The Human Condition, Love and Duality

Anita Burns

NOTE: From time to time, Johar and Simon indicate that they have something they wish to say to others and they channel a message that I send out to all on my mailing list. For those who are not aware of Johar and Simon, they are light beings who channel through me when I am in complete trance. I only see the message when I come back from the trance. 


The Human Condition, Love and Duality
Channeled through Anita Burns from Johar and Simon

What do we mean by the human condition? We speak of that which is the nature of humans, on this planet and on all other planets in the universe that support human and human-like beings. Humans are complex and often difficult beings. Having once been human ourselves, we can appreciate the frustration and confusion that goes along with being human.

You are always of at least two minds. Everything, in the human existence must filter through the duality reality of your consciousness. There cannot be black without white, up without down, right without wrong, beauty without ugliness, and good without evil. This is, to say the least a sticky situation to be in. Yet, it is so much a part of your reality that you don’t even realize that it is this duality that stands in the way of that which your soul seeks the most unity.

Humans are lonely, always seeking to connect with another; always seeking approval, appreciation, love, admiration, and so on. You seek to mate with another, not only for procreation, but to experience a taste of the wholeness that is your soul. By connecting with another, through love, or even the fleeting moment that lust brings, you forget the duality. You FEEL! In the embrace of a lover, the presence of a spiritual teacher, the sight and touch of your children, you feel a bit of the wholeness that is your true nature.

It is true that you are always, pure, perfect, and whole. It is true, too, that you are not aware of it and seek it outside of yourself instead of inside. Why? Because you don’t know how. Because you don’t understand yourself. Because you live in a world that only supports isolation and individual consciousness. Even the thought of someone else getting inside your mind to know your thoughts is frightening to most people.

A psychic may be interesting, useful, and a great help in time of need, but he or she is also something that many fear or are at least cautious of. You want unity but fear it at the same time. Why? Because you are locked in the dark closet both wondering what it would be like to be free and live in the light, but fearing the unknown.

This is a normal stage of human development and will not be completely dissolved for many generations on your planet. Earth is still dominated by souls that have not yet awakened from their dependence on the human mind and ego for its existence in the world of humans. LIke a child who is dependent on parents for care and guidance, your soul is dependent for many lifetimes until ti awakens and can govern a human body on its own.

Those of you who will be reading this are most likely at the stage where there is a war going on inside between soul and human consciousness. Much like the teenager who is ready to be independent from parents, but parents aren’t ready to relinquish control, you are preparing to overcome your ego self and take the reins as an awakened soul. You will no longer have the existence of having a soul. You will live as soul in a human existence. The consciousness flips and you live out of awakened consciousness, using the ego consciousness for day-to-day functioning in a physical world. There must be that balance or you would not know how to even feed yourself.

Many, who move into soul consciousness to abruptly, through meditation and yoga practices, go through a period called divine madness. This divine madness is a time of adjustment when the soul learns how to use the ego consciousness and gain the equilibrium to still live in the material world. LIke Alice through the looking glass, everything has flipped and everything is experienced from the other side.

Values, attitudes, wants, likes, dislikes, desires, love, and even consciousness itself is dramatically changed. What was important, may now become trivial. The drive is toward complete and utter bliss through union with the divine. Whether or not you are wearing the latest fashions or drive the hottest car is completely irrelevant to you now.

At the same time, an appreciation for beauty, harmony, music, and love heightens so much that you may find yourself being moved to tears by the sight of a flower or the sound of wind through the trees.

With this awakening comes a great responsibility. For it is now that you also begin to grasp the ability to manipulate molecules and energy. This means the ability to know thoughts, see subtle colors, move through time and space, materialize out of thin air, heal in a flash, and know truth from illusion. This stage may take many lifetimes to master, but it is the road you are on and will be on until all is accomplished.

What else happens when you awaken in soul? Although you love, you experience it from the inside out instead of from the outside in. In other words, you ARE LOVE instead of being loved or loving. This changes everything from marital relations to family and friends. Love is now Agape and not dependent on behavior, approval, thoughts, and like-mindedness. You are never lonely or alone. You have the universe.

But, for now, you are on the road and have not yet moved through the looking glass into Wonderland. Take your time. Learn, develop, experience. Open at your natural rate to avoid the Divine Madness. Become all that you can be and you will lead the world into a happier, more peaceful existence.

There is much more to say, but we have gone on longe enough for now. We will send another message soon.


Johar & Simon

This message was sent by: Anita Burns, 1334 Sonora Drive, Corona, CA 92882



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