2008 Ascensions . Higher Light Transmissions

2008 Ascensions
August 16, 2008

These are the days & the months ahead when thousands will ascend. A few have ascended this summer and a few more this month of August. The months of September, October, November, December and February will see thousands ascend. They will be ascending worldwide with the largest groups coming from Asia. In these ascensions, about 80% of them have chosen to ascend as an Ascended Earth Master by having their feet on the Earth and stay here in their Ascended form.

They are wishing to be here during these times of change, some observers, some instructors, some couching, some creating new governments & institutions and some doing nothing at all. With this large amount of ascended ones, they ground in this Earth and her people a frequency that is irresistible! It brings more hope and opens more eyes so that everyone can have a chance to do the same. This brings down to Earth the Universal Consciousness in a more accessible way and we will see new forms of bio-energy healing replacing the old methods, new technology creeping its way through the matrix of profits and a much more sociable society.

The small percent that will leave Earth are doing so to work on other planets or take seats within the spiritual hierarchy that our revered ascended master held. There will be a time of learning about the offices and then the handing over of the office to those ready.

I am not to give any timelines for the other groups of ascending people to happen in the coming years, for this time is exciting enough. There are many who are not choosing this time, there will be other delicate times when ascension is right. As I had learned awhile back there are three groupings, which some refer to as “waves’ and each had their “chores”, and yet no one is really required or tied to any time frame.

Each person, who ascends in 2008, has completed their soul work. It is done already. They may have been working on it for a long time or just woke up to it this year. There is no special formula to the timing of ascension. There is a quality of character and soul that needs to be obtained, remembered and/or lived. When this quality chemically changes the DNA, the person become ready.

In a world of polarity, balance is a tricky point. This fall & winter may have many smaller dramas to try to throw people in to fear, and yet those in line for this ascension window will not be swayed as their ascension is sealed. So a great growing of Light will occur and thus early next year the dark will also swell, and rant and rave. They plan some things that will cause fear in many, if they are not paying attention to the “game”.  They may look fierce and yet they cannot succeed, as they will be hunted out by those working for justice, equality & freedom. There are many incarnates here to do this work, bringing the world to a new frontier! They are actively tracking, noting and challenging these factions which do not respect life and will break them down more. There are also many who were working through non-life affirming means that are now walking in to their Divinity and becoming their authentic self.

 Most of this battle goes on behind the media, behind the gossip. You won’t hear a lot about the defeats of the dark as you might wish to, but have faith that it is a very active arena where many came in this life to play out.

Where do the Ascended Earth Masters come in to this? They will not be playing parts to support either side of the polarity for they personal journeys up to their 12th energy center has shown them that any support of either polarity just makes more polarity. There ability to maintain balance is part of the pathway to being a master. Their roles as Ascended Earth Masters will be to hold balance, non-judgment, to talk of both sides in order to bring to light all views without taking one as better than another.  Fifth dimension is about heartfelt communication which may bridge many diversities in to harmony.

So how can you “see” who has ascended? If you are clairvoyant, then you will see the Light that surrounds them and the major differences in their bio-energy fields. If you have the average human sight, you may just see this unmistakable joy in a person. You may feel this wonderful peace and love from a person. They may not look special nor even act special. It is the feeling nature than may clue you in to those who have made their Earth Ascension. You may have“knowingness” about someone. Honor all your of abilities to know. It is good to be around such people, not to glorify in anyway, but to bask in their light so that it attracts & activates your own ascension.

Anyone who says they are “ascended” and that you are to bow down and glorify them is not ascended, but jokers & tricksters. Let them play their games but do not engage them.

The ones who have truly ascended are humble and peaceful. They love and are helpful but do not take your responsibility from you. They will instruct you but allow you to choose what you learn from them. Maybe it will be you who has ascended.

You will know if you have. There is a very profound sensation and change within you when it happens!

Many people, who have soul’s paths to ascend in the times ahead but not in this year, are just where they are to be. Timing does not denote anyone is better or more prepared. Timing is more a part of the Divine Plan as it reveals itself to each person on this planet. The largest group of ascension comes last, so to speak, for this is part of the delicate plan.
These are the times many have waited centuries for! You are Divine!

~ Carolyn Thompson & Higher Light Council






  Marvin D Wilson wrote @

First time here, and SO glad to find such a wonderful blog on spirituality. This was an excellent and elucidating post. I write spiritual/inspirational novels, and have a blog at Free Spirit. Looking for others in similar life pursuits. I’ll be back.

Marvin D Wilson
blogs at: http://inspiritandtruths.blogspot.com/
New novel: http://www.owenfiddler.com

  Gilly wrote @

This is an amazing write! I have felt with my twin sister so alone…I haven’t been lucky enough until now to read what we went through almost a year ago. Profound things happen every day! I truly believe I was guided to this spot to read this. Guidance is continual and never stops to amaze me.



  rejuvenation wrote @

For centuries, millions of people in China have relied on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for their health and treatments.

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