A message from Kuthumi :Healing Yourself Through Your Higher Self

a message from  Kuthumi channeled by  Michelle Eloff
Tuesday, 4 March, 2003  at Johannesburg  (posted 22 June, 2008)


I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the rays of Love and Wisdom to greet thee at this time and to bring unto thee endless blessings of love.  Greetings, beloved ones. 

Allow your energy to become sensitive to the beings that are around you and allow your heart to open to healing and messages that are to be shared with you today. 

Greetings be with you this day, brothers and sisters of light. It is with great joy that we gather here today.  Allow the energy that is moving through you at this time to focus in your crown centre, for this is the centre that connects you with the universal white light, allowing the energy to move through you, activating, cleansing, clearing, charging, and once again connecting and grounding you through your base centre with the mother Earth. Allow the universal white light to clear all fogginess and all tension within your head area.  Feel any aches within your head dissipate. Allow your jaw to relax. Allow any stuffiness around your nasal area to clear. Allow your inner vision to be cleared. 

Each one of you has with you your master or your spirit guide standing behind you.  Some of you may feel a tingling within your head area or a ringing within your ears, or you may just simply feel at peace, comfortable. Become aware of this presence, which stands with you. Allow your old feelings of recognising this presence guide you. Each one of you is unique and individual so each one of you shall experience this differently. 

Today your guide shall assist you in making a direct link with your Higher Self. For the following eleven days, you need to work closely with your Higher Self, for your Higher Self shall be working directly with you on all levels – whether it be physical healing, emotional, mental or spiritual healing. Any healing that needs to take place shall be assisted through your own Higher Self and your master. 

Your master has now placed his/her hands upon your head and is feeding each one of you an electric blue light. This electric blue light is going in through your crown centre, down the back of your skull through your medulla oblongata, down your spine, connecting with your base centre. You are each being reminded of your blueprint and those of you who feel that you need to become in touch with a part of you, this is now being activated for you.    Whether you have been walking this path for many years, or whether it is new to you, this memory shall come to you for this is what you shall need to focus upon in your immediate future, but you need the healing in order to work with this energy. 

Now allow the electric blue light to be fed through each vertebra of the spine, and as it is fed through, it forms electric blue coils throughout your body and around your body in an anti-clockwise direction.   Allow this energy to spin.  As this energy is working through your body, so it is connecting with those parts within you, which need the healing.  While this is happening, bring your attention back to your crown centre and once again feel the presence of your master or guide. 

You shall be given a name and this is the name of your guide or master and this is whom you shall be working with along with your Higher Self for the following eleven days. So wherever you need assistance or guidance you shall call upon this being to assist you with whatever it is that is required. The name may be very simple for you shall be given a name that is familiar to you – that you are comfortable with – so take whatever comes to you. It need not be a fancy name or a name that is difficult to pronounce.  Allow it to come to you.   Now repeat this name to yourself four times and place it within your heart. 

Now take your focus to your inner eye, and with your inner eye, see standing before you your Higher Self – that glorious being whom you are. See the beauty and the love that stands before you.  This is your Higher Self.  Look into your eyes and see the unconditional love, compassion, the peace, and the joy of recognition. This is you. 

Now see your Higher Self sitting before you and take your Higher Self’s hands and hold them tightly. Your Higher Self shall now speak to you and give you guidance as to what it is you need in your present moment to assist you. It may be one word or it may be a symbol.  It may be a sentence.  Be open to the message that is sent to you, for this shall assist you.  Open your heart and allow the energy to flow from your Higher Self to you. Do not doubt your messages – place your messages within your heart. 

Allow the flow of energy from your heart centre to that of your Higher Self to remain connected. See the energy moving backwards and forwards smoothly and continuously.   Now bring your focus back to the electric blue light that is working through your body.   You shall now be shown where it is within your body that healing is needed at this time.   Remember this healing may be on any level.   It shall be shown to you in the form of a red spot upon your body. Sense whether this is physical or whether it is emotional, or mental, or whether it is a spiritual healing that is required. Allow your Higher Self to feed unconditional love into this area. Your master is doing the same, placing their hands upon the pain.  For all dis-ease on any level is created by some form of pain, so know now that it is safe for you to release this pain, for you no longer need it. 

You are able to assist yourself with this healing. Your master is with you to assist you, so know that you do not need to do this alone.  You are never alone when you are experiencing anything upon your path.  We are always with you.  You are never, ever, alone.  There is no reason for you to carry this pain within your bodies. 

Your master is now filling your base with universal white light. Each day, visualise the universal white light entering that part of you that requires healing, and allow your Higher Self to feed the universal love to this part of you. 

Allow yourself each day to communicate with your Higher Self and with your master or your guide or whomever it is you feel at one with whom you feel can assist you with your process, your healing, and your evolvement. This is very real, brothers and sisters. 

You need to consciously acknowledge those beings who are assisting you at this time for it is important that you begin to ground this energy within yourselves and realise that what you are working with is not a fantasy. It is not something that is created from your imagination.  It is very real.  Because you cannot physically see us or there is no tangible proof that we are about does not mean that we do not exist.  What is real for you in what you can touch and what you can see is often illusion.  Realise the truth of this.  For most of that which is real for you – the chair that you sit upon, and the bed that you lie upon – are three-dimensional illusions.  They are created by man, and because it is created by man you accept it as part of your reality.  But now we say to you it is time to go beyond that, to see beyond that and begin to see with your hearts; begin to see with your inner eyes what is truly around you, what is truly assisting you at this time, for the time shall come when you shall realise that the material things around you cannot heal you or fulfil your soul.  We love you all so dearly. 

When you begin to see beyond your three-dimensional reality, you will begin to see true love, the purity of love, for you are all in so much need of this. We are here to offer this to you.  By allowing yourselves to be healed, you allow yourselves to be loved, for lack of love causes pain. Any part of you that is not being loved is in pain. It creates a disease, it creates discomfort, and it creates illness.  It is a negative energy within your body for it is not being nurtured with love. 

This electric blue light will remain with you for the following eleven days, working through your body, releasing imbalances.  Allow yourself to work through the processes that you shall be releasing, and know that you have us with you and that you have your Higher Self with you, too.

Call upon your master or guide by their name.  Look into the eyes of your Higher Self and feel the presence of love before you, within you, surrounding you, embracing you and supporting you. Each one of you is now filled with the universal white light which is expanding, holding you, your master, your Higher Self in a bubble of white light.   Allow the white light to move through your body, balancing each of your energy bodies and chakras, allowing you to feel whole, bringing back harmonious balance within your body, activating all of your energy centres. 

Be gentle with yourselves.  Hold yourself in love as we hold you in the love.  When you look into your eyes each day, see the love.  Do not see your faults; do not see the imperfections.  See all of that which is right with you. Allow yourself to focus upon the rights and the beauties within you for then you are not feeding the imbalances or the negativities, which lie within you. For as you see yourself, so will others begin to see you if that is all you focus upon. So begin to see yourself as you wish yourself to be, for you are that. Remember – your physical vehicles are not permanent.  It is what is inside that is permanent.  Your soul- that light that shines is who you are, and that is what you need to show the world. 

We bless you all with much love. We bless you all with the strength and courage to see your healing processes come to completion. Know that you are always divinely protected and guided and know that you are very much loved. Know this, brothers and sisters: feel it within your hearts. Trust the invisible arms that hold you, for when in times of strife you look to your feet and see but only one set of footprints – these are not yours; these are ours – for we are holding you.  Know that we are only but a thought away.   Peace be with you all. 

I am Kuthumi and I greet and bless you in love.  ADONAI.

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