Celia Fenn’s EARTHLOG.:.Dec. 12:Dreaming as One – The Twin Flame Energy and Imagining Peace for the 12:12

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December 12th : Dreaming as One…..The Twin Flame Energy and Imagining Peace for the 12:12 : I thought that since this is such a special time when we are all, each of us, experiencing the inner Twin Flame energy at the 12 :12, that it would be wonderful to think also about the Twin Flame as it manifests in Romantic Relationships as well. So many people who write to me about the Soul Mate and Twin Flame Union, express the desire to meet their “other half” in the belief that this will guarantee them great bliss and joy. Well, certainly it does, but that is not really the point of a Twin Flame union!

You can be sure, that when you meet with your Twin Flame, that there is work to be done. There is a purpose that exists on the Higher Planes of Soul and Spirit, and this far outweighs any personal or individual desires and needs.

One of the things I didn’t mention about my birthday, Decemer 8th, was that it is also the date on which John Lennon died, in 1980. John Lennon was one of those pioneering avatar souls who had a global impact and whose presence is still being felt among us, for his own music and writing, and for the great love between himself and his Twin Flame, Yoko Ono. I think their relationship, as it continues even today, is a demonstration of what Twin Flame love is all about. I would like to thank Deb, the Lion lady of the USA, for sending me the links to “Imagine Peace” and the Story about the Imagine Peace Tower, which I am going to share with you now.

I am going to include four video links to help you to “feel”, within your heart and through the music….the unfolding story of a Great Twin Flame Love and the effect on the planet of the Musician, the Artist and the Politician, who were, and are, part of and touched by this Great Love.

So, for those of you who don’t know, or have forgotten, John Lennon, singer and songwriter, was intially part of the British pop group “The Beatles”, and Yoko Ono is the Japanese Conceptual Artist who became his second wife.


Listen to this beautiful song, written by John, for Yoko, but also as he says, for all Women. It expresses the deep love of the Masculine Energy for the Woman who is, as he observes, the “other half of the sky”.

Please Click here for John Lennon singing “Woman”.

Now, this is where the Love Story starts to get interesting, in spiritual terms…..John Lennon was a “Peace Activist”….and he wrote this beautiful song called “Imagine”, about the idea of Peace on a Global scale. Sounds ahead of its time, back there in the early 1970s, but its time has now come! Here is John performing this beautiful song in the presence of his great love, Yoko. I love the symbolism in this video….for it is their love that creates “Heaven” here on Earth, and as Yoko opens the windows it is as though the Divine Feminine Goddess brings in the Radiant Light to illuminate the gifts and talents of her Beloved Partner:

Please Click here for John Lennon singing “Imagine”.

Wow! This one is so beautiful it gives me goose bumps…..

Now, as mentioned earlier, and as most people know, John Lennon was murdered outside his home in New York, on the 8th of December 1980. And I remember that well, I have always loved John’s music, and I was sad that he had to leave in such a way on my birthday! Anyway….that was how the plan seemed to go for this great Twin Flame love, for after John left, it was Yoko who was left to keep the flame of his ideas and “Imaginings” alive on Earth.

And so, time went by and people began to change……

And so, fast forward, to October 2007….and the “Imagining Peace” Tower, a Conceptual Art work built by Yoko Ono in Reykjavik, Iceland, to celebrate their Love and John’s vision for a World where all could live “as one” and in peace. In this video, Yoko explains her original idea for the tower, and how John asked her to build it. And so she did….it became the emblem of their Love and their Twin Flame work for Global Peace and Love. Its time is NOW:

Click here to hear Yoko Ono speak about the “Imagine Peace Tower”…….and catch that kiss after “Imagine”…..not in the earlier video clip….

Now…..this is where things become really interesting. Enter the politician…Presidential Candidate for the USA, Dennis Kucinich, talking about the idea behind the “Imagine Peace” Tower and his support for the work of John Lennon and Yoko Ono.

Wait a moment…..is that the same USA that tried to kick John Lennon out of New York? Is that the same USA that considered him a dangerous radical? Yup….but it seems like something has changed.

Maybe “Imagine Peace” is an idea whose time has finally come.

Click here to hear Dennis Kucinich talking about the “Imagine Peace” Tower.

Whether Dennis Kucinich manages to become President or not, he is opening up a space in politics for politicians to speak seriously about the concepts and ideas that we all know. He invites us all to “Imagine Peace” with him, as the first step to creating Global Peace…..sound familiar?

And so, the Twin Flame Love of these Soul Mates continues to do its work in the Creation of Global Peace on the Planet. If you visit the http://www.imaginepeace.com website, you can download a copy of the “War is Over” poster that was issued by John and Yoko. “War is Over…..if you Want it”.

Too True!

We have to want and desire it from our hearts….and then we have to Dream it together…..!

So, on this 12:12 energy of the 12th of December, maybe take some time to celebrate the Power of Twin Flame Love in Imagining Peace and Love for “all the people”….

And ….maybe send your wishes for Global Peace to the Imagine Peace Tower in Reykjavik….let the Universe know what we want!




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