Lord Melchizedek – The Power Of Letting Go *August 2008


Lord Melchizedek

Lord Melchizedek – The Power Of Letting Go Channelled by Rachael August 2008The timing is perfect, you are all relighting your fire and being earthed once more. This is the time to make great headway in your lives. This is the time to progress and move on and this is a great time to make new acquaintances and leave behind all the memories that are no longer any use to you. The power of letting go, what great power in just the words letting go, allowing yourselves to break free from the ties to your past. See all of your past as just pictures… experiences and accept that you have learnt much from every event in your lives.


Now is the time to forget and move on, allow the slate of your minds to be wiped clean and take only the light within each moment with you. By letting go the sense of freedom that you feel is blissful, peaceful, it is magical, it is how you are meant to be feeling all the time. Do not worry for the sake of worrying, do not give your power away to any of your thoughts that are meaningless to you – live in the present and be your self.

Bless all of your experiences and move onwards and upwards. Life is worth smiling about it is not worth worrying about and the only way that you will find true peace is by letting go, it does not matter what is around you, who is around you…what is going on…focus all your attention on yourselves, nourish your spirit by doing that what YOU wish to do. All that matters is that you live in this world in the most peaceful and loving environments that you can create and the best way to do that is by forgetting everything else. Abandon yourself to your own Divine Force, place yourself in the driving seat so that you master your energies better. Do not give away your power to anything that does not merit your attention. You are the master of your beings – Never forget this.Let Go and Be free and feel the peace, you are here to learn this, this is one of the most important lessons here on earth. Close your eyes and Imagine yourselves riding on a horse with your arms out wide fearing nothing. Having trust in the horse to carry you for forward, breathe in the fresh air and ride into the blissfulness of knowing that you are safe no matter what, lift yourselves out of your earthly conditions – release everything that you hold onto so dearly, be detached…the more you do this the more everyday living will be so much simpler so much easier, do not worry about how things will work out, how things will match together. Impossible tasks can be achieved the more you let go.

You have come here on the earth plane to master this, to discipline your self. You are the key to achieving spiritual enlightenment, you are the key to getting everything you need. Stand back and look from a distance – take in the whole picture. Do this now whilst you still have a chance you will go forward leaps and bounds if you take on what I am saying. There are many of us here today and we are seeing such a great improvement in all of you. Everything is going exceptionally fast and we can see that so much ground work has taken place and we are very very pleased. In the last year many of you are starting to learn new practices, you are accepting that there are many different ways to achieve enlightenment, A secret here is that it is in anything that you find peace or tranquillity or Love or Joy or Unity or By Just Being Yourself. But the foundation is letting go, being detached no matter what.


When you lighten your day you automatically attract more light to you (via the law of attraction) – you grow in light – remember this and learn to relax no matter what you are doing or not doing. There are many more of you now on the earth plane that are close to achieving enlightenment then there has ever been. If you are listening to that which is being said today then you know that you are one of these people who will receive enlightenment in this lifetime, you will be given the chance to achieve this just be listening to that which is being said today. Taking it in and attempting to live what is being said….you will be getting closer and closer and closer. It is all very simple, very very simple indeed. Your lives are already planned out and we are there with you every step of the way supporting you. So all you need to do is ride as fast as you want to ride into the wind and give it all up to God and Let Go…know in your hearts that you will get to where you need to get to in the end but in a blissful fashion.

Many Blessings to all of you and may you all be given extra foresight. A green ray is poured upon you at this moment with tinges of blue also, breathe this into your being, it will replenish you and it will enhance your ability to be who you need to be to achieve your goals.







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