A message from AA Metatron

Welcome, dear Earth students to my cosmic chamber of learning and healing. It is a sacred space which I occupy and conduct most of my work from especially meditating and sending the waves of high vibrational cosmic energy down the many levels in the spiritual universe to the Earth and its inhabitants. I welcome you to my chamber or light pod now as I have a special treat or gift that I wish to share with all who wish to be receptive to my energy.

As you step into my ashram and enter into the learning and healing chamber you will see a pure white candle placed in the center of the chamber, it is standing on a quartz crystal pedestal and the light that this candle emanates holds the love, will, light and divine energy of the Creator. It is as though the cosmic energies of this dimension and realm are charging directly through the base of the crystal pedestal and the light of the Creator is manifesting as the light of the candle. I ask you to stand before the pure white and translucent energy of the candle; it blazes brightly onto your face and illuminates your entire body. Allow yourself to be receptive to the energy of the flame, allow yourself to open your energy systems and chakras to absorb the sacred energy of the flame which fills the entire chamber within my ashram. The light of the flame will melt and seep into all levels of your aura, into every cell, bone, muscle and aspect of your body. As the energy of the flame intertwines with your own it begins to burn up any negative energy or unwanted emotions, thought patterns or blockages, dissolving all from your being. Enjoy the cleansing process and sensations as you stand before the white and translucent flame, you can ask the flame to focus on certain places in your body or on releasing blockages from your spiritual energy. The flame will concentrate its energy wherever you direct it to cleanse and heal your being, to assist you in becoming open and receptive to the cosmic high vibrations flowing through the flame and from my ashram.

When the cleansing process has taken place the light of the flame will change to a healing, loving and warming colour that is appropriate for your being and current spiritual growth process. Again allow yourself to anchor this energy into your being, let the energy flow through every aspect of your being enhancing and intensifying the love of the Creator that is already manifest within your being. This loving energy will spread and expand to fill the aspect of your being where negative energy or blockages have been removed. You can imagine yourself sitting or standing before this flame of light for as long as you feel is necessary. It will raise your energy vibration, increase your light quotient and anchor higher and pure cosmic vibrations into every aspect of your being.

When you have completed the cleansing and healing process you can simply turn and walk away from the flame and I will lead you from my ashram so that you may return to your Earthly reality.

This is a meditation that I offer you as a gift to cleanse and heal your being and anchoring new needed energy into your being. The process of the cleansing flame is unique of every person as the flame can sense the energy that is needed and will assist you personally in removing blockages then placing the correct vibration of energy that is needed for your personal spiritual growth on the Earth into your being. You can visit my healing and cleansing flame during your sleep state at night by asking your angels to transport you to Archangel Metatron’s ashram to experience the divine energies of the healing and cleansing flame of the Creator’s light or you can visit during meditation by invoking my energy to surround you and channel into your being. As your breath in my high vibrational energy you will gain a new meditative state of consciousness allowing an aspect of your being to be transported to my ashram. Even if you visualise this meditation of standing before the flame you will gain the necessary healing treatment for your being.

I wish to welcome you to my chamber of cleansing and healing, I hope that you will allow me to assist you in anchoring greater light into your being with the assistance of the divine flame that I have placed within my chamber for your use.

Blessings and cosmic energy is sent from my soul to all,

Archangel Metatron

P.S, if you wish to view any past messages I am placing them in the weekly message gallery, go to www.wisdomofthelight.com and click on weekly messages.

Best wishes and Blessings,


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