Archangel Raphael* Where Is My Abundance?

Archangel Raphael: Where Is My Abundance?
Archangel Raphael as facilitated by Jeane R. Pothier for the October 2008

The question is asked in this moment:

Many lightworkers are finding it hard to make ends meet as a full-time healer because there are just not enough people seeking their healing services. Is this a case of people still having fear of the new healing modalities or is this simply a case of lightworkers still blocking their own flow of financial abundance? Could you offer some suggestions for these healers.

I greet you this day dear one!

I AM Raphael, Angel of Healing and Transformation and I bring many blessings to you this day as well. Take a moment and breathe deeply of the energies being presented in this moment and all moments. Breathe deeply of the knowing that even though the world around you is in the midst of many, many changes, you are safe within yourself. Feel this dear one and know that all is well for you when you are choosing that all be well.

There are many layers of energy attached to the issue of abundance and receiving with those who term themselves as Lightworkers. There are many who are continuing to play out old karmic roles, even though they can choose at any time to be finished with karma. There are those who still carry a deep and all pervading attribute of being in service to all those around them and simply cannot bring themselves to receive a balance of energy for their services.

Where would you like to begin this day dear ones?

At the core of the majority of imbalances with Lightworkers especially in relation to their lack of abundance, most particularly financial abundance, lies the energy of belief systems. These could be seen as a large bundle of worms, as you might refer to it, and this tangled mess is at times difficult to sort through!

Lightworkers carry many belief systems about the work that they do and about who they are in general. Many believe that they can only be in service and therefore those old, eons old actually, vows and agreements of poverty and being in service without compensatory energy returns of any kind run deep and strong. This is the area of the karmic hold that many struggle with in their lives… it is not “allowed” to receive ample compensation for the work that is done.

I ask you in this moment to feel deeply into the energy of the words that I have just given you. Feel this in your body and then ask yourself if you are still carrying this energy. Is this a continuous carryover from another life or many lives? Is this an attribute that you took on from your soul family went you went out into the cosmos to explore so many eons of time ago?

Feel deeply into this energy and ask yourself if you are truly ready to release this for yourself. For the releasing begins with your desire and then you make the conscious choice to be free of the karmic attributes dear one!

Dear one, there is no one and no thing that is keeping Lightworkers from their abundance…



And when you make the choice, the energy of your choice goes out into the cosmos and all energies move to align with your choice.

Now, say that you have made the choice to let yourself off the hook in relation to being in service and being in poverty. And then nothing changes for you. What is the cause of this dear one?

And then I might come to you and I would say to you, do you truly feel that you are worthy of all that Creation has for you in the areas of abundance and being supported in your life?

Feel deeply into the energy of this as well dear one, for many who are adamantly seeking to make changes in their life still do not feel at the core of themselves that they deserve to have a grand and glorious life!

Only you, yourself, can know what is lying on your heart in every circumstance and situation. And it is when you take time to be quiet and listen to yourself, to breathe deeply into those energies that present themselves to you, that you can then find the answers that lie there for you.

Dear one, there is no one and no thing that is keeping Lightworkers from their abundance… other than themselves and what they believe about themselves and their lives and how those lives are expressed and experienced!

And this dear one, is where the many layers of energy and belief systems come into play and come into grand conflict with each other to such an extent that you end up wandering around in a bit of a maze never knowing what is going on and never truly finding your way to freedom!

Take a few deep breaths dear one and bring yourself fully into your body now. So much of the difficulty as well lies in trying to figure things out or work things out in your brain or your mind, when the answers do not necessarily come from there.

You do have the answers to every question you could ever ask already present for you. Yet, do you give yourself a chance to truly receive the answers via your own knowing and intuition?

Abundance is not being withheld from you or anyone! Abundance is all around. It is not only in the form of financial abundance, it is in the air that is easily breathed without limitation. It is in the water that surrounds the earth and from the earth herself. It is most definitely in the energy that is more than present all around that is lying in a state of neutrality until you make a choice and then it moves into creation and expression mode for you.

Belief systems lie at the heart of every situation, every problem and every difficulty and create your personal reality. Belief systems are the webbing in which you trap yourself on a daily basis.

Consider for a moment those brief minutes of time when you are slowly waking up in the morning and have not made the motion to rise and begin your day as yet.

In those moments, what moves through your mind? What thoughts, feelings and emotions come to you in that moment? Do you lie there and wonder how you are going to pay the bills today? Do you wonder how your body will betray you this day with illness or discomfort? Do you wonder if you will have any clients this day who will be ready to pay you great amounts of cash to listen to you and receive the facilitating energies that you will share with them? Do you begin your day with worry and doubt and above all, with fear?

Dear one, in that moment, you are re-creating your reality. And your reality is being created based upon what you believe about your world and how your world supports you; what form it takes, how easily the energies flow for you, and how you feel about yourself and what you deserve and desire to experience.

Begin by working on yourself for a change instead of worrying about what your family or your clients are doing and experiencing!



Take another deep breath and feel these energies as well. Can you feel how you are creating the very things that you are struggling with so much? Oh, this is not about visualizing something else or trying to imagine your way out of a situation. This is about not believing at the core of who you are that you are supported in all ways. Anything that comes along contrary to that is simply making its way through your life and will not stick to you unless you are allowing it to do so.

Dear one, until you are able to shift your own perception and belief about yourself and what you know you deserve to receive in your life, you will continue to struggle with what comes into your life. Because all of Creation brings you exactly what you believe and then create as your reality. And when you are creating that you are without clients, that your life is a struggle and you may or may not be able to pay the bills this month, then that is what you will be seeing in your life.

Then how do you go about changing this for yourself?

Begin by working on yourself for a change instead of worrying about what your family or your clients are doing and experiencing! Begin by taking care of you so that you slowly come to fully embrace that you are magnificent and deserve all manner of wonderful things in your life! Begin to change how you see yourself and how you feel about yourself. You cannot receive what you do not believe that you deserve to receive!

This may sound like too much to do dear one, yet this is the foundation of your world and it truly begins with you. This doesn’t mean at all that you will become one with a big ego or strut around saying how great you are and that everyone should bow down to you.

Dear one, you’ve had those lives where this is exactly who you were and you are no longer choosing that in this life. In this life you already know that being arrogant and selfish is not what you’re choosing and so this is a worry about taking care of yourself that you can let go of now!

Dear one, in this moment, take a deep breath and I ask you to begin to release those old belief systems that have told you that you need to struggle in order to survive in this life. Release those belief systems that have told you that nothing comes to you without giving up something in return. These are not true and the sooner you are able to release them and come to deep knowing of yourself and what is true for you the sooner your life will come into a balance that works for you.

An exercise that can be quite the eye opener for you is to sit down and make a list of absolutely everything you believe about yourself, about your life, about money and the role it plays in your life or you

believe that it plays in your life, your health, your relationships and anything else that comes to your mind.

Look over your list for a moment without making any judgments of what is listed there, simply absorb what is being shown to you. Then make a second list that is simply the opposite of everything that you wrote on the first list. For example, if you wrote that you have trouble with romantic relationships you might write that you are a wonderful lover or friend and have many people around you who support and love you.

Now, breathe deeply a few times and put these lists together so that for each item that you listed you have also placed its contrary item next to it.

Now, sit quietly and look at each set of items. For each item, the pro’s and the con’s of each item, ask yourself is this true for YOU. Feel the answer deep in your body. Don’t be afraid to breathe this in and really feel it and how that energy of the item moves through your body. And when you receive your answer of which one is the truth for you, then ask yourself if this is something that serves you in this life or if it’s something that you’ve had more than enough experiencing of and are ready to release for all time.

This list is simply a tool dear one, for you to see how you are creating your reality and the walls and barriers you are putting up that stand between you and your abundance. Look at these belief systems, for that is exactly what each item on your list is, a belief system that you create your reality from in every moment.

And now, being the divine creator human that you are, make new choices. Make new choices that are nothing like those items on the list! For every item on your list that you are choosing to be released from, take a deep breathe and say out loud that you release this or that and then do so! And then know that you have done this! And then don’t go looking to see if it really happened because then you are simply re-creating that very belief system that you have been struggling to be free of for all time!

Dear one, there is nothing that stands between you and your abundance other than yourself. Can you finally get out of your way and allow that abundance to come to you, free of all restrictions and restraints? Can you allow it to come to you without structure? Can you allow it to come to you without you trying to say exactly what form it will take or must take or even who it must come from?

In so many ways you are the one who is setting up the barriers and roadblocks and then you cry out that you can’t get moving on your road because there’s too much in the way!

Those barriers and roadblocks are illusions and because you created them in the first place, you can easily take them down and then you will be able to move right along your path without restriction. Take the time to see what belief systems you have created your reality based upon in every moment and then give yourself a chance to blow those barriers down! You might be amazed at how much your life changes.

I AM Raphael and it is a delight to be here with you once more. You are so loved and so fully supported in all your choices. Know that All That Is brings to you exactly what you are creating in your life. Take the time to breathe deeply with yourself each day and learn who you are at the deepest levels. Begin to understand that you deserve the greatest life and then dear one, get out of your own way!!

We are complete.



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