Divine Mother* The New Paradigm… the Relationship of ONENESS

Divine Mother through Sol’Ara An

September 7, 2008
Beloved children of Light, I am Divine Mother, grateful for this opportunity to speak with you again! In light of the new energies you have been receiving, especially within the last 3 months of your summer of 2008, I would like now to speak of the changes that the new paradigm has brought to your attention. Challenges have been seen in many places within the societies upon the Earth at this time. There are many who see this as the “end times”, listening to the prophecies that were told in ancient days gone by. It is not that these prophetic beliefs did not have merit at the time they were spoken and written in your language, but this is a new day, a new paradigm within the consciousness of humanity.


If you will allow, I would like to give you some information that may be somewhat different than the information you have been receiving over the last 30 years. Know that the way to find solutions to the challenges you have been experiencing with this new energy is to open your mind and release the “old thoughts” and “old beliefs” that no longer serve you. If you can open your mind, and allow the information to come to you with the chance that this was overlooked in your perspectives, perhaps we can assist you this day.
Humanity has experienced many more timelines than your current Science believes. The first ones, the human beings that appeared on the land of Mother Earth had little cares, and simply knew that the Mother Earth would take good care of their needs. Food was flourishing as there were many gardens, and the simplicity of their needs kept them very happy. In this beginning these first humans were watched over by the Angels of the Divinities, and they had as their most protective one… the Archangel Michael. There came a day when boredom within the young ones became a challenge. They started searching for answers as to “how” there was so much vegetation and food available in the trees and the flowers of their beautiful land? What purpose did they have? And what more could they learn? What more could they be? These were the first questions that began the content of the game called “Earth School Experiment”.
Now in understanding that this was the beginning of this process, you can see where this simple questioning offered the opportunity for Creator to expand. As we have said before, you are us… your Creator… aspects of our energy living a human life for the experience. And perhaps it has been overlooked, but what I want to explain is that in no time in this experience did we decide for you… how you would live “your” Earth life experience. Thus “Free Will” became the first law. If we were to control what you could or would do, how would we truly learn the wide variety of opportunities of being more than we are… indeed how would we have expanded without the excitement of the unknown? The “unknown” created this paradigm… this continuing experiment of “life” among the stars and the trees and the great oceans of your beautiful lush planet… your Mother Earth. It is with this passion in our hearts, and our compassion for our loving “children” that we opened the door for all that you could want. Your decisions were made with open doors of great wealth, health, happiness… great joy was created into everything that was.
However, in order to create this world… so too the opposites of the polarity had to be created. Thus choice was given. Since the many, many millenniums of “your time” as you understand it now, there has been enormous growth and many realms of light have been created for the purpose of continuing the journey to the highest and most loving place within us… your Divine Mother, Divine Father God. And it was given so that this great journey could go in either direction. Thus, once again, giving choice to our created children of Light! I tell you this now, so that you may begin to understand that everything you have experienced up until now has been purposeful. Nothing that has occurred in your life or the life of anyone on your Earth has been by accident, and nothing has been “wrong”. All life upon the Earth, including Mother Earth herself came to “play the game of polarity”, if you will, fully knowing what the game entailed… and its purpose. Gladly and excitedly many came to live and be within this experiment of human life. And it was learned by many in the realms of Light that the fastest and most heightened growth for a Soul was to walk the dusty trails of the Earth walk experiment. An experience your Soul was overjoyed to be part of! And then there was the understanding that once you were birthed into this form of human… you would forget who you were, and what your true purpose was. The purpose of course being so that you could find it within yourself… to ask the question…. “Who am I truly?”
Of course this “life experience as a Human” has taken more time to understand than many had expected. But your Creators have always held the vision of the complete plan. The “Big Picture” if you will. We knew that given all of the possible scenarios, decisions, game-plans, and dimensional shifting… there would be a grand and new creation of possibilities for OUR Beingness… expanding ever further into what you call “Infinity”! And this gave us great joy! For we knew that in order to start this process of Creation… the point was to allow it to birth into it’s greatest and highest Joy! You see we, like you as parents, simply wanted to give our children everything and every possible future of happiness, prosperity, and health … but not only that, but also to give them the opportunity of complete and total self awareness throughout all beingness…and to do it in manifest form. And so today I offer you the knowledge that many have yet to bring to your understanding, it is not your Ascension that is your next step… but your ability to “Descend” into your human form as the OverSoul/Higher Self that you are and ground that into the “Absolute”… your Creator of All That IS! And only then can you truly “Ascend” this humanity and this life experiment with Mother Earth! In understanding this possibility, you open the door of your heart temple that holds the key. That is the New energy that you have been feeling for these past 3 months or more… the energy that activated the opening of the door to this key because as a collective consciousness … you, our beloved human children have said “Yes!” to your awakening to Oneness of All that IS! And the journey has begun! This new journey activated the new paradigm within humanity that directly speaks to your “relationships”, not in your common understanding… boy meets girl scenario… but your relationships with all of life upon the Earth.
The laws of the Universe have activated higher standards of relating… which will affect everyone as this is activated within the DNA opening which has the coded information of ONENESS with all things within it. Many of you have lived your lives with the misconception of who you are as compared to other humans… and other life forms upon the Earth. As believing that you are the highest life form, the most intelligent… you missed something. It was not your intelligence that made you the “highest” of the life form chain… in truth… the ones who actually hold that true level of highness are the life forms you most over look… the ones who hold the highest energy vibration of love for your planet… and they do not speak any human language. They are pure love in every way, and they are within your mountains and your oceans… for they are the indigenous of this planet… life as you think of as “just animals”. It was purposeful that these beings are here, embodied some within the fur of your “animals” and some within the bodies as swimming dolphins and whales… and some that you have yet to meet. You see, there was also purpose to hold the highest vibration of the Earth… already knowing the human consciousness would not be able to hold the unity energy of Oneness required for the continuation of this experiment. And too, this was as it was to be. There is no judgment here… simply offering another perspective… our part in the plan to allow this “experiment” its best opportunity for successful growth and expansion! What you see in your world, and some may judge as “chaos or destruction”, is simply energy that was offered a label by humans and then many decided to play this “chaos and destruction” game. But you, like the first children of the Earth grow bored… and actually now quite weary of this little game. And so, as was part of the great plan, this particular time was brought forth as the “awakening and transitioning to higher awareness”. The new paradigm of Oneness… and this means you are being called by your own Souls, and your very cells and DNA to open your hearts… and walk through the doors where the gifts of Love and Compassion anoint you… allowing you the opportunity to see the great gift of seeing everyone as ONE with you, so that you cannot do anything other than love one another.
This Love … this awareness of your ONENESS with all beings shall be the connecting catalyst that changes your Earth, your world… into the “Garden of Paradise” your hearts have so longed for! For in Oneness everyone will truly have what they need. This will dissolve the suffering of the hungry, the poor, the sick… this will BE the energy that creates joy in learning, playing, and creating for the good of ALL Life! And the very thought of “killing” anything or anyone will be repugnant to such a degree… that this “choice” too will dissolve from the human consciousness. This is the gift you are now offered and blessed to receive! It is easy to sit in your complacency and expect “someone else” to do it for you, but that time has come to pass. Can you see the suffering it has caused not only yourself… but many upon your planet? Would it be possible that given the understanding that every one of you can make a difference in such a simple way… by changing the way you think of yourself and others and offering your respect, your love, and your honor for all life that is now, that this could be the key!
I want you to understand beloved children of our love and our light, that this too is a choice. And that choice is now given in a broader way… for it is chiming in the hearts of humanity this very moment… what shall you choose? There is no going back, I assure you. Beloved ones, you are part of this new energy, and your Soul did agree to be here in human form, at this time, and to be part of this collective consciousness. And what a beautiful gift you have offered yourself and all beings upon this most beautiful planet of Life… to be your true authentic Self! This day is in testimony to the true heart of humanity. The day that you decide to open yourself to this knowing, and move your consciousness to the higher path of divine love and union with all of life, is the true purpose your Soul brought you to this Earth. Know dear ones, that this purpose… what you feel within you, the “unknown”… this new energy within relationship… to be loving, communicating, and willing to share yourself with All… this is the new energy … the new paradigm. This is the key to the next “shift of the ages” of all humanity! You are here now… and the blessings of our support and love are with you! We already know the choice you will make… as we are YOU! I am grateful to have shared this information with you, and I am grateful to open the door within the heart temple of your being… please accept this gift of knowing and give yourself the gift of great joy! I love you with all of my being and all of my heart… and I hold you in my love at all times. Know that “your will” be done… and our will stands in great waiting… for your own truth to be known. You Are your own Creator, and the search is only useful when you do not know… the search is over… the new relationship has begun… “You” have been found!
I AM Divine Mother, the feminine aspect of Creator
Anon… Anon… Anon…

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