two radio shows with BBS Radio, The Message and The Messenger. Call in for healings and readings from the Akashic Records

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  Lynett Durgin wrote @


I googled AA Metatron and found your site and I think it is a lovely one. Quite charming.

  Pamela wrote @

I have come across your site quite accidently.
I think it is very eye opening. The pictures are absolutely gorgeous and full of very interesting messages.
A few days ago, I asked for help from my Higher Sources, and this is the fourth site that I have found. All in 3 days, all by accident.
In Love and Light

  Sherry wrote @

Could you please send me information on how I might join with the Metatron group for global healing.

Thank you

  Альфред wrote @

Да, инет – он не маленький, если и такое даже можно откопать 😉

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