Lord Melchizedek* The New Coming Period…


The 4th Spiritual Awakening Festival and the worldwide Light work
The New Coming Period…

Lord Melchizedek through Frixos Christodoulou

Beloved children of the heart of God, this is Lord Melchizedek, your Universal Logos, of this galaxy of the Cosmos Universe.

During the days of the August full moon many lightworkers run to service of the Light, of Father and Mother God of the Universe Cosmos. This period you are going through as humanity, you are going through a phase of atomic transmutation. The energies that where anchored in the earthly plane during the harmonic convergence of August, have already established with safety in the grids of Mother Earth.

Now, what remains for you is the full embodiment of the new Light codes. These new light codes consist the gate and the entrance of humanity into new light orders and universal orders. With that we mean your gradual entrance into bigger groups of planets which are about to ascend to higher levels and dimensions in the following years.

The procedure and the alignments achieved with the last harmonic convergence in August, allowed your planet to experience the Love of the Light in the cells of the Earth, so with that way a cellular release is achieved that assists the inflow of more light in the fields and the light bodies of the Earth. We are very happy for the work you have done, setting a good example for your brothers and sisters, saying the truth you are experiencing and living the miracle of paradise on Earth.

We let you live your path with as much freedom as possible and we don’t move into changes that you don’t want. All these things happening on your planet as also in individual level, is because you asked for it. The consciousness, the global consciousness, the planet asks for change. You have realized and understood that power is not found any more in material pleasures, joys are not given through competition games, through the illusions of the stem work and business growth.

All these games collapse in the minds and the consciousnesses of men. Now what remains to live and see in your lives, is your Light, your divine presence standing next to you, found inside you like a seed waiting to express, awaiting and anticipating each moment, that light that will knock its door so to get out.

Now we tell you, get off the shell of the inner imprisonment and break the inner changes of the bonds of emotion, faulty thinking and negative prejudice. You are here to live your truth, to live that dream you always wanted. The new coming year holds this for you. It brings you more and more close to the dream that you always wanted to live. You will see and you will experience many and good things in this period.

Wonderful opportunities and indescribable feelings that fill the heart and the inner mind of your heart. However in order to experience this, many of you may go through waves that will brake the walls and the blinders of illusions, allowing so your Spirit to guide your life towards Light, with joy, beauty and grace.

The Work of the Light is done with harmony and order, and everything is accomplished and fulfilled on the right time. The concurrences and synchronicities will bring on the forefront the truth, and then all will return back Home. Don’t worry for the things coming, because what is coming are happy things, are states of Spirit’s bliss and love.
Beloved children of God, you are ready, you are now mature, to take on your responsibilities and assist in the unfolding of the divine plan and your mission. In this year you will be called as never before to take action, in several scales. You will be guided to co-create in your communities, to help and give push to situations and peoples in order to bring all together your hearts desired change.


Sons, teachers and children of Goddess/God, now it is the time for you to make the next step. As we approach more to the gate of light, so much more you will see the Light approaching. This is happening in you, it is an inner procedure. Imagine a gigantic gate that radiates light, blinding light. Being far you can see this like a tiny dot, but as you approach and getting more closer, and you get in front of that gigantic gate, the shadow behind you disappears and collapses. That’s what happens in you. As you approach your inner Gate the darkness and the veil denudes and what remains only is the truth, you. The laws of the universe are getting more apparent to the human eyes, understanding comes and the realization that you are part of a bigger group and that you are one of the keys of the evolution of the entire universe and Creation.

You are so precious as precious is love for your existence, as valuable is the air and the water for your survival. You are invaluable and your value in the vast Creation of God is always recognized. Because you are not parts of a separate experiment, but you are living cells of the One Body, your are Life the same, the hands of the Creator. So extend now your arms and make your own Paradise, the one you wish to live. Leave all the illusions that sneak into your minds and give them the permission to slip out of you, like the clouds travelling and disappearing. Learn to love and to attune among you.

This year, the year coming 2009, it is a year of completion and a new beginning again. Talking about new beginning, it means a new start. Everything will be new, and the new has a new way of communication. The old ways you use to communicate will start to fall apart, they won’t work, you won’t be able to communicate like you do now.

So we tell you now to learn the communication of the heart, the communication that knows how to listen, how to hark, how to feel the sounds and listen to the whispers behind the noise and fuss. There is found the tone and the pulse where the soul responses, there is the essence of our communication.

So may you work now, this period with the peace of the heart and the serenity of the mind, so the communication between us, among all creation to be alive and visible in our hearts.

With love, Lord Melchizedek.
Angels House University


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