Master Kuthumi: “Simplicity”

My greetings to you as I come to you once more and it is a pleasure to meet with so many. There are many that read my words and indeed they are the words in the service that you provide to all, and in service to the Great One. I wish to speak today of simplicity.

I have on occasions spoken of this before, and yet it saddens me that many do not listen. They will read or they will listen momentarily but they do not retain what they have heard. They turn away into the busyness of their lives and this is what I choose to speak of – the busyness.

Many of you know that you have created this busyness. Many find their lives complicated. There is no time. They rush here and they rush there. Their minds must race to keep up with everything they wish to do and complete. Much of this is created. You cannot put it all to the door of an employer. No. You have created even that.

And more, the creation goes out into the desires. Many of you have heard that it is quite a material world and this is very true. And that has been created from desire. There are those who have decided they no longer wish this type of existence, and they will consciously and physically prepare to change their path. All of you are able to do this.

Everywhere, there is the cry that, I want peace. I want to find this thing called Light and inner peace. Where can I find it? You can learn and you can study, but I say to each of you, until you learn to truly absorb what you learn and study of our realms, of the Light, of your soul and your higher heart, until you truly absorb what you have been taught, what you have read, what you learn, it will mean nothing. It will mean nothing.

And the reason I speak these rather harsh words, is because we see so many of you who learn, who undertake your study, who say oh how wonderful, but then you turn away. Back to a life of busyness, of hurriedness. Where so much is expected of you by others. And you rush, and you rush to meet all those expectations of others. This is why I say to you, simplify your life. Live in a simple manner. This does not mean you will go without. No, what it means is simplify the luxuries, the desires, where your excess financials go to. If your work is draining you on every level, seek change.

And can I say at this point, that to throw up your hands and say, “but what will I do”, is merely an excuse. It is a part of your self, your lower ego self that desires to hold you in this erratic pattern, where your energies are drained, where you have no energies to seek your inner peace, it is impossible. Create simplicity in your life. This has always been the way. Indeed, what I speak to you of today is not new. No, it is not. Many of your, what you call the gurus, they have a very simplistic life, it is what they have chosen.

It is not that I am advocating that you must choose this kind of life for everything must be in balance. But you see, while your physical reality is pulling you this way, that way, and your emotional and mental bodies are stretched, causing agitation, worry, you become tied. You are tied to your physical reality, where you have no energy for anything else. In a sense, you could say you are a slave to your physical reality. But it is what you have created, is it not? Indeed it is. And it is the desire from your lower ego self that has lured you in, binding you tighter and tighter in financial worry and further, material desire. Simplify your life.

What many of you are seeking as you know, is within you. There are many who can guide and show you how to do that. But you must absorb. It is no longer enough to listen. I have spoken many times on your higher heart, how to reach us, how to obtain your stillness and your inner peace. But this can mean nothing until you yourself choose to take that step, to use your will to create a new desire where you will have more enjoyment and more quality of life. It is important to simplify.

And also further, I wish to speak of your emotional body. What you are choosing to create on the emotional level. It is true that you, mankind, and the world, are in a transmutation process. You know of this. And there are many opinions of the future, of what will be. I do not choose to speak of the future at this time. I choose to speak to you of your emotional body in the present moment, in each present moment.

To think in a negative way will merely magnify the hurriedness and any negativity that is happening in your outer world.

And what I ask you is this. Choose your thoughts carefully. Choose your attitude carefully. What is going on in the outer cannot help but filter in through the conscious mind and into the emotional body. But at that time you have a choice, and this is what I also want to speak to you of, is to choose a positive and happy vibrational thought on the emotional body. Choose one of lightness, whatever your situation. It may help if, you are in turmoil, to think of Light, think of Oneness. If you can do this, it will transform your thought, your vibration energy on your emotional body.

You see, with so much happening in your world and within your physical body, as well as the emotional and mental, mankind is undergoing an enormous change. It will help greatly if you find yourself in the situation of thinking shall we say, not very good thoughts, to think of Oneness, think of the Light, to transform, to turn around. To think in a negative way will merely magnify the hurriedness and any negativity that is happening in your outer world. It will create a feeling of very being very bogged down, held down, stuck.

It is very important to keep the vibration at a higher level. Because, as I have said, with the changes, with the busyness in your outer world, around you and your working life, and families and emotions, it is all too easy to get pulled down. You need to take responsibility for this. It is your responsibility. You cannot ask another to keep you in a happy frame of mind. It is something that you must choose to create yourself.

And I have said already of the changes going on in the physical body. I have spoken previously of the energies surrounding the earth, filtering through in your atmosphere. You are all experiencing this in various forms. This is what I mean when I say you are in great transformational times which is affecting everything. It affects your planet, your plants, your animal kingdom, you yourselves, not only your physical body but your emotional body.

For some, their physical body is feeling very tired, sometimes painful, sometimes lethargic. Even on the emotional body, you may sometimes feel quite erratic. Sometimes, you will be higher and happier and other times, quite gloomy. This is why I felt it is important to speak to you of maintaining a higher vibration, of being aware of what the vibrational level is on the emotional body. Because it will help you to get through these times of transformation.

There is much going on and as we observe, there seems to be a little more negative replies also in the atmosphere. People becoming very short and grumpy. Much of this is due to the transformation that you are all experiencing. Know that this is a part of that but do not wallow in it. Do not allow your thoughts to go down the negative way and wallow in what if this, and what if that, and maybe this, and maybe that. It is wasted energy. Simply wasted energy. It is far better to channel it in another area where you yourself need it. You see?

The atmosphere will stabilize, though not until your new year. You will have a respite and things will catch up. But this is why I say with all of that is happening on your planet and indeed, within your very bodies – you know you are more than one body – simplify your life. It will help you through these times. To bog down your life with more debt, with worry, with having to work longer or harder, trying to fit more into your waking hours of any day. You have heard the saying I know this one uses and that is “to run yourself ragged.”

My friends, this is what will happen if you choose to bog yourself down any further. And it will not only be in the physical but it will be the outer bodies which will in turn affect your aura and it will indeed become very ragged, so ragged that holes will be created. It will become thin. Your very life substance will become weaker. You will indeed “run yourself ragged.” And so it is a time to simplify. I cannot say this to you enough. Because in many ways, it is a key, you could say, to your path forward, to survival, to the new.

Sometimes, it is needed to simply say “enough, I will have no more.” Only each of you know what is required. But I leave you with this thought. If my words have made you stop and truly listen, then I say to you, you must take action. You must follow your thought through and create action in what area of your life that that is required.

There is much spoken of change. There is much spoken of bringing in Light and attaining a higher vibration. And while this is true, we are seeing too many souls who are feeling dejected, left in turmoil. It is these souls that I mainly speak to today. And I know the helpers here will be very busy in opening the doors and making my words available to those who need them.

Now, as always, I avail myself to questions.

Chee: Master, today you were talking of simplicity and you reminded me of the inflation and rising food prices. Do you have any comments on this?

Kuthumi: Yes, yes, indeed I do. For this has also reached us through the ethers and it is not simply in your country. It is right around your globe. It is indeed part of what I have spoken of when I said for some, it may require you to put your hands up and say enough. But, going further from that, what I wish to say, is that alone you can do very little. You must join together for greed is overtaking your planet by a few, by a few. And many are aware of this but feel what can I do? You must join together, for that is where your strength lies. Alone, you can do nothing. Your strength is in joining together and in the scenario where you do not join together and nothing is accomplished, it will indeed get worse. Until you do choose indeed to put your hands up, join together and say, no more. This is what is required. Nothing will change until this happens.

Is there another question?

Chee: Master, between simplification that you are talking about today and manifesting of abundance, I find that there is a fine line between the two, in the sense that when someone hears your message, they might think about on one hand, we have to simplify our lives, on the other, we are told that we can manifest everything that we desire.

Kuthumi: Yes, I understand and this is correct. However, there are also two scenarios here. For everything you see must be in balance. Well, you have one scenario where one is choosing to simplify their life. They have become on a treadmill where everything is going faster and faster and they cannot cope. And you can say, but yes I can manifest. But I say to you, but what energy do they have left to manifest? And indeed, what are they trying to manifest? Is it for their highest good or do they simply want more expensive items or toys? Is it bordering on over luxury items, extremes of luxuries? Or you can say that you have another scenario, where perhaps a person has simplified their life as much as possible and therefore has enough energy to communicate with us and enough of your time. And chooses to manifest for the better good, for their higher good.

You see, it is like everything that must be in balance and so too, manifestation too, must be in balance. For you see, if you have a large mansion, why do you try to manifest another, or indeed another? It is that yes, the manifestation process is there and that maybe your desire that you are wishing to manifest but there are many levels in manifestation also. And in that scenario, I myself would ask the question to what purpose would you choose to manifest all of these mansions, in this analogy that I am using. Is it simply to impress others? Is it to give one away to a family? Of what purpose would that be?

I understand your question but there are also many levels to this. Yes, you can indeed manifest, but can I say to you, that when you manifest, manifest from your higher vibrational energies, not from the lower levels of simple desire. It is everything in balance, just as manifestation must be in balance, your lives must be in balance.

And I chose the subject of simplicity today because here, our helpers, everyone here on this realm, indeed we have been discussing it. The Brotherhood has joined to discuss this matter recently because it is becoming an area of concern, that many innocent souls are being caught up in this planned material desire.

It is indeed correct, what you seek is within. It is not in the outer world. It is within.

Lee: So master, in a way, this has happened because humanity is seeking joy and peace outside of themselves instead of inside, is that right?

Kuthumi: That is correct. Yes, that is correct. They have sought happiness in material objects which of course has held their debts. It has not given them what they have desired. So they feel if they buy something bigger and better, then they will be happy. And further, they think if they can impress others, that will bring them happiness. It does not. It does not. But what has happened? For in following this path, man has got deeper and deeper in debt, deeper and deeper in anguish. And the large businessman, many, have got greedy and they are exploiting this also. And so it has become a vicious cycle and we see many, many souls in anguish and despair. And I say to these souls, it is you who must stop, it is you who must take that action to change. And the change, the first steps that you must take, may be difficult ones, but stop for a moment and think how more difficult your life will become if you do nothing. You can only spiral deeper and deeper until you lose everything. You see?

It is indeed correct, what you seek is within. It is not in the outer world. It is within. It always has been. For centuries of time, the great masters who walked your earth have told you this very same thing. What I have told you is not new. What I am pointing out to you however is new. Because on your planet, there has never been such availability on the material plane. Materialism has to some extent, taken over, for many, it is ruling their lives.

Your currencies, in the various countries is amply available. Again, I remind you, of the souls, the businessman, not all but many, who prey on these souls, who operate from the level of desire, the lower ego self. They make it so easy and lure them in. This would be fine, a grand experience, if they learn to use it in balance and wisely, and if they fall down, to learn from that and say “I will not do that again.” But sadly, we see that many are not learning. And indeed, they are borrowing, working longer and harder, going deeper and deeper into despair, on all levels, on emotional, on mental, on physical, you see? It is time to stop, it is time to look at what each of you are creating in your world around you. It is time to live in your present and not the future.

Is there another question?

Chee: No, that would be all.

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