Reaching the Realms of Abundance

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Reaching the Realms of Abundance


The Dawning

by Angela Brown
This piece reflects the rising of the Greater Sun on a new way of being in this world. The time of freedom has come, and the nature kingdom heralds this long-awaited arrival.


by rejecting those thoughts during a failing economy and through our personal struggles to survive, we clear the consciousness grid of poverty thinking and create a new way for all., and as well, we are always perfectly guided and protected. We are soon to exchange our first phase contracts of service for the next, but as we ride out the waves precipitated by the collective storms we are being presented with many tests of endurance, strength and will. These tests are not for the faint of heart, but neither is true victory. What is arriving through the mire of discord and distraction from our true power is really the reconnection to the lost ways of true creation. divine blueprints, we are expanding the entire framework of human thinking to entertain thoughts of abundance. effort simply don’t exist here so we are literally being forced to learn a new and higher way to create. lieve in what is falling away and lift ourselves up with the knowing that we will soon be free.

Are feeling like you are suddenly back at the beginning of your journey?


The magnetic pull of global discord is suddenly so strong that it can feel like we have to work nearly every minute to stay afloat and centered in our truth. Yet, the collective thought forms of fear and lack that have been surrounding us are only bubbling up to the surface for full release and transmutation, which will result in lifting the total vibration of earth and her inhabitants to the frequency of love.



The dense energy of scarcity thinking is relentlessly scurrying around us now, vying for our attention and looking for a host to attach to. If we so much as entertain the idea of connecting to them, we run the risk of experiencing a rapid drop in our own electro-magnet-ic health. In fact, many of us hold soul contracts to transmute these survival fears through our own experiences of lack. As we remember our power

These contracts could be related to why you may have no idea where you will get your next dollar or meal, or why you may be facing the possibility of losing your home in the real estate crisis in America. The test is to not get attached to any lower thoughts, but also not to run from them. We must merely and willingly observe any fear-based holographic realities or scenarios that arrive, bathe them in the light of our consciousness (truth), then release them to Source.

It is vital to remember that we are exactly where we belong right now and always

What is happening on a higher level is that we are reaching the realms of universal abundance. To arrive here in totality, many are clearing the earth of eons of mis-creation through every level of our being including our physical vessels. We are owning our personal power by taking full responsibility for our part in mis-creating these realities on a whole. In turn, we are empowering each other and our earth.

The realms of abundance contain energetic vortexes that are encoded with the zero-point frequency of neutrality. It is this neutrality that opens the limitless flow of universal goodness in our lives when we have become clear channels of the divine. These energies hold the potential to catapult the human population beyond poverty consciousness and thoughts of limitations & lack.

As we enter into these new ways of being and living according to our soul contracts and

The wayshowers have created the grids, the inter-galactic superhighway for new technologies, new areas of expertise, and new belief structures around wealth. Through holding onto the awareness of our birthrights, many have anchored these truths into earths biosphere making abundant realities a possibility for all.

The completion of this phase is nearly finalized, the last of the biogenetic rewiring is taking place in this present timeline. This rewiring is what will link each of us to the new superhighway of transcendent living and being through inter-galactic connectivity. It is also this rewiring that has been causing us so many physical maladies over the past several weeks ranging from deep fatigue, ravenous appetites, moodiness & irritability, soreness and pain especially in the center of the back, joints, neck & shoulders, headaches, sinus pain & discomfort, dizziness, vertigo, nausea, the list goes on and on.

You may have also been feeling uninspired, hopeless, drained, broke, apathetic and even angry as these energies swirl around and through us, reconfiguring and altering every aspect of our being at the very core. Not a fun time.

The good news is many have successfully completed the bulk of the biological transformations and are now preparing to be catapulted into the greater reality of conscious co-creation. This means that all those many months (and years) of stagnation and lack of forward movement will begin to shift into the physical manifestation of our intentional desires where we will be reunited with our soul teams and communities of light to assist us in the overall plan. It’s as if we have been idling in neutral for so long and soon we will click into gear. This holding place was actually a divine gift, a way to protect us from (mis)creating prematurely, before we integrated our full capabilities.

By the light of the Harvest Moon on September 15th, we will begin to see our next steps as some important pieces of our cosmic puzzle finally come into view. The (Harvest) full moon in Pisces, also called the Bodhisattva Moon, is a very special time when our internal enLIGHTened desires have immense potential to structure our external reality into form while we prepare to implement the next level of our divine plan.

The equinox on the 23d will assist us to break out of this energetic lull and clear the smog for our new realities. And just as we begin to move forward into the new again, we will have one more chance to review our plans and align more fully with our true desires as Mercury goes retrograde on the 26th.

This is an important time to recall our priorities and release any remaining responsibilities or obligations holding us back from living our dreams. It is a time of complete surrender to our higher path and trusting that we are on course despite external appearances.

This passage will take us far beyond the limitations of cause and effect and into the quantum creation of realities where time and space do not serve to restrict our course. It is in this space that universal abundance awaits us and it will be with great forward movement that we are propelled into much activity.

Right now and into October we are integrating the immense shifts of energy that we endured during the summer months. This integration period is aligning us with our new endeavors and linking us to the afore mentioned superhighway of interconnectivity.

This superhighway will be what we navigate from this point onward, which is why the old systems of the outworn paradigm are no longer working for many. Things like

As well, the wayshowers will be the first to move forward into this rapid pace of manifestation until the next group of souls have contracted to arrive. And as evolution goes, those first to arrive in a new space will need to figure out how things work and then turn around to teach others. There will be a learning curve and all will be assured success, but the responsibility of the first brigade is always to pave the way.

So in the remaining days in this current reality matrix, we are being urged to BE and not do, to SURRENDER and not resist, to LOVE ourselves fully by remembering the truth of our purpose here, and to allow ourselves to bask in the light of our individual creativity.

We do not have much longer to go, but these last steps are crucial for they will be the ones tempting us to forget our power. We must stand in our truth, resist the urge to be-

Onward and upward we go….


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