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Reincarnational Themes and the
“There is a valley where that which is Spiritual stands on one side
and that which is religious stands on the other side.
In the middle walks the Creator and the Creation.
In time, all shall be as one…I shall meet you there.”
….Blue Star……


6-25-08 to 8-25-08 


“Reincarnational Themes and the “Gate Keepers”


Greetings Earthizens, I have chosen this day to speak on a topic that is not only close to my heart, but I also consider it to be of paramount importance in myth-busting ancient religious concepts which were original created by the unilluminated forces, those legions of bastardizations. There will always be times when I will repeat specific information in my transmissions that you may have already read from me before. I do this when I feel certain issues have great need to be reinforced. By the way, for those among you ones who feel that I am not “cutting you any slack,” I suggest you start seeing your lives through MY eyes. Now, I shall not waste a moment of your time here, so lets get to it.


The religious texts which call for virgins to be given to men after the men pass over as part of some great holy honor they will receive for work they have done here on the planet, which is usually evil, diabolical and murderous attacks on other peoples in one form or another, has as much truth in them as the texts that churches, ministries, temples and synagogues, to name but a few “ministerial institutions,” PREACH to their congregations. I could be subtle about this BUT in truth, in case you have not noticed, it is NOT my way. Religions were banned from ever speaking of reincarnation many, many eons ago by the very creators of religion who were and are the Illuminati. One of the most fragile “mind control” aspects of the human races that the dark ones discovered was this: if peoples on this planet could be convinced that their life experience was a “one time only” event, they would not attempt to exceed their own expectations of themselves in their lifetime. They would believe that they would live, die, and turn to ashes or some such substance without hope for their future selves, without daring to dream, without daring to visualize a “better life at a better time.”


Now, as the Illuminati forces and their multitudes of followers and hordes of “cells” geared to attack humanity in every way possible on ALL levels of understanding, the creation of all the religions factions was synchronized to develop and merge with every different race of peoples and each culture. Each of the groupings of races and cultures of peoples had to have their OWN religious beliefs. Even though it was indeed all orchestrated by the dark ones it was simplicity itself to integrate these clans of people into the Illuminati created beliefs through indoctrination and the blatant murder of many, many helpless peoples. So, each religion was given a name, one that separated it from all other religions; each had an overseer in the beginnings of this mess who was an Illuminati member usually of high-ranking status. It was foreseen that there should be one specific religion that would be the dominating one; after much discussion the first days of the roman catholic church was birthed and the first scorpion king was set upon the throne of the church. Each religion was tied to the other religions without the conscious knowledge of those in attendance as ministers etc., nor with the conscious knowledge of the “parishioners.” JUST AS THEY ARE TODAY. England played a great part in this infamous duplicity; as did Rome, Greece and Spain. Rome of course was and still is the greatest fortress held by the Illuminati. Although there was not really a country that did not pander to the Illuminati some were “much better at it than others.”


Although time passed and many peoples would eventually pull away from one religion in order to try a different one the only massive and true holdouts were the indigenous tribes in the land masses now known as, America, Australia, India and Tibet. Of course the Illuminati then forced missionaries, unbalanced and dangerous preachers, and straight-laced Christianity dogmas upon these ones and you KNOW how well that went! Now, each religion although different in their worship and customs were organized with great prowess to follow certain sets of rules; certain strictures that HAD to be adhered to, no matter what. Yes, peoples had to be told there was a God; variations of each religion created needed a God by another name however. God also had to be described as wrathful, vengeful, judgmental and just about anything else you can think of that is the antithesis of the true God of this Universe. Peoples had to be conditioned to believe that if they did not conform to the rules of their various churches that they would have to answer to God. Little did anyone know that they were simply swaying and cooperating with the Illuminati and the purest of evil. Now, a god was projected and imaged to each culture. This ensured that each colony of peoples would remain dependant upon the early rules of the culture. This effectively kept humanity confined within an all encompassing state of fear. Then came step #2 of the devious plan; enforcement mentally and Spiritually and if deemed necessary physically, of a non-existent one life only experience. Once again, most indigenous peoples shirked from that great lie.


Of course there were always Spiritually aware Souls arriving to the Earth Star planet who unceasingly rebuked the liars and the lies and struggled mostly without great success to re-educate the human race as a whole. These intrepid Souls were and still are as great a pain to the unilluminated forces as are the indigenous peoples who still today hold on to what they know to be truth. You see, step #2 reinforced not merely a one life existence it inevitably provided either a heaven or a hell for people to expect after leaving this existence. (Celestial, please to italicize my following long sentence.) If the peoples had known about the reincarnational theme which exists for ALL Souls, regardless of their past, present or future religious choices, RELIGIONS could never have been born; within the hearts, the minds and the Souls of EACH individual would have lived and thrived the awareness that no matter what they may have succumbed to in a life experience, no matter what poor decisions they may have made, THEY WOULD ALWAYS HAVE ANOTHER OPPORTUNITY TO SET THINGS RIGHT. Now, are you following this horrendous trail which the Illuminati set into motion back then and what is still occurring now? You see, without the conscious knowledge that reincarnation exits what reason did the peoples have to CHOOSE to personally evolve? Remember please, “evolvement” was never taught then because evolvement must include rather than preclude reincarnation. Instead, some religions spoke at great length about “pearly gates,” the devils lair, Allah’s gifts and so forth. People were taught that these were the “events” awaiting them when they died a physical death. Of course they believed it; they didn’t know that they shouldn’t.


The oscillating beauty of reincarnation and the individual reincarnational themes would have blinded people to the schematic lies being perpetrated by the dark intruders. It would have left the dark “in the dark.” Furthermore the less the peoples knew of reincarnation the less opportunities there would have been for any type of personal or planetary evolvement. The peoples of this planet would not have chosen to exercise their free expression to explore other options that would have enabled them to live life differently in ANY life experience. You see, it is what you DON’T KNOW that can kill you and diminish the very Spirit of your Soul. A PART of the dark intruders’ plans was for the gradual devolvement of the planet…meaning, the moving of the human race BACKWARDS, not forward. As each Soul moves forward even if but a smidgen so does the planetary rate of movement which I term “the pulse” adjust to the forward momentum.


Now, what I personally find so astounding is that even yet today millions of peoples refuse to believe or acknowledge that reincarnational themes are not only truth in manifestation, but these same peoples decry with gross impudence the true teachings of those other peoples who attempt to re-educate humanity about this Sacred process. Tell me Earthizens, is it easier for you ones to sleep at night secure in the absolute knowledge that the process of being reborn again and again provides you ones with unlimited opportunities to set things right, or is it easier to sleep thinking that this may be the last actual day of the rest of your life? That your “life” as you perceive it cannot be extended, cannot prolong itself BY itself for your own greater good? Can you ones not see beyond today into your individual tomorrows? You see, as each of your days progress into your tomorrows all that you have accomplished or tried to accomplish, or conversely ignored in your complacency, dictates quite literally what you can expect in your next tomorrow of life. Nay, I speak not in riddles here. You ones define “tomorrow” as the day following your present day. I define it as “your next rebirth; your next reincarnation on the Carousel of God.”


Now, another unspoken and forbidden aspect of nearly all your religious texts is that reincarnation literally adds to the Creativity of God. Yet again this information has been intentionally kept from you ones in order to defuse a situation that could possibly be catalytic to people who WANT to add to God’s Creativity. If the peoples knew of this it would infuse each Soul’s determination to BE an enhancement for God. This enhancement would then release enormous and beauteous prisms of molecular energy streamers from that person and the streamers would travel well beyond this dimension and become as ONE with God. For those among you ones who would wonder why it is important to add to God’s Creativity because after all “God is perfect,” I must tell you, no, God is not perfect. Shocker, eh! God is an ancient Aspect of Divinity; as such He must always remain in a continuous state of growth and constantly accrue knowledge AS advancement in wisdom. Furthermore, His expressions of HimSelf which exist and co-join with Him are ALL life forms who have ever been and will ever be. These ones must also evolve so that each of YOU as well can function wherever you travel throughout this Universe as “God I AM.”


As you expand and freely express yourself as advanced Beings who are God whether incarnate or discarnate, God HimSelf views, feels and senses life experiences in a grander, more exulted fashion. The Constellation of Himself then CAN attract even more Highly evolved Souls to “BE as He.” Now, please to remember: God must continue to always expand HimSelf in His CREATIVE matter in order to further evolve as the Caretaker of His Universe. This is Universal Law. It applies to all life forms; God is a TYPE of life form so there can be no exceptions. God evolves through each of you just as you each do through God, remember? Perhaps, just perhaps, there are those of you ones reading this writing who can now see the truth without the blinders on. PERHAPS. If not, oh well, there is always tomorrow. It is imperative that you who are dedicated to bearing the Light of All Lights understand the rebirthing system; it is equally important that your understanding encompasses the true roles of manipulative religions which are ALL religions and the “how and why” all this came to be. It is worth your SOUL to understand this. Those among you ones who may think I am bashing only the catholic church, the catholic religion, I must tell you I am not. I am bashing ALL religions, but equally.


Now, I shall seek this day to explain in some detail the reincarnational themes you ones may not be aware of. I will try to encapsulate some aspects of this for the sake of expediting the information. Oftentimes when I am speaking in public to groups I refer to “new Souls” being birthed on this planet. It is a true statement but one that is rarely understood. Earthizens everywhere use the term” new Soul,” yet I realize their meaning is far different than mine. In the Greater sense of the term, a “new Soul” is one who has been birthed into reality here BUT is a product of Its own reincarnational theme. The central part-the matrix of a Soul does indeed have the birthright, one that is a well- balanced central theme which is a shared one with all other Souls. When the Creator, the God of this Universe and the Creation Created the rebirthing plan it was for both the individual Soul, the Soul Cluster which each Soul is indigenous to and the main OverSoul or Soul Cluster which holds all other Soul Clusters. As God HimSelf had great need to feel and experience ALL aspects of Creativity it was deemed most necessary that each Soul should also have the same right because each Soul birthed here is God in physical manifestation. So it was and still is that each Soul birthed here has unlimited opportunities to rebirth ItSelf in order to live a life experience which COULD be of grand assistance in garnering knowledge, transmuting the knowledge into wisdom and thusly accelerating the progressive movement of “Soul Elevation status.” A humorous aspect to reincarnation which you ones do not yet understand is that even when you reincarnate here regardless of how many times you do this, you do not know who you really are! This is true for all but a handful of Souls.


Now, of course because the Earth Star planet is the “school house planet” it also means that each new incoming Soul entity has the option to either fulfill whatever Its personal destiny is, which is designated by the individual Soul ItSelf, or to recant and indulge in far less Spiritual matters. Those who choose the lesser option soon become “lost in time.” These are the ones who are or have been either becoming enthralled with the everyday, practical world, or even worse they turn to the dark for sustenance. Each Soul can and does however, even if they have arrived here from visiting or learning on other planets, arrive in Its SAME SOUL ESSENCE IT HAD WHEN IT LAST DEPARTED THE PHYSICAL LIFE. Although some Souls choose to bear some of the physical characteristics which They may have had here before, tis a matter of fondness for the most part, their genders may be changed, their belief systems enhanced for the better, their names will be different, BUT their Soul Cluster remains the same. Souls from one Cluster CAN visit another BUT their own Cluster is in this sense, their family.


Now, one of the most foolhardy speculations here is that Souls who were preyed upon and those who were the predators ALWAYS have a role reversal. Many psychics believe this…. unfortunately. There are many cases where victims were and are Souls who volunteered to aid a great cause here on Earth. Without their sacrifices many good events would not have easily taken place. In this case the victims are sometimes referred to as “the white hats” and the ones who struck them down as “the black hats.” Now, should it come to pass that two Souls who were in opposition with Each Other during an incarnation here feel and desire to repeat their previous stances with one another, They then have the right to petition the High Court for approval of their future clash until they feel that they have arrived at a mutual closure. Sometimes this is referred to as “unfinished business.” At some future time They may decide to join together as allies at some point during an incarnation,


You see, there is indeed a complexity to the “why” Souls reincarnate here that for the most part is vastly misunderstood on Earth. What does “theme” mean to you? In my expression it is a concurrent energetic stream with slight variables which may alter some aspects of a story, BUT the central part of the story is either unchanging or unchangeable. This is relative to the individual Matrix of each Soul. The past “you” is aware within the matrix of the Soul of all which occurred before and what CAN or MAY occur in the present “you” lifetime that can either eradicate former misjudgments or bring into fruition “new” concepts for Soul to relish, cherish and grow from. The future “you” which also dwells within the Soul Matrix is aware that when Its time to be conscious of the present “you” activities occurs, that the future “you” will have opportunities or challenges predicated upon the past “you” and the now present “you” which soon will also be an aspect of the past “you.” Do YOU see? Now, I will give you ones a very brief explanation on you as Soul that is actually a complicated issue.


Because the human mind is not aware enough to assimilate large quantities of SOME types of information you ones would not be able to understand what you would perceive as the complexities to this issue. Because of this fact I must always be careful that I do not give you ones too much information. If I gave you too much information I would indeed be doing you a great dis-service. Now, all Souls possess a special ability that is not taught in your religious texts. This ability manifests as Soul of your past life (you) being able to receive information from you as Soul in the present life and the present life Soul (you again) can impact upon Soul (you still) of your next future life. Remember, just in case you have forgotten, you ARE multidimensional Beings; as such you each have the unique ability to speak with yourself on a “past life plane.” So it is that what you are doing in your present life experience CAN change traumatic or even joyful events you had in a past life for YOU as the PRIMARY SOUL, yet not for another. Obviously how you interacted with others during those times COULD possibly affect them to a lesser degree for the most part. Of course there are always exceptions. I did tell you ones it is a complex issue.


And furthermore, all that you do, achieve, surpass, fail to do, ignore, dis-like, CAN change YOU in your next future life. You can actually address yourself as the past Soul by simply telepathically speaking to the former you that you were. All you need do is call upon “my past self.” Then without any great formalities needed simply say whatever you feel is the right thing to say when addressing your past you. You can also when you feel the time is right, also address your future you in the same manner. You see, YOU are YOU, but because everything outside of this dimension of density exists in the “eternal now,” EVERYTHING IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING IN A FLUID, SIMULTANEOUS FASHION! So, in reality the past you and the present you and the future you are all as ONE. Here on the Earth Star planet even though you are still as one your perceptions are jaundiced; you see more than ONE element of yourself. You see yourselves split into past, present and future. By practicing the simple method I have given to you ones you MAY if you so desire, bring all aspects of yourself into Spiritual and mental harmony. Now, we shall delve further into “themes.”


The theme that is set into action is one that each Soul may choose prior to Its next rebirth. Tis why teachers teach, thespians act, plumbers plumb and so forth. Whatever area of a life experience here on the Earth Star planet that is the one which has called so intensely to the individual Soul and identified itself as the modus operandi of the Soul‘s true desires, then compels BY DESIRE AND INTENT that particular individual Soul to WEAR as a form of Its expression to Create and/or expand upon Its past Creation, is the one or ones that the personality inhabiting the human form will be drawn to. In some cases many old but evolved Souls MAY choose to combine several of their favorite life expressions. Example: A person may be both a warrior and a teacher yet be a Healer as well. This will continue until that individual has had enough of the experience OR has elevated themselves to yet another level of learning/knowing. Now, those Souls who have said, “ok, it is time for a change now,” MAY use a professional experience they have been working from as a base, a central core of living and working in a specific profession as a stepping stone to moving on to a different profession using the previous ones as a crutch.


The crutch then is known as “previous work experiences.” Those among you ones who seem to go from job to job rarely feeling the satisfaction they had hoped for have “given over” their previous expectations of finding a profession they can be content with, one where they can foresee expansion for their own Soul growth. This is fine too; life is the “freedom of exploration” which you all do need. How can you know what you like until you know what you do not like? Of course one of the quirkiest change-overs we observe is when thespians choose to become politicians. These ones then only THINK they are changing professions, however they are merely broadening their acting abilities by my count! Now, each Soul is content with ItSelf during the resting period following the leaving of the physical body. They are content with whatever They have accomplished while in mortal form. Whatever They did not accomplish They do not fret about, for They KNOW the opportunities are limitless for Them to continue with “The Sojourn of a Soul.” And so it is indeed. Now, Those unilluminated Souls who have been rapidly leaving this world…and will continue to do so also have the same opportunities for rebirth, growth and variable personal theme choices as do you. The main difference lies with their ABILITY to heal, listen and desire to alter their circumstances. Without these issues being dealt with They cannot change. This is a problematic issue yet it is as real as are you. BUT, the difference here lies with the opportunities offered to these tainted Souls; yes, They can rebirth again and again, however if They do not CHOOSE to alter their choices to regain Their “lost” Light, if they continue to follow and/or lead others into the dark then it is only a matter of time before Their own Light is so diminished that They can no longer be permitted to continue as individual Souls. Tis indeed a sad sight to bear witness to. However, it is what it is.


Now, a matter which is foremost on my mind has to do with what is going on within the minds and hearts of many Light Workers. Although Soul is in awareness of when to arrive on Earth and when it is time to depart even with amended Soul Agreements there still must be a departure time. We are hearing far too many voices in HUMAN form in self-imposed distress. They are the ones wishing at times in desperation to leave this planet and return home. I MUST CAUTION YOU ONES….stop thinking with such idiocy! You are here either because you needed to be, your Soul specifically requested to be, or you were selected to be by the God of this Universe! Why is it when things become difficult these Souls want to pick up their marbles and go home? All of you ones were well aware this would be a journey fraught with many dangers, many inconveniences, many frustrations. I want to be standing by God’s side when one of you faces Him and says,“ I am so sorry, but remaining on Your Earth was inconvenient for me.” The voices asking to leave because of the increased violence, economic upheavals and personal failures is now tantamount to a screeching wail. I speak of Light Workers who are doing this, what does that say about taking a STAND? You see, life’s journey here MAY technically begin at the moment of your physical birth BUT the TRUE journey is HOW you live the life. Now, if you care enough about yourself as an individual Soul, as a Child of God, as a Being who IS an aspect of God, then TOUGH IT OUT! Each one of you IS a difference here; we do not ask that you build monuments, climb mountains, stretch yourself on a rack or bastardize yourself in any way. Simply stated JUST DO WHAT YOU CAN, WHEN YOU CAN AND ABOVE ALL BE THE FAITH.


I do give fair warming here: those among you ones who feel you cannot endure anymore conflicts whether planetary or self-Created cannot simply “go home” and expect that you will not have to “pick up where you left off” in your evolutionary growth in your next reincarnational journey. You cannot run away from yourself. In reality you will not have accomplished the goals set by Soul for Its own Greater Good. Although I have much more to say about reincarnation, I will do so in a later transmission this year entitled, “Contactees, Soul Contracts of Soul Clusters and the relativity of Each to the Other.” As for those who staunchly choose to believe that reincarnation is a myth, a lie, a silly supposition which holds no truth at all, to you ones I say as I have many times over these past years:“ it does not matter if you believe in reincarnation or not, it is going to happen anyway!”


Now, it is time for a bit of discussion about the Gatekeepers; just as you each have an ample number of Spirit Guides, mentors from other planets and your own Master Teacher, so do you ones each have Gatekeepers. These ones are unique Beings in their own right; they are fierce in their protection of the Sacred part of yourself which may accidentally journey to places that could be injurious to you and they also must protect certain portals from any unwanted incursions by humans who follow the unilluminated, as well as the hard-core unilluminated ones themselves. Gatekeepers are also responsible for maintaining special places which exist in other dimensions by using the Universal Law of Non-Interference. It means they adhere to this Law by refusing entry to citadels of knowledge, expanding protection to those Souls residing in the in-between-life realms and activating or “magnetically” drawing Souls INTO certain realms that are awaiting the arrival of these specific Souls. Just as you each have been assigned or chosen by mutual agreement your own Guardian Angel you each have the Gatekeeper as an awesome ally. These Beings are much in evidence throughout the Higher Dimensions. They are observed racing to and fro at tremendous speed in order to keep up with all their myriad duties while ever-maintaining a constant and vigilant watch over their charges.


Of course they are androgynous so when their guardian child encounters them consciously the Gatekeepers may choose to wear whichever gender guise they wish OR feel is most appropriate at that time and FOR that time. Now, these Beings do not HAVE TO telepath to the child explaining who they are, nor do they need explain their function in the child’s life. They have been known to do so however when certain circumstances prevail. I will not reveal those specific conditions because YOU DO NOT HAVE A NEED TO KNOW. Gatekeepers are highly regarded by us all for they have a tremendous responsibility to fulfill at all times and do so without any complaints. In other words, they are not human. Some Gatekeepers have “always been.” From the moment of their birthing into themselves as Souls they immediately chose the Guardian Role for all of Eternity. Other Gatekeepers have at one time or another walked upon the Earth plane and chose the incredible life as Gatekeeper simply because of their experiences of having “been here-done that.” They feel their expertise can be far more beneficial to all other life forms in need of defense of a certain type which the Gatekeepers provide in the role as “Prime Defender.”


Now, please do not act too human and start calling to your Gatekeeper to ask, “are you there?” There are indeed millions of peoples on Earth who encounter these special Beings every day and know it naught. If your Gatekeepers wish for you to know more about them they will definitely let you know. They will do so in their own way, in their own time. One of the more mundane and tiresome aspects of their duties is attempting again and again to bring a Soul to a certain realm. This “realm” is a “transitory- thought place.” It is here within this realm where a Soul can be encouraged to come to visit in an effort for Soul to retrain the human personality’s manner of thinking into a pattern where the personality begins to see the errors of their con-ditioned thinking and REMEMBER, REMEMBER, REMEMBER. The mundane part of this training is that unfortunately, countless numbers of Souls living in human form simply refuse to accept anything that is not convenient and EASY. This you see is the personality of the individual at work..or should I say..”at wreak.” For may individuals it requires many, MANY trips to the transitory-thought place before the information there is truly assimilated BY the individual…again. Again I tell you ones that all citadels of knowledge, all “special” places are well guarded by different life forms, BUT the Gatekeeper assigned to a specific area and those guarding their child charges must be fierce in their defense of that place or person and adamant in their refusal to allow entrance to the person or place by “just anyone.”


Each Gatekeeper guards well the entry place which leads into the Sacred Soul area. So even if the individual’s mind and/or physical body is under attack by invasive forces the Soul Space is well-protected. Your other Guardian Beings are constantly watching over you to curtail as many attacks upon you ones as is possible and to provide inspirational information to you directly, AS NEEDED. Gatekeepers are also much in evidence while you are sleeping. Assaults upon you ones during the sleep state would in fact be much more vicious if the Gatekeepers or your other family members were not so vigilant. Now, Gatekeepers are always in attendance when a Soul is deciding which physical form it will assume for the upcoming reincarnational journey. Of course the Spirit Guide contingent and those of the Angelic Realm who have each decided to participate with you is there along with selected members of your Star Keeper families. Regardless of what planet the Star Keepers may be assigned to in the interim, those ones are there who have each chosen to accompany you on your journey.


Each constellation preparing to embark to the Earth Star planet again is excited and pleasured by the seemingly unending numbers of accompanying Beings. Now, each Gatekeeper has assiduously studied the past performances of their Guardian Charges and can accurately base a probability ratio of successes that the departing Soul will experience in the upcoming lifetime. That, combined with the Gatekeepers’ prior knowledge of the individual Soul the Gatekeeper is with, can pretty accurately determine what stances the Gatekeeper will have to take, what problematic issues he or she will have to deal with as a result of antics that the individual may indulge in and so forth. I must tell you these ones do not have an easy task! You see, throughout each incarnation their Charge has experienced here the Gatekeeper is one who must studiously study WHAT to expect and WHY. Old patterns that are not being eradicated by a Soul or ones that are being dealt with….but slowly, are a beacon, much like a trail of bread crumbs that the Gatekeeper has become used to observing….REPETITIVELY. It is indeed part of a tiresome pattern; even though the Gatekeepers are aware of the necessity of repetition until a Soul has had enough of the experience, it is not a “fun time.” Rumor has it that the Gatekeepers have been muttering something about, “needing to drink strong, black coffee.”


Now, I feel it is incumbent on me to offer to you ones a simplistic look of how a Soul Incarnate CAN be refused entry to a Sacred Area and WHY. So as not to offend or violate anyone’s privacy, I have asked my Celestial daughter if I may use an experience she was involved in to better demonstrate what the Gatekeepers are up against. Since she has agreed, albeit reluctantly, she will simply and briefly write about that account. Once upon a time several years ago, Celestial befriended a man who was in many ways a hippy throwback. Come to think of it, he still prefers the 60’s. I shall call him “John” although that is not really his name. Celestial had been working with John for 12 months before he came to see her one day with a dream he had just awakened from. Now, the irony you will soon read about also has to do with the fact that Celestial knew well John had been regressing for many months and she KNEW she should have just stopped working with him. BUT she was hoping fervently that he would alter his lifestyle and really begin to Create good changes rather than the “same old, same old.” Celestial, please begin now:


John–Good morning, Celest, I just had this puzzling dream and I want you to explain it to me.
Celest–Well, tell me what the dream is first, John. I told you to start figuring things out for yourself and stop asking me. I have given you a lot of time to get your act together John.
John–Ok, I dreamed I was standing in a beautiful green yard; there was a beautiful house on the hill about 200 hundred yards from me and a big white wooden fence surrounded the house and it had large swinging gates that were closed. I really wanted to go into that house Celest, I knew there was something special inside. I walked up to the gate and realized that somehow there was a big man standing in front of the gate holding a HUGE staff. I don’t know why I did not see him until then, but somehow he materialized and seemed to be a rather fierce fellow.
I walked right up to the front of the gates, ignoring him, and he yelled “stop.” He looked at me and said, “you can’t go in there.” I was shocked, he looked rather angry for some reason. I asked him why I could not go in through the gates, I told him I really wanted to go visit that house. The man said very emphatically,” NO, I WILL NOT LET YOU IN.” I said to him, “why not?” The man said rather fiercely, “YOU KNOW!” Celest, I didn’t know, but I knew this fellow would not let me pass. I was afraid he would attack me if I tried to run through the gates. So in my dream I said to him, “I’ll give you $400.00 if you let me through the gates.” The man said, “YEAH, YEAH, YEAH, I’VE HEARD THAT BEFORE! THAT’S WHAT YOU SAID THE LAST TIME. NO, YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED IN THERE, NOW GO AWAY! “ Celest, what does this mean?
Celest–JOHN! Figure it out for yourself.


Thank you Celestial, I will take it from here. Now, with her final statement to John, Celestial realized she had been right about him all those many months. It was time to “cut him loose” and she silently gave thanks to John’s Gatekeeper for reinforcing her decision through the dream John had. She knew she could not do John’s work for him and that he would not raise himself to a different level unless he was forced to understand things for himself. By the way, as of this writing John, is still looking to others to give him the answers. He has learned nothing. Oh, those Kodak moments! As I have said, Gatekeepers can see the direction a Soul is heading in; those individuals who have a tiresome predilection for wanting things and wanting to be evolved but doing nothing to help themselves are “an easy mark.” Now, it is indeed my great hope that you ones will better understand why and how certain situations are confronted by you in life and why certain situations confront YOU. Mayhap you will also understand why I am constantly hammering away at all of you about the necessity for change and evolution. Evolution requires changes made by individuals; “change” requires the individual’s intent, desire, ability and FOLLOW-THROUGH in order to birth all the necessary alterations. In other words, you do your work and we will continue to do ours. Now, on a final note as I prepare to take my leave for now I shall of course give to you ones something to mull over. Each generation that births itself here on the Earth Star planet and achieves the human chronological stage of puberty ALWAYS and around that puberty timeline looks around at parents, peers, teachers and all others in the “adult world.” It is then that these generations ALWAYS decide that they can do a much netter job on “saving” this world, enhancing this planet and being better human beings than their ancestors have. Little do they realize…. they ARE their ancestors!

Salude….Blue Star the Pleiadian



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