Devatas* Subtle Consciousness

Subtle Consciousness


Devatas: “Today we will speak a little about the subtlety of Consciousness this evening. For when you speak of Consciousness it is a mental process – your thoughts, your ideas and to a larger degree, your feelings.

However when we speak of the subtleties of Consciousness, there is a slight difference and that is naturally enough, because of the change in dimensional levels – interdimensional levels which of course, your psyche is able to Access as you move through into Higher realms such as those from which we speak to you of now.

It is a wonder is it not that you are able to lift your Consciousness, and in doing so, Expand the Awareness as such. And yet, what is the Awareness Expanding?

It is when seen from the third dimensional perspective, just mind is it not. And indeed, your good books speak of everything as being Mind-Born do they not. Yet there are different principles involved as the Spiritualised Consciousness Arises, as those Inner Dimensions – the Inner Dimensions of the Higher Beingness – come into play.

As they do so, naturally enough there is an Expansion of Consciousness but it is the Awareness of the Presence of Consciousness which Expands – and this automatically is All Inclusive.

It is to your third dimensional consciousness as if you are being taken – becoming a ‘Field of Perception’ and Expanding Vastly through different Light Frequencies.

Indeed the different subtleties of the Light Frequencies, give you the Modus Operandi to be able to At-One With – Expand Into – and to Glean the Awareness of That State.

When we speak to you as the Inclusivity of the Expanded Awareness of the Inner Dimensions, then of course it is in the Essence of Beingness of which we speak.

You speak third dimensionally in terms of Void States, different void natures, which is a Buddhist concept is it not. And of course, this does not mean that you are unconscious, it does not mean that You – as Beingness do not exist, or have no perception.

Indeed it is Heightened – and That Awareness which Is That Field of That Void State, is now able to look downwards so to say, or upwards or to Be of its own nature – and Know of that of which It Is.

When we speak to you in this terminology it is really the process, of what was termed on your third dimension, Initiations. For Initiations simply is the Opening of the Conscious Awareness and of the Spiritual Spiritualised Conscious Awareness.

You on your levels dwell in a dualistic state which is matter-related. That means of course, everything dwells in ‘Thing-ness’. So you naturally expect that as you Arise spiritually speaking, that you shall see others and Beings in form.

Now yes, this applies to certain levels of awareness. But we speak to you from levels which Transcend that form state – no matter how beautiful, how inspiring or how spiritualised those beings may appear to you to be.

You must recognize that the Oneness of which we speak, includes all that is presented in any subtle form of manifestation – as indeed it does on the form of gross manifestation on which you dwell.

Yet the Essence within All – and the Oneness Behind – is the Awareness which we speak to you from, when we talk about the subtle Realities of the Void States of Consciousness – which again Move – have their Beingness in those dimensions which Transcend all form – all formation.

On your level you have artistic qualities. You have people who have painted magnificent portraits of super beings, of even transcendental states and even of psychedelic states – all highly creditable – all highly beautifully designed for their type of consciousness.

Yet again we say, this is a manifestation, still in duality in form – no matter how subtle.

And again, to change, to be able to Lift the Awareness away from even the so called subtle-mind-projections of the lower nature, you will then have to come through the Light Spheres – through the Void Spheres.

And then the Incredible Subtleties which the Consciousness itself Experiences in a field state, which gives the Essence of Knowing – without other.

These you could call them, Gateways, are Openings into such Refined States of Awareness, that in the past they have been given such names as Christ-Consciousness, Buddha and so forth. And yet the Totality that you may know as a third dimensionally orientated individual, looking as it is, through to these dimensions – then there is the Transcendance of these states into your Source.

Through your Source – through your Oneness – through your Godhead – through All That Is – through all names, all cultures, all creeds, all belief systems – within the Purity – within That About Which even we find words will not explain – there is the Other.

The Other in this sense again takes the Consciousness of that Field-Essence Awareness of its Own Purity, into another state of subtlety.

We cannot and do not attempt to explain this to you in this small dictation this evening. And it is, that entering into this State – there is a Change of Frequency, which Opens for those Beings who can Attain to it, a Vast Non-Returning – Inner Reality.

It is that we cannot express words. We could try fourth dimensionally but the words would fall back, like dead leaves upon the ground of the third dimension.
And so this evening, we show you just a glimpse so to say, of That of Which You Are – of Which you Are on your way to Become – and that of Which you are Most Assured.

In doing so, the Path so to say, is clear.

And the Journey Assured also.

Transcribed by Geraldine Camilleri




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