Higher Light Transmissions – Ascending & Ascension

Ascending & Ascension

August 30, 2008

We are in such a unique period of time; a time when increased energies from outside our Earth that are influencing and changing the very atoms of our existence. Through our position within our galaxy and the influence of the intensified solar flares, humans and all life forms on earth are finding that they are rapidly changing. Earth and her inhabitants are receiving gamma rays, cosmic rays, solar flares, and radiations of undiscovered types each day. The affects of these are found with the changes in our weather, and changes within the very nature of the atom. 
Many species of animals and plants are dying off while others are being discovered. Warmer climates show up in places not used to these temperatures and others find they are having much colder and rougher winter weather. The poles of the earth have been shifting by degrees from their positions which many thought were a fixed point. Yet they are not fixed and there have been many poles shifts throughout the history of Earth. This is the natural mechanics of our Earth.


We find ourselves in a rapid life style. Everything seems faster than just 100 years ago. With the discoveries of many technological devices, we communicate within seconds instead of weeks, and across oceans!
With these advances, we also find ourselves more conscious, and more informed about the wide world. When something happens on the other side of the world, we will know it in the same day. We are feeling their pain or joy of each event. We are learning about the wide diversity that is the natural blend of our world’s humanity. Our involvement is pushing us to grow past old beliefs and ideas. We are learning and stretching out more spiritually. 
Earth Ascending
Our Earth is conscious. It is something yet to be discovered by scientists, yet has been known by shaman, indigenous peoples, highly intuitive, and others who utilized both sides of their brains. In this time Earth is also ascending in frequency; that is the pulsation rate of her very atoms is rising. This is measurable. Earth ascending requires all her inhabitants to adjust and ascend in frequencies. This is the cause for the dying off of many species and many humans as well. 
There are different groups which declare these frequencies are forms of different dimensions and yet that is something that they designed in order to grasp an understanding of this stepping up of frequencies.
Both consciousness and atomic frequencies go hand in hand and one does not really precede the other. The people of this Earth are dropping borders & boundaries. They have been opening to each others diverse cultures, foods, religions. People have opened their hearts more to the wonder of Creation itself. They drop the primal fears and the need to defend, and open to the enjoyment of others and their differences. It is refreshing, exciting and stimulating. Learning one new culture tends to lead to another. Soon our world feels very small and that we are one family.
This is the astute development in consciousness. This supports the rising of frequencies. This supports ascending. In the long run this ascending of human & earth consciousness will benefit all with a more equitable way of life. We are in the midst of this chaotic time of changing old methods of social order to new ones that support all people. We now feel each other and see the need for clean water, housing for all, and food that is healthy. This upgrade in consciousness will lead us to a more sustainable living and sharing of resources.
In this process, each individual is ascending according to their soul’s path laid out before their birth. The soul path can be amended during a life time and as an individual completes certain experiences and gain in knowledge, their consciousness grows. As old beliefs fall by the wayside during this process of growth, the very cells of the body will go in to a chemicalization process that changes the very DNA. These DNA changes change the person forever. They will not have to repeat old issues, or be dragged in to generational problems, both emotionally and physically. The DNA has a new program. 
Each time the DNA receives these chemical changes within the cells, the cells can vibrate at higher and higher frequencies. This is ascending. The moving up in increments of the vibration state of the cells is what is occurring to everyone, globally. This enhances their ability to grow consciously and ethically. This is a most exciting time!
Ascension is a term used frequently in the spiritual circles of many varieties, for it is a process that many will obtain during the next few years. Ascending is part of the process of ‘Ascension’ and yet there is a difference. All people on the planet will be ascending as far as their souls desires, for many wish to learn and experience various things and they need to be in the frequencies that support that experience. This is why there are so many variations of ascending and the steps upon which they may stop and take in their soul’s desires.
There is a small group of people that are consciously choosing ‘Ascension’ which is a process of chemicalization, thus changing the DNA, and it is also the bringing in of more of the non-physical part that does not usually fit in to the body.
We are Divine in nature, and we birth a very small portion of ‘who we are’ in to our physical body to experience life here on Earth. Our larger non-physical self is then somewhere other than right here with us. A large portion is what many call our I AM presence, Higher self, Awaken self, or Enlightened self and it resides above our physical head sometimes 30 feet above. In the process of ascending, we merge fully with this portion of our non-physical being and are able to understand and know many things from Universal consciousness. Many have completed this merger and are the wise ones among us, assisting and helping, and most seem to be ordinary people. They are wonderful to be around for they are balanced, happy and full of life. They initiate many projects that will include many. Some become leaders bring new wisdom in to old tired systems.
A Step Beyond
The process of Ascension is a step beyond merging with your Higher self. It is available to all, and yet it is a very hard task. Those who have been consciously working for it have been working for lifetimes, refining their emotions, their state of mind, their beliefs, and their service to others. It takes Love in its full measure to bring you to a place of ascending and it takes Love of all and many spiritual initiations to put you in the alignment for Ascension. It transcends all religions as it is an individual effort.
There is some confusion about the difference in ‘ascending’ and ‘Ascension’ for they are related but not the same. We will address this difference more fully at a later writing. We placed the framework here for the difference but without going in to much detail about ‘Ascension’ itself.
There is a tendency for humans to try to ‘be better than’ or ‘to be right’ or ‘more special’, and this is what inhibits us from explaining much more at this time. No one is better than, more advanced or special than anyone else. For if you all saw each other in your fullness of your Divinity, you would gasp at the astounding beauty, intelligence, vastness of each and everyone! Just know that on Earth you are in your ‘Earth costumes’ so as to create the best learning atmosphere possible. Without your costumes, you would see there is no such word as better than!
So for now we will leave these thoughts to you for assimilation and digestion of the process of Ascending and the difference of Ascension.
~ Carolyn Thompson & Higher Light Council
© 2008 Synergy Transmissions & Carolyn Thompson • All Rights Reserved
You are free to post this as long as it remains unaltered, with credits and web links included.




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