Infinite Being*Traditional Ascension

Traditional Ascension
by Owen Waters

There are two types of ascension. One is the ascension of
humanity to a higher level of physical consciousness, as in The
Shift, which is ongoing today. The other is the traditional
form of ascension, where the devotee develops their spiritual
capability to the ultimate state possible while in a human

The human energy system is attuned via the chakras to the
first through the seventh density (or ‘dimensional’) layers of
consciousness. Seventh density, where cosmic consciousness
occurs, is accessed through the full activation of the crown
chakra, which is located just above the head.

When the devotee is capable of raising the full aspect of the
kundalini life energy within their spine to the crown chakra,
and successfully bringing it back down the spine under
conscious control, then they are almost ready for ascension.
When their skill increases and they are able to fully
manipulate the kundalini power at will, then they will become
ready for the traditional form of ascension.

During that initiation, their physical bodies are transformed
into a more subtle energy form – one which can be taken in or
out of physical manifestation at will. This enables the person
to travel via conscious will through time and space and also to
relocate to the different density layers of consciousness above
the physical world.

Initiates then have the choice of leaving the Earth to
continue their learning in an infinite variety of other
locations in the cosmos, or staying here to serve humanity
among the spiritual hierarchy of Earth. This organization is a
collection of over 100,000 ascended men and women from all
races of humanity which is based in the higher realms of
consciousness above the Earth plane.

Traditionally, it has been known as the Great White
Brotherhood; however, in today’s style of terminology, the
Association of Light is a more accurate name and description.
Their function is to hold the light for humanity. Because
humanity is focused in the third-density physical world and the
fourth-density spirit world, the higher densities are devoid of
most human presence. Being based in sixth density, the
Association of Light fills in the vacuum between the
seventh-density consciousness of planet Earth and the third-
and fourth-density focus of humanity.

By invoking and channeling spiritual light, they hold the
light for humanity and fill what would otherwise be a vacuum in
the density layers of human existence on Earth. This continual
act of service to humanity brings about the energetic balance
which makes human existence possible in the physical and the
quasi-physical spirit worlds.

The sixth density realm of consciousness is also home to the
great masters of human history, such as Jesus and the Buddha.
We have never been left alone in our search for the way back to
God. Many world teachers have graced the physical realm with
their presence.

Many have stayed on in the higher realms above the physical to
continue their service to spiritual seekers. Here, they are
capable of splitting their consciousness into hundreds, even
thousands, of parts so that they can serve the many demands
that are placed upon them. For example, imagine the demand
placed upon the Master Jesus by millions of people attending
Easter Sunday church services all at one time.

Whenever two or more are gathered in his name, he is present
with them in spirit. Whenever someone prays to him for healing
or spiritual support, he responds accordingly. Now, imagine the
huge field of consciousness that such a one must possess in
order to be able to split his attention into thousands of parts
at one time. The biggest miracle of all time must surely be
how, two thousand years ago, such a huge presence managed to
fit into one small physical body!

The lesson for us all is that human consciousness is variable
in size. Your physical brain may be approximately the same size
as everyone else’s, but your field of consciousness is
variable. Growth in consciousness is, literally, growth in the
size of your mind because the mind is independent of the brain.
The physical brain is little more than a receiver, processor
and transmitter of thoughts. Your mind is the part that lives
on for ever and grows with the experience that you gain in life
after life. Your subconscious memories of past incarnations are
held in your immortal mind, not your mortal brain.

Ascension is a gateway through which we will all eventually
pass. The members of the Association of Light are the early
pioneers in this field. Meanwhile, all of us face a more
immediate form of ascension. We are about to transform from
third-density physical existence into fourth-density physical

Next week’s article: Ascension for All – how humanity will
ascend into a more subtle physical form.

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This article was written by Owen Waters, author of
“The Shift: The Revolution in Human Consciousness”

Available in hardcover or via immediate download at:


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