Blue Star Speaks: “Universal Conceptualizations of “Mind and Matter”

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4-25-08 to 6-25-08 

“Universal Conceptualizations of “Mind and Matter”


Greetings to each of you ones; good day to you all, especially to all those of you who have been dealing with the “shedding of skin” transformations in this year, 2008, “A Tempestuous year.” Because of the sensitive nature of secret dealings in the lurid world of politics which is hidden from you ones behind the veils of your consciousness, I have chosen to address the above named topic for my transmission this time. Firstly; I must impress upon you each and all, the need for each reader to remain as calm as possible this year. No, this shall not be an easy task, yet I do believe that you are each “up to it.” This year is about changing what you can and disallowing those in the political and religious machines of this world to saturate your minds and hearts with more lies and deceits more so than at any previous time in your world history. If you are willing to change what you can then you are half-way there. Now, you can fight back against the lies and deceits which are intended to castrate your Spirit by simply and QUIETLY acknowledging to yourself that the black beast which has risen its evil head is striking out and lashing at all humans violently Because it has learned to fear you! Kudos to you Earthizens, you are learning some of your lessons well. You are furthering your education by learning that the tools to use to fight evil and the dark-intentioned human puppets, are in your mind, heart and Soul. You need nothing else, YET you must STAND in your truths; you must STAND in your own individual Light; nothing less shall do. In the end, it will be fine.


Now, the Great Universe in her understanding of the pitfalls and contagion that saturates certain planets from time to time, has with the assistance of the God of this Universe and with the aid of Universal Laws, utilized the conceptualization processing to better understand what is in harmony on certain planets and what yet needs to be addressed. It is in this manner that the Great Understanding which is needed by the Universe and God can become a morphotic agent altering certain conditions, none of which were imposed by God or the Creator, which would allow beneficial gifts to be bestowed upon each Earth Star being. This is done in order for each individual AND all like-minded Souls to have a far better understanding of all that is on-going on the planet and of course, the WHY. As this transformation takes place within the Soul inhabiting a physical vehicle then Soul ItSelf can easily interpret the on-goings OUTSIDE of ItSelf and then attempt to share this information with the individual’s heart and mind. You see? Herein lies the simplicity and the complexity as well. The intent of God and the Creator was that each human being would be not only representative of God HimSelf, but would choose most willingly to evolve on a Spiritual level with the able assistance of the person’s mind and heart energies.


The difficulties arose long ago when the dark puppet master and its legion of dark minded-and ill-intentioned Souls chose to interfere with this mind-heart-Soul processing, and either disguise their true intent by mimicking the true Godly Souls teaching of this processing of information, or to divert the individual’s mind to theoretically and religiously imposed dogmas and deceits. And so it came to pass that the intellect, which was to be a meld between heart-mind-and Soul, became a tool for the unilluminated ones to not only use against humanity, but to further their tenacity to adhere to their program of the extinguishing of Light within each Soul. Those dastardly ones had succeeded to such a degree that the conceptualization process which originated from Divinity has been badly overshadowed and abused. This continued until recently, in the last several decades, when the first of the true sweeping Golden Waves and Iridescent Rays of the Jesus the Christ Consciousness began in earnest on this Earth Star planet. Now, so much of what you have each endured on your journey to your designated destination, has been caused by the “affliction” of Matter over Mind.


Yes, of course, all matter is energy, but just because it is energy does not make all of it good, now does it? The mind on the other hand, is a treasured vessel, a connection to you as Soul, to your Soul as Voice, which should always be treated with the greatest of respect. Your greatest difficulties have been the proper use of discernment; of knowing when to listen to mind and when to listen to the intellect. The intellect cannot tell you what the Soul is saying; the mind on the other hand, and I speak of well-balanced people here, can and will alert you to “incoming” information so you can then quiet your mind and allow Soul Voice to speak. You see, when Soul becomes uneasy about people you are around, job positions you may have foolishly accepted, or you being “in the wrong place at the wrong time,” unless your individual pre-birth agreement is the causation for these events, then Soul alerts mind which then begins an uneasy “dance” physically and mentally. Soul warns-mind, mind follows Soul‘s trepidation-the physical vehicle reacts in forms of edginess, general unease and at times the person can become irritable or short-tempered. Now, it is only because of the tiresome and dangerous conditioning that you have been subjected to for many eons that so many ones among you continue to vacillate between listening to mind-heart-Soul and listening to your intellect. Then of course we have the “die-hards;” these ones will only listen to their intellect and are quite proud, sometimes arrogantly so, of this fact.


Now, You see, as an aspect of your individual birthrights, each Soul was gifted with certain forms of “sentience” which can and DO enable the Spirit of the Soul with not only the desire to set things right when perceptions of wrong-doing are encountered, but to also take steps, safeguards if you will, to ensure that what has occurred because of careless “thinking” and/or reckless “assumptions” on the part of the individual are not re-created. All challenges which are self-Created in any life experience are “setups” by you yourself as SOUL. I must congratulate you one and all; in all of my many years of life I can honestly state that NEVER have I seen SO MANY build such HUGE foundations (challenges) as have you ones!! Also, I have never seen so many repetitive issues Created again and again and again, usually by the same Souls. You do know this is not a compliment, right? Perhaps congratulations are not really in order but trust me, these situations which I have observed are MIND-BOGGLING to say the least. Now, I caution you ones, stop fretting about your previous… meaning…up to this nanosecond of time, ahem….ill-advised decisions, agreements, relationships and so forth. Ask yourself if you have learned from them; now see if you can ask yourself the same question without anger, jealousy or prejudice. All which happened up until now were learning lessons; as such each is a reward whether you ones understand this or not. Now, what you should also understand however, is that each time one of you triumphs by listening to your Soul Voice and disregarding the “matter process,” you have just counted coup. Every moment when this occurs a beacon of light emerges from the quintessential “you” and speeds upward; it is visibly discernable by all of the Universe. This then instills a type of hope, a fervor for further triumphs to that individual AND its Soul Cluster and brings great joy to all of the observers, many of whom inhabit other planets. If you did not know of this before then it is time that you know of it now.


You see, this is all an aspect of the “mind and matter” processing which was originally conceived as a means to “up the ante,” for we are all laying our wagers on the human race as a whole. I have told you ones so many times that all which occurs here on the Earth Star planet impacts on other worlds within this Universe. Can you yet better see how so many other worlds are dependant in a sense, on all which occurs here? The energetic forms of matter are so grandly diverse and are so wondrous in their most pristine state, that it is disheartening for all discarnate beings to observe the “now” stupendous, disgraceful forms of matter, which were formerly pure delights of matter, continuing to be extrapolated as a means to continue to control the human race. Indeed there are many among you ones who are incarnate who have the gift of altering matter. Yet, they are well aware that there are some forms of matter relative to others’ personal free expression choices which they, the masters of teachings here on Earth, are prohibited from tampering with. It is what it is. Now, I am not speaking to you ones of “mind over matter,” that was not the original intent of the Creators of the prototype Conceptualization process. I am adamant in my belief that the more you each understand of this original methodology the more you CAN change what you CAN.


Now, if you have been paying close attention here then you should be better able to understand how the mind itself is not merely vastly misunderstood by the human race, but that a major part of it is also in disuse as a means of linking with body, heart and the Spirit of your Soul. This has been a grievous situation; one that although craftily planned by the dark forces to further allocate individuals into the unilluminated tribes, has been accepted for the most part by the very teachers and Spiritual role models that many among you ones cherish. Tis a foul breeze that blows over the human mind; blanketing the mind with “unknowingness.” Now, just as the mind is in its own right a vessel for understanding and the processing of the understanding, it is a gigantic computer which registers all incoming and outgoing information in a pragmatic way. This continues UNTIL the mind is reading information that is Spiritually based. Then the conundrum begins; if an individual has been studying, listening, reading, remembering, about the true nature of Spirit and is intent on personal evolvement, then the mind feels that it is safe for the individual to receive the information that the mind has been receiving from the heart energy and the Spirit of the individual’s Soul. It is at that juncture that the person then realizes or is “in acceptance” of the new information that the mind, acting like a catalyst, then releases to that person. If however that person then does not act upon the information he is receiving, then the amount of incoming information can be severely censored by the mind. If this occurs then the person may struggle futilely later to remember the information which has now “disappeared.”


You see, the mind makes every attempt to keep itself healthy and functional; if this means closing down a part of its repository of information, then so it shall. If of course the individual expresses himself strongly through his emotions and his heart energies about his deep desire to reclaim the lost information, then the mind CAN reconsider its previous decisions. In some ways the mind sees itself as a type of “testing ground;” it is well aware that its own survival is predicated upon the personality of the individual. The survival instinct is much stronger than love. Mind is aware of the original conceptualization of mind and matter to a certain degree. Yet, it knows that if the person is emotionally charged for instance, to living vicariously then incoming information could ultimately jeopardize the survival of the mind. At times a quiet battle rages between the individual’s mind and their personality. In a real sense, matter is fighting matter. Yet the mind has the ability to be one of the greatest forms of matter. Now, consider all the implications of this situation and now add the interference of the dark energetic streams causing mass confusion and for many people, the ultimate destruction of their minds AND their personalities.


All right, let me take this a step further; those peoples who remain for the most part in a continuous state of awareness rather then in a state of continuous flux, are far less apt to have their minds entangle in contortions while it is trying to see if sending information is the right course of action to take. IF however they are ordinary people content with their status quo and are not seeking personal evolvement, then although they may be happy, well balanced individuals, nothing outside of their carefully guarded parameters will intrude because of any slight incoming information which the mind may hold. Now, there is nothing wrong with the ordinary person’s choice. It is their free expression choice in this lifetime. To attempt to give them more information than they may want could easily destroy their minds; and that just will not do! Now, the mistake so many people involved in Spiritual Works make is that they either do not know of the Universal Conceptualization of Mind and Matter, or they do not realize the importance of such. So many concentrate on the heart energies or the Soul energies that they overlook the prime foundation, the matrix, for the integration of these vessels. Although the conscious part of the mind rests during sleep time, allowing the Super Conscious part of the mind free reign, the Super Conscious aspect of the mind can only speak in dreams and night visions.


This is the area of the person’s mind that CAN receive great beneficial information intended for the individual to utilize to the best of their ability. However, all things being equal, so to speak, this is also the arena where dark invasions may occur. Although it is true that the dark forces have always targeted this part of a person’s mind with the intent of instilling fear, dis-organized chaos and confusion, it was mid-year of 2007 when things took a turn for the worse. Now, it was because the dark ones have been so rapidly losing the hold they have had on humanity that they initiated a plan to wreak as much havoc as possible on individuals through psyche attack WHILE the people were in their dream state. What makes this strategy different from how it had been before that mid-year, is that prior to that time, although there were severe penetrations into the sleep state of peoples, the raging, demonic rantings and terrible imaging of horrific beings visibly attacking the sleepers were few and far between. You see, but of course those dark energies know of the original archetype that was to form a concentric bond between body, mind, heart and the Spirit of the Soul. As long as those dark forms could permeate all aspects of a human being with their viscous contagion, they did not consider anything to be a threat to them.


However, the human race is changing; and not a nanosecond too soon! Many among you have discovered that you not only have minds, you are using them. Those peoples who were, and are, not content to rely only on the “living in the heart” energies are, and have been, learning to look at the bigger picture; looking into the mirror of their Soul and seeing the TANGIBLE cord which unites all the central aspects of the true human being. This caused such great consternation to the unilluminated forces that they immediately leaped upon “Plan B” – the sleeper. Now, the mind recoils on a conscious level from having viewed, or being forced to view, those horrific imagings that has attacked the sleeper. This is indeed a type of “mind rape” which occurs to sleepers. When this occurs, depending on the evolutionary state of the sleeper, the mind CAN sever the connection to the memory of what has been witnessed. The mind, whether in its conscious state or Super Conscious state, will always struggle valiantly to protect itself from ultimate destruction. Dreams however, just as night visions, can be a double-edged sword. Now, because as you should know if you have read the beginning of this page where I have stated that I must of necessity keep my transmissions much shorter this year than is my wont, I will try to give you as much pertinent information as possible here this day before I must end this transmission for this time period.


Essentially, all pre-birth agreements, which are also known as Soul Contracts, contain certain encodings for millions of Souls which are likened to “keys” for not only further awakening those Souls, but also provide vitally important information that the Super Conscious mind does retain, much like information that is copied to a computer disc. Each encoding is predicated upon an individual’s state and STAGE of evolution as well as upon their designated mission here. In the Greater Sense of the word, no two encodings are the same BUT millions CAN contain certain commonalities that are also based upon a Soul’s standing in their Soul Cluster Group. Basically this means that an evolved old Soul MAY receive more information in It’s encoding than another Soul who is in the immature state and puberty STAGE of evolution. However, not all old Souls are yet ready to receive certain types of information either. Again, this primarily depends on who that Soul has chosen to be while here, what the mission of that Soul is, and the relativity of the importance for that Soul to succeed in realms of “work” here that he or she may not really need to perform. Or perhaps that Soul has not yet attained a certain Soul Status which requires that Soul to wear many hats. Now, it is when the information within the dream state and night visions’ encodings are delivered to Souls that they CAN retain SOMEWHAT, at least a smidgen of the data they receive CONSCIOUSLY.


Meanwhile the Super Conscious already has that incoming information on its “disc.” It then releases the data to the conscious mind when Soul Voice determines that it is not only timely, but that an upcoming event or a “timing” code makes it a necessity for the mind to receive the information. This is a small aspect of the Conceptualization processing; it is geared to help you to remember, or in some cases, to think about what it is that you have either borne witness to or “heard” in dreams and night visions. Many Souls within individual Soul Clusters MAY be sent the same information, yet it is worded or imaged slightly differently. If you bear in mind that all individual Soul Clusters live and remain in a state of “being” beneath the benevolent arms of the one MAIN Soul Cluster, then it should not be too difficult for you ones to better understand the relationship to individual Soul Clusters and the Main Cluster. In this sense, One is all and all is One. Now, the psyche attacks which I spoke of earlier are the last bastion of the dark forces; it is here now where they wage their last and greatest battles. The battles for your individual Souls. Those who are the most evolved among you ones are adepts at cutting off the heads of the vipers when these individuals KNOW that what they are seeing, hearing or doing in their dreams is not true. One of the most dominant forms of dream and night vision rape now is “mockery.” The second most virulent tactic they use is your anger. This one they use against you repeatedly!


You see, in a perfected state of being, the Mind and Matter Conceptualization would allow each of you ones to flow like a river on the Wings of Spirit. It would not matter in the least what state or stage of evolution you were on; the only thing of importance would be that you ones EACH could work in the totality of harmony of yourselves. You see? This has worked very well on other planets, but of course when war mongers are churning the states of your beliefs and religions are promulgating hellfire and damnation, this could be a problem. And it most certainly is HERE. Now, I must assure you each and all that when you sleep or are experiencing night visions, we are not unaware of the dangers which can surround you ones. Those among you who know how to call in protection, who know how to ASK for assistance as needed, suffer the least numbers of these incursions by the dark forces. All right now, here comes the fine print….it is the most evolved Souls who are consciously striving to continue to understand and learn as much as they can on ALL levels of understanding, and those who have valiantly shed their former….predilections for self-destruction and are now determinedly, doggedly pursuing “the path least traveled” who MAY be attacked the most viciously. To these Souls I say: the dark energies are seeking a surrender on your part, they want you to stop moving forward and begin to once more step backwards.


Now, anything you hold Sacred or anything that is providing you with better health or a Greater state of happiness, they will mock. In other words, you are doing everything right. We ourselves provide protection to you each WHEN we are asked to; tis why oftentimes a sleeper will remember a night vision or a dream, or perhaps awaken right after seeing a battle between forces ensuing. We do not mask our presence to those who do not recoil from us in fear. For those who do, we simply appear in an altered state, one that is acceptable to you ones. Some have seen us as eagles attacking verminous entities; others have seen our brilliant light blinding archaic enemies. All depends on what you can handle and what you can not. Angelic Beings, Master Teachers, personal Guardian Angels and other wondrous entities join us in our vanquishment of the dark forces’ invasions. You see, there are no prerequisites required for our aid to be freely shared with you ones. We will not of course, help anyone who is leaning to the dark side. That would be a fool’s errand; and we are not fools! Now, the anger I mentioned to you ones is in itself yet another double-edged sword. Anger which is justified can be a wondrous cathartic tool; when used properly it can birth other exceptional tools as well. All right…here is the fine print, yet again.


Please to remember what I say now ALWAYS. (Celestial, please keep the following part of this message in bold print.) During the birthing of “regret” the remorse experienced was proven to also birth fear; fear is a great fornicator. It can snap the minds, hearts, bodies and Spirit of the Soul Voice. It can, has, and does, render a person helpless, mentally incapacitated and emotionally dry. The heart energies then shrivel and love departs, sometimes for the rest of a parson’s life. The physical vehicle soon follows suit, creating myriad illness until physical death occurs.

The Spirit of the Soul Voice must retreat until another life experience is desired. The mind has become a wasted “thing;” the Conceptualization process is not even conceivable for that individual then.

All that is really achieved is that the dark side has accrued more Souls, yet again. Do you understand?

Now, it has been duly noted that many Light Bearers and Light Weavers experience great distress upon awakening because their dream states and night visions have been contaminated to a certain degree by the dark energies who have been attacking. The first impulse is to lash out in anger at those ones for the unholy invasion they have committed. So, unwittingly, these ardent Souls release a good measure of anger at the dark. Meanwhile, the dark energy streamers happily lap up the anger because it feeds their appetite and THEIR determination. They have found a vulnerable part of the person, a part they can use against that individual. Yes indeed, it can be a tad complex. By all means feel violated because you have been; by all means UNDERSTAND WHY the battle took place. By all means DO NOT LASH OUT IN ANGER!


Lash out in a determined fashion by reciting your own mantra, or a prayer; do NOT challenge these ones! That could be a fatal mistake. Continue to show your abilities in defeating them simply by not allowing them to taint your mind when you are conscious. Also, do not dwell on what took place. If you know how to fashion and use your personal sword, then do so and send it out to the dark, bathed in God’s Light. If you do not yet have that conscious knowledge then simply ask for the Golden Light of God to protect you. However, do not even think about becoming co-dependant. In time, these dark things will depart from your “mind space,” but not until they can arrive at the understanding that you will not capitulate. From time to time they may try different incursions to gauge the depth of your understanding and your ability to “just say no.” There are individuals who have integrated with the Universal Conceptualization of Mind and Matter on Earth. They may bend, but they will NOT break. With each success you experience, whether large or small, you are forming that bond, that concentric form, that link, with this concept. As the Golden Now continues to sweep over this planet carrying the Jesus the Christ Consciousness, more and more among you ones will also be swept into a different kind of flow. It is the one I have been speaking of; it is part of your birthright and you shall not fail yourselves. You ones have nothing to lose and everything to gain; tell me Earthizens, what else could you possibly ask for as true human beings?

Salude….Blue Star the Pleiadian



“There is a valley where that which is Spiritual stands on one side
and that which is religious stands on the other side.
In the middle walks the Creator and the Creation.
In time, all shall be as one…I shall meet you there.”
….Blue Star……Email Celest at; 



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