We Are Heralding in the Golden Dynasty – AA Michael with Master Magician, Lord Merlin

We Are Heralding in the Golden Dynasty

Archangel Michael with Master Magician, Lord Merlin
Transmitted Through Elanthra
28 June, 2008
Archangel Michael – Greetings One and All.  It is I, your brother Archangel Michael in comradeship with Lord Merlin, Master Magician.  We have come to you today to spread a message of great celebration and joy.  It is the beginning of the heralding in of The Golden Dynasty – The Golden Flame of Cosmic Christ Consciousness has descended onto the Earth, and, in layman’s terms, it is the beginning of the New Earth – it is the beginning of the new energies – the Higher Dimensional Energies.  And you’ve all started to feel the effects of it.  In the past, you felt as if you had to deal with all the energies from the Third Dimension, and then you felt the shifts within your very being – the Re-birth – the Re-juvenation – the Transformation and the Transmutation.  And as you look into the mirrors of your beings, you can see that You Are Glistening – Glistening with Cosmic Christ Consciousness and Unconditional Love.  This Golden Flame is not to be underestimated, it is an Almighty Flame – The Almighty Flame From the Heart of God – From the Tree of Life – The Crystalline Golden Flame – The Flame From The Very Heart of Your Being!  And as it has descended onto Gaia, know that each of yourselves in all of your DNA is being reborn, is being transmuted, and as you have already heard, or as you have already begun to experience, of course what comes with this will be uncomfortableness.  But know dear children that it is all worth it, that all of this is passing now. 
We invite you to anchor The Golden Flame into the heart of your be-ings this day, and know that You Are Born Anew.  The Golden Hologram – The Golden Flame Hologram – is there for you to all Grasp and for you to Claim.  And You Are All Entering Into Your Masterships Now, and you are balancing your masculine and your feminine energies and your yin and your yangs, and you have found that You Are Your Own Twin Flame, that the Twin Flame within your be-ings has given you all that you will need – that You Are Whole – That You are Magical – That You Are Co-creators, and that, as long as you are connected to Your Higher Selves, that is all that you will ever need.  But many of you are entering or wanting to enter into partnerships now, and know that now is the time – Now Is The Time To Beckon All That You Want, and know that it will come to you at a quicker pace, for time has speeded up.  And all of this will be commonplace to you as you are learning how to co-create and pull into your world all of the magic. 
As always, we are always here for you to call on – Lord Merlin and myself, and we are always by your side.  We especially invite you to look out for all the signals from Spirit this day, for We Come To You In Creative Ways… (Elanthra sobbing), we come to you in the whistle of the breeze – we come to you with the caress of the sun’s rays, on a soft summer’s breeze, in the purr of a kitten, in the beat of a song, and in the Divine, sacred words of poetry as you chipper along. 
This is a Creative World.  We Are Heralding In The Golden Dynasty, and know that God and Goddess Have Been Anchored In Sacred UnionGoddess and God are alive on the land today!  The Light is alive on the land today, and you are all Human Angels – alive on the land today.  We urge you all now to co-create your life in unique, magical ways, Explore, Play Around With It, Beckon It, and Claim It. 
We bid you much Joy, Magic, Unconditional Love and Light, as always,
I AM, Archangel Michael 
Lord Merlin – Greetings One and All, this is Lord Merlin.  And as Archangel Michael has said, The Time is Nigh, the Time is Now.  We have heralded in The Golden Rays – The Golden Flame of Cosmic Christ Consciousness, and know that you will feel the effects, you will see the effects everywhere you turn, there is not one that cannot feel the effects.  And whether one accepts the effects or not is another thing, but know that how open you are to these effects is how well you will create.  As always, I AM always here to help you, to co-create with you, and what a magical, joyous world is waiting for you to create.  What a magical, creative, joyous world it can be.  And as you delve into your masterships and own your masterships, you will find that you had more power than you had even imagined – More Power – More En-light-enment – the Powers of Magic and Alchemy are yours this day!  Know that they are your Divine Birthright on this Luminescent, Effervescent, Glowing, New, Beautiful, Magical Earth. 
And the powers of the New Children are here – the Power of the Crystalline Children, and as the crystalline children are born, their power descends, and know that You Too Are Becoming Crystalline this day. 
Oh How Your Hearts Are So Golden – Oh How Your Hearts Shine and Gleam and Teem with Cosmic Christ Consciousness and Unconditional Love! 
I bid you a Playful, Magical day – a Golden Day. 
It is I, Lord Merlin.  Call on me.  Until we meet again.  Adonai.  Blessed be.  Amen.
Elanthra is an Indigo, Crystalline Walk-In Healer and Energy Anchorer from the Omniverse, dedicated to service in a creative and playful manner.  She is especially passionate about all the “New Children.” *
* Website:  www.livewithlight.com *  E-mail:  Elanthra@livewithlight.com   *



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