A Message from Christ Maitreya


A Message from Christ Maitreya

Written by Sherry Hill   

Monday, 25 August 2008 15:37
Greetings from the most high.
I am Christ Maitreya and with the Office of the Christ. I come to you today to bring forth a message through this channel.
She is chosen for her preciseness and closeness to spirit.
We are now gathering those of you embodying the Christ body on earth. You know who you are. Ask for validation. The Shekinah will ring through your body now for validation as you read this.

It is time to gather and work towards peace and to bring our heaven on earth. Get prepared. You are fulfilling your mission and therefore your highest calling. Your mission is your passion and it is to heal the inhabitants of earth. Your vessels, your bodies are being prepared with the liquid light.
You will be supported beyond what your wildest dreams could possibly supply you.
You are not separate. You are all one. Start working together for the betterment of mankind. Join groups together. Please do not argue over whether you are Jewish or Christian. This is not what this is about.

You wear in your breast, the 12 tribes of Israel breastplate. You were chosen before this incarnation by Sanat Kumara and Lord Melchezideck to precisely be on earth at this time.
It is now time to build the New Jerusalem. Everything will be given to you that you need. Trust and you will know where to go next.

Anchor the liquid light wherever you go. The time is now. Do not be deceived by the dark. Do not buy into the propaganda on the Television network system. No matter what, hold peace within yourself. If you find yourself coming out of the peace frequency, get reconnected.
Ground into Mother Earth, All that is and then connect up to your Universal God self, The I AM THAT I AM and embody once more the Cosmic Christ Consciousness within you. As the liquid light becomes more pronounced send it into the grids to awaken the rest of mankind that has been chosen to awaken at this time. Encompass yourself in the violet consuming flame and fill the planet with it. It will transmute all negativity and assist all of us in anchoring heaven on earth.
Christ Maitreya,
Through Sherry Hill
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