Light Streamings-May2008

Discerning Movement inside the Stillness


Carol Fitzpatrick
I’ve been reminded of late that there is no use pushing the river or for that matter, standing back and watching life. For me, I am getting my sea legs around the dynamic of flow. This flow is what defines the river of consciousness that guides me into the stillness.
Sometimes our own personal viewpoints are like oars that get put into the waters of life. We take action at just the right time to cause a shift (a shift in perspective, circumstance or life choice) and sometimes our actions cause us to step back and away from what might otherwise be a good thing.
The question that I have been asking lately is “How do you know when the mind (one’s viewpoint) is what’s steering the boat?”


There are as many opinions on this as there are potential answers but the bottom line is feeling. We know when we are allowing the mind to steer us off course because we can feel it. This feeling is different for each of us. There are many paths that will lead you to this same knowing, this same feeling, but it is the stillness of the mind that will determine your direction.
“We are living in a time of radical change”. I have been hearing these words in my head for as long as I can remember. But hearing and experiencing are two very different realities. Just recently, I viscerally connected with the knowing that everything the Guides have tele-empathically communicated to me over the years is true – absolutely true.
The lack of understanding or confusion about what they were clearly saying was caused by my orientation to life at the time, from my on the ground perspective. They said that there are warring factions trying to take over and govern this sector of the galaxy, and that is true. They said that our world (our physical world) will go through a period of earth plane shifting, and that is certainly true.
They said that the two rivers of consciousness would go through a period of great divide but are destined to come back together as one. That has certainly happened – the separation of the two rivers, that is.
When I even begin thinking of putting my oar back into the water of the other (fear caused by self-doubt, self-loathing, resentment, anger, etc.) I just can’t go there. Something so strong pulls me right back into the stillness. I’m even getting to the point where yearning or longing from the perspective of my human nature is just not working for me either.
The guides have also talked at length about the upheaval of social, political, economic and environmental aspects of our world. All that is now certainly upon us.
But they also said that it doesn’t have to be so dramatic to our human energy systems. In our orientation to the physical world, we might even experience this kind of cathartic change as traumatic. But these two divergent experiences all depends on which of the two rivers you’ve got your oar in. No matter which river, you can change your future right now in your present moment, and in saying this, be prepared for the ride of your life.
But how? This has been the prevailing question that I have been asking from all angles, for years.
The Guides have not only given me the how but the what, when and where. However, just like each of us can imagine our future by looking around at our present and discern the signs of change all around us, there really is only ONE answer to this question of how: We are to go into the stillness.
Our inner stillness is the foundation, the building blocks, and the right timing of when where and how we, each, are to put our oar into the water of life to not only transform the Self but to affect vast global change.
This stillness that I speak of is not static, either. Nor does it place you squarely in the Non-doing State. Quite the contrary.
Within the stillness there is great movement, the kind of movement that moves mountains over rivers, as the Guides so often say.
The stillness is the mind. The stillness is your innate ability to listen to the heart above the static of the mind, to go deeper in to see what lies beneath the inner and the outer noise of your life. The stillness is what will guide you to realize your heart’s desire. The stillness is your best friend, your mother and your father. You are to trust the stillness within you beyond measure because the stillness is you, the real you, Mr. or Miss/Ms. Being of Light having a human experience.
This next leg of our journey, here all together on this earthen plane, is bound to get pretty dicey in the coming months and years ahead.
I was reminded the other day that we are the generation that creates the bridge into the new paradigm of “all as one.” And it will be our children and their children who will carry the work into the physical realities of their lives.
In saying this, our work is simply to put our oar in the water when our heart tells us to – not before and not unless. Can you imagine a simpler calling than that?
Dreaming Big
The energetic star gate has opened and with this opening is a most wondrous opportunity to shift global consciousness by connecting with our very own heart’s desire. Will you come and play? These past few moths have not been easy, as we have been called to integrate the original star matrix into the human body.
Now is the time to dream. Pay close attention to what comes to you in the stillness of your very own heart. Dream it Big.
In meditation the other day, I heard the following: “Dream small and you’ll get small. Dream it big and you’ll get big.”
For as many of you that I have traveled into the higher dimensional realms with to help you to bypass the mind, I have always been amazed and in awe of who you truly are. Your truest nature is much bigger, freer; more expressive than anything you allow yourself to be in the physical. The perspective of the mind does that to us. What will you believe?
Let the stillness be your guide.






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