Saint Germain:The New World Awakens


a message from  Saint Germain channeled by  Alexandra Mahlimay and Dan Bennack
Sunday, 22 June, 2008  at Cluj-Napoca, Romania  (posted 23 June, 2008)


The following material was presented on June 14, 2008, during an online workshop. It has been edited and expanded for greater clarity and understanding.

Dear friends, I am delighted to be with you at this time, as we explore the creation of New Societies that will serve you better. Feel the energies that we share together. We are calling for the New World to manifest now. This is a most wonderful time.

Recall how it feels to connect with authentic Self expression. Remember how it feels to be the New You, expressing as your Soul does. Doesn’t this bring greater passion, joy, and confidence into your lives?

Be honest with yourselves about this.

Certainly, there are times when you do not feel inspired. But if you step aside for a moment and look at the trajectory of your lives, you will see that you are finding your freedom. You will recognize that your Soul’s level of expression is manifesting more than ever before.

This is good news, indeed.

It is remarkable that in the span of just a few short weeks, you have planted yourselves firmly on the ground of sovereignty. Yes, the seed has sprouted. And now you see the roots deepening and spreading. You recognize that fundamental changes are coming into your lives.


Have you noticed your newfound confidence? This is the confidence that is born from FEELING yourselves firmly anchored in the New Earth.

This has nothing to do with arrogance. It arises from knowing that you are always in the right place, at the right time. And it is supported by knowing that you are always taken care of.

This confidence arises from the Ground of your Being and spreads into all aspects of your life – just as the sap of the tree reaches branch, leaf, and root, nourishing each with equal ease.

And please observe that your capacity for Self nourishing is also growing. You are giving more of what you need to yourself – from your Self – rather than seeking it from others in a show of dependency.

You are becoming Self reliant. This is part of being Soul-centered. You are realizing that you depend on nothing from others, yet lack nothing yourselves. You lack nothing because You Are Everything. You are complete.

This is the way of the sovereign, Soul-blended human, the New You who is conscious of this fact. This is who you are now. My friends, your season of fruit and flower is arriving.

Are you ready for this?

Participant 5: Yes, I can’t wait!

Participant 1: I am ready

Participant 3: Sometimes, I’ve felt that confidence. At other times, I’ve doubted, and wondered if I was indeed in the right place at the right time. I am absolutely ready now.

Participant 4: Absolutely!

Participant 6: Yes, I am ready.

Participant 2: I feel my inner conviction that the path I’m on is right, but there’s a lot of opposition from family. Inside myself, I’ve no doubts, but it’s SO difficult out in the world, so I falter.

Participant 3: I have no more tolerance for being in, or around the Old World. It’s so difficult and painful.

Thank you all for expressing your feelings honestly on this matter.

Yes, at times it feels that you are on the right track, and at other times – of course – you feel quite disoriented or even lost. But don’t let that deter you. Always speak words of confidence to yourselves, even if your direction seems unclear. As you do, confidence will settle in your being, giving you good counsel, conviction , and strength. Speak positively to yourselves, and you will see that positive results come with the passing of time.

The Tapis

Confidence is what you will use in creating your New World. Like skilled artisans – weavers before the loom, you will bring yourselves into Higher Collective Relation by honoring the individual strands of God That You Are, then combining and interrelating yourselves in ways that serve you better as a whole.

You will prepare a tapis, my friends.

This was the tapestry adorning the council table of Arthurian legend, during the times of Camelot. Bearing emblems and insignias of its individual members, it’s presence made sacred a place of gathering and advisement among equals.

Now, you will make of yourselves a Living Tapestry of light and love. You will do this by forming New Societies – interweaving your individual, sovereign selves into the Greater Fabric of Divinity.

You will complete yourselves this way, in your collective expression of Divinity. You will demonstrate that a world filled with love, tolerance, and respect among equals – among brothers and sisters in God – is an enlightened world. It is a world where the welfare of the whole transcends the sum of its parts.

For now, you are preparing this tapestry, weaving and interlacing the colors that you are, one with another. But soon you will offer this to the world. It is a matter of right timing and preparation.

During recent weeks, you have focused upon the New You that you are becoming, and the New Relationships that you will form as you share your Divinity with others.

Now the impulses transmitted around the solstice will help you concentrate these energies and intensify your experiences. Expect things to change soon, and to have a clearer focus – especially in the coming weeks.

Participant 5: Wonderful and exciting. Thank you!

Participant 2: I can feel the build-up.

Participant 3: It sounds like we will see a noticeable difference after the solstice. It sounds exciting.

Participant 7: I can feel it, too.


Now, let us review the imagery of the tapis, or tapestry, again for a moment.

As a learning tool, it can help you visualize the levels of Divinity you participate in while you are living upon the Earth. We call these levels – individual expression, relationships, and collective interaction.

As sovereign beings, each of you is like a thread. At any point along the tapestry you can identify yourselves as individual fibers. Each of you has a color, quality, and luster all your own. This is your unique, individual expression.

If you look closer, you will see that the fibers are interrelated. You will see that there are loops, chains, and stitches interlacing the various filaments, one with another. These interweavings symbolize your relationships. Relationships create texture, pattern, and substance in your lives that enrich your individual experiences. They involve you intimately as individuals, but they are more than just you.

The final product, the tapestry, represents your societies.

Societies are collective sets of interactions, involving many people in multiple relationships. Societies have emergent properties. This means that that they can take on a life that is greater than the sum of their parts. Just as a piece of fabric can clothe a body, cover a table, or decorate a wall, while a single thread cannot – so, societies can accomplish things that you as an individual would find impossible to do.

Participant 5: So we are weaving the tapestry, and we ARE the tapestry, Wow!

The Purpose of Creation

Yes. You are engaged in multiple levels of Creation.

You create as sovereign beings, you create in relation to each other, and you create collectively in larger groups.

You are the threads, you weave yourselves together in relationships, and your relationships form the fabric of your societies. The analogy of the tapestry shows how you participate in different levels of Creation that are related to the human experience.

Do you see this?

At all levels of creation, you are collaborating with God. You align your individual sovereign expressions with the Will of God – which is Love – to bring your inspirations to life. In your existence upon the Earth, you do this as individuals, in relationships, and in larger groups, such as families, communities, and societies. This is creation. Creating is collaborating with the God That We Are.

And what do you think the purpose of Creation might be? Please feel free to comment.

Participant 4: Unity.

Participant 3: Freedom.

Participant 4: Expression.

Participant 5: To know that we’re all part of the same thing. LOVE.

These are excellent responses, but it’s even simpler than that.

The purpose of Creation, is creating. This is your function.

You are creator beings, just as God Is, because each of you are made in God’s image. You give life to your creations, just as God does. You love them as extensions of your Selves – you encourage them, bless them, and then release them to their own growth in spirit.

And as you do this, you extend All of Creation. You bring that which IS Complete, to more expanded levels of completion. You take that which IS Perfect, and create even more glorious expressions of that perfection. This is your play, and your joy, throughout eternity.

Is this clear?

The purpose of Creation, is creating. It is extending God through the active principle of Love that established Creation in the first place.

The One Source became the Many. It became All of us. In unity, we are never truly isolated from each other, or from the One that gave rise to us. We only imagine this to be so. This type of incorrect thinking has lead to the illusion of separation, and to the fear, conflict, and strife that has followed.

But now – in your New Relationships and New Societies – you will testify to the Oneness That We Are.

A Brief Reminder

So, don’t forget. Be aware of the following as much as you are able:

The New You is about remembering Who You Are. It is about remembering that You Are God, also.

In New Relationships, you will share this remembrance with others. You will appreciate the face of God you see in others, and bless them with this knowledge. And you will see your own Divinity reflected in the eyes of another, who recognizes This in you. This is how relationships will serve you.

New Societies will allow the Many and the One to merge. Individual beings will find their full expression in a framework of Unity that actually works. You will see. All the threads will be in their places, the textures and patterns beautiful to behold. And the tapestry before your eyes will be perfect and complete.

A Kaleidoscopic View of Life

Another way to grasp your experience as Divine Humans is by using the kaleidoscope as a metaphor for understanding.

Consider that each of you is a piece of tinted glass within the cylinder of the kaleidoscope. Each of you has a shape and color that is uniquely yours. As the cylinder turns, you tumble and spin about, each of you in relation to the other.

But what happens during these cycles of your relationships?

Participant 5: You learn and grow, and create new patterns.

Participant 2: You gather experiences.

Yes, you learn, grow, and gather experiences. And as you do, you collectively create new patterns of Wholeness. With each turn of the cylinder, you create a new and beautiful image that appears before the Eye of God – a new and beautiful image That Is God.

As you tumble about, shifting your experiential points of view, you create new and harmonious patterns. Each pattern is a perfect expression of All That Is – even though from the individual human perspective this may not always appear to be so.

These patterns, these kaleidoscopic images, are the relationships, communities, and societies that you can build for yourselves now. You can co-create these with God, establishing beauty, order, and harmony around yourselves at all times. You can cast the image, and you can be part of the image at the same time.

So, my question for you now is this.

Do you see the relationship between the God that you are, the God that you share, and the God that you collectively complete? Do you see the connections between the New You, New Relationships, and the New Societies you will form?

I welcome your comments now.

Participant 5: Yes, it starts with us, inside of us, and spreads out to others, and everything around us… God is expression. When we share our True Selves, we create this beautiful tapestry that expresses the New World. That expresses God.

Participant 3: Yes, I see it. It is all the same, the One Source that I and everyone else is part of. It begins with me, and spreads out to other beings. Together we make/create these new patterns, this tapestry. So what each of us has to offer in these tapestries is [also] the link between the New You, New Relationships, and New Societies. Is that what you mean?

Participant 4: The New Me [knows] Who I Am. [I share this knowledge] with others in my New Relationships. In the New Society, it all goes out and comes back to me, like a circle. Completion.

Participant 2: I see it in an abstract way, but not in a real way. I can only imagine that my music is the link between the New Me, the New Relationships, and the New Societies.

Yes, that’s it. Please explain your music to us with your own words.

Participant 2: The music which flows through me, carries the New Consciousness, and this will help bring about the New Societies. New Consciousness is so different… we [intuitively] feel how to live it. Music takes us into that realm, if we let it. [Into] pure feeling.

Indeed. Music is another useful analogy that works.

The Symphony of the Soul

As I am sure you are aware, in an orchestra there are many musicians. Some play different instruments, others play the same ones. But even if they are playing the same instruments, they play them in their own unique way and style.

Each musician also forms a relationship with every other instrumentalist through the music they are playing. In this way, the group is able to perform a grand symphony – a magnificently coordinated opus of melody, rhythm, point, and counterpoint.

Participant 2: And [the orchestra] brings the experience to the listeners, who become part of the experience, too.

Yes, the orchestra brings the experience to the audience, which becomes part of the event.

Imagine that your societies in the Old World, have been musical chaos. Different sections of the orchestra were performing with no regard for each other – loudly, softly, or not at all, and with no direction or coordination.

This music has not been especially pleasant to hear.

Participant 4: A big cacophony.

Exactly. Discordant sounds, with no meaning or measure. Pure noise.

But now we are moving into times of greater group harmony. Interestingly, this will benefit the formation of New Societies, which are grounded upon the freedom of expression.

Much as a symphonic movement depends upon the combined expressions of each orchestra member playing his or her instrument well, so New Societies will depend upon the contributions of many sovereign beings who are free to express themselves fully, but in overall group harmony.

This is how the orchestra functions to create performances that all can enjoy, players and audiences alike. Each instrumentalist expresses virtuosity and eloquence. But no single performer overpowers the other. Instead, they blend in harmony to create a unified sound that they, and those around them, can appreciate.

And this is how humans will function to establish better societies, collective groups, and intentional communities in the New World. All of you will bring this Greater Awareness and sensitivity to the reconsolidation of your planet.

Participant 2: Now I can visualize it well, the New Society.

Enough of you value harmony and flow now, that you will find it easy to create this together. You have reached a critical mass. For this reason, you will be capable of establishing more supportive structures, functions, and expressions in your societies than ever before. But as you are seeing now, first there is a clearing of that which no longer serves you. It may look like the old chaos. But it is not. Don’t be fooled by this.

Participant 7: What about creating together?

Creating as an individual artist is a beautiful experience, just as expressing as a sovereign individual is also equally beautiful.

But creating together in unison, in the Symphony of Humanity, is a splendid experience, indeed. For what you create together, as I’ve mentioned before, is truly greater than the sum of the parts. Just as a symphony, when played by the full orchestra, is more than the contributions of its individual members.

Do you understand this?

Do you see how societies are like orchestras? And how you, as members of societies, play your individual parts like the musicians in concert?

Participant 3: Yes, I see it.

Participant 2: That’s lovely!

Participant 4: Nice!

Participant 5: Yes, but is everyone [playing] even if they don’t know they are doing it?

Participant 3: I wonder if we are [really playing] together. Or [if each one performs alone] until [the others decide to join in]?

Good questions. Let me rephrase them.

When do we play as soloists, and when do we decide to join in concert? And who will take the first step to bring us together as an orchestra?

Here is another. Do we need a conductor, or will we find that having one is really unnecessary?

Participant 2: In reality, the conductor is one of the musicians – just one of the links in the chain.

Participant 5: Isn’t God the conductor? But then, God Is just us? Right?

Other questions?

Participant 3: Yes. Do we begin our symphonies one at a time, in small groups, or all at once?

Participant 4: [I think that] each one starts their own music, because we are all sovereign beings. Then we naturally join together in harmony.

Excellent insights. Now here is my perspective.

The New You is the perfect instrumentalist. And as you form relationships by sharing your Divinity, you will begin to play your instruments with even greater proficiency, expertise, and beauty.

You and your instruments will play with Higher Resonance. And as you continue, you will come into resonance with others who have attained a similar level of playing as you. You will feel each other. You will hear each other. And you will find each other.

Participant 7: We only need the intention. That’s it, isn’t it?

Participant 3: I want to start playing my own symphony now. How do I do that?

How to start playing, indeed!

Well, let me say this. As recent virtuosos in the field of sovereignty, you will find that you begin to relate to each other through the principle of resonance. Your individual expressions will become sufficiently refined to harmonize with each other in ways that have not been possible before. You will come into Higher Resonance with your Souls. And as you do, your vibrations will touch each other deeply.

Each time you choose to be in Higher Resonance, you will enter into the Grand Hall of Expression. Here is where the Symphony of the Soul is played. Here, you will play your part fully, yet do this in supportive unison with others.

So yes, you can play your own music now – you can begin your own symphony – if you prefer to describe it this way. But as you do, you will immediately notice there are others playing next to you with this same quality of feeling. You will find each other. You will discover that many of you have entered the Grand Hall.

Here you will find that the notes you play together blend gracefully. They do this with ease, because you have aligned yourselves with that which comes naturally to you – the free and creative impulses of your Soul.

Participant 5: So be Who You Are, [and you will find your] perfect place in the symphony.

Yes, that’s it.

You will find yourselves in harmony with your Soul, and with the Soulful expressions of others.

You will discover that you can play your music authentically, expressing yourselves with joy, and without fear or reservation. This only requires you to be Present in your Truth, and in Remembrance of Who You Really Are.

When you do this, you will foster the sensitivity of feeling that allows you to hear others, and to harmonize your expressions with theirs. All good musicians know this. Accomplished musicians know how to express themselves, and how to listen. And soon all of humanity will use these same skills to create communities, groups, and societies that serve you well.

There is nothing fancy in this. There is nothing complicated about it.

Participant 3: It sounds beautiful.

Participant 5: Thank you. I see myself playing a harp!

You are in a place of remembering your Divinity now. And soon this will open a flow of sharing your Divinity with others. This sharing will create a resonance that will include more and more people who value sharing their Divinity, too. This is when you will begin to build your New Societies, together.

The New You, New Relationships, and New Societies

So, before we close our gathering, let’s remember that we’ve talked about the New You, New Relationships, and New Societies by way of analogy.

We have compared them to tapestries of interwoven threads. We have compared them to colored glass tumbling in a kaleidoscope, creating one perfect image after another before our eyes. And we have compared them to an orchestra of talented and accomplished musicians.

But what we have not talked about in detail, is how you will specifically create these New Societies.

That is for you to do.

However, now that you remember Who You Really Are, you know that you have everything you require to awaken this New World around you.

You have everything because You Are Everything.

And as the New World awakens, remember the orchestra, and ask yourselves this:

When one musician, a sensitive instrumentalist, meets another who is equally accomplished, and who values harmony and expression just as much as the other – when these two meet, and meet another, and another still…

Is it not natural for them to unite in their love of music to create something together that none of them could do individually?

This is the spirit that you will bring into the formation of your New Societies.

You will bring the beauty of your individual, God-centered awareness into greater harmony and coordination with the Collective Whole, and create something more magnificent and profound than you have ever dreamed possible.

Your purpose in coming together will be pure pleasure. To experience the indescribable joy of creating together. This impulse will guide you in establishing your New Societies. These will be collective bodies that support you well, and bring you pleasure and encouragement along the way.

Thank you all for your presence today.

I Am Saint-Germain.

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  Liara Covert wrote @

Part of detaching from the ‘human’ side of human being means evolving to recognize the tendency to assume something is complicated when its really very simple indeed.

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