15th November, 2007

Dearest Heart Lights, today, the 15th day of the 11th month, in this 9 year of Completion, marks a very special time…one which has each of us, as a whole – all Workers of Light, as we like to perceive you: connected, sharing with us, a journey of Heart Love. For there are many, uncountable “I”s, who focus their Love to you now, that you might heal the last of that which you deem requires Completion, prior to your departure from this space and time of the third Light.

It is a grand time to be part of the journey of awakening: it is, a bringing into balance, that which has been out of alignment: that, which remains outstanding, in the cosmic bank account you each hold. It is not so much a journey of healing the blueprint’s seeming demands upon you, as to recognise, Self as Creator of your alignment in life. You are, that, which creates your life, in the form it is accustomed to being perceived now.

Long ago, when the Earth was a playground for the cosmic forces of Light, it was already in the process of being nurtured and created, for this time now; for it was foretold, that there would be a special time and space, where all that was out of alignment with Creator’s Love, would discover the pathway Home once again. The Truth of all Light, is to Honour, to epitomise, to BE, the Love.

Why is this day, the 15th November, 2007, so particularly appropriate, to the task at hand… to write that, which inspires, creates, and promotes, the gift of Love to be evident in your Heart, as is ever the Prayer, the intent, of our Council of Love?

It is, a day of wonderment, to behold a planet, so in Love, so in balance, no matter as it appears to you: that Creator, in its Love of the Goddess Light, seeks to embrace each and every one of you, with an additional gift: to raise the vibration of this planetary system, to a level unprecedented, in the Halls of Light. It is a time of great awakening, of expansiveness, into all that is of Love; and a time of releasing of the fear, that that which you receive, is insufficient to your needs.

It cannot be insufficient: for All That IS, is abundant…prosperous..Infinite. The understanding we seek to convey to you now, is to allow for yourself to have shifted in your very Being, this day: to allow, for the journey to be different, this day; showing to You, what it is, that You are capable of.

As you allow such thoughts to enter your conscious awareness, indeed, so it is. For what are you, but thought, seemingly in a physical, Human, body process…yet, the body itself, is malleable, in how it is created now. It is your thoughts, that truly govern your world now.

Step into, your Mastery: choose, a time of ease and grace, abundance, and so forth, and it is indeed yours, for the receiving…where such thoughts are accompanied by their opposite, patiently begin again, to state your thoughts in a positive Light, taking yourself from the yin and yang of duality awareness, into the Love of the Fourth dimensional focus by this process.

You have been training, for a long time, aeons indeed, to be in readiness for this time now: is it not worth, a little additional effort on your part, to accustom the Self to be reflective of the Truth of its own beautiful Heart Light, that of its Core Essence, otherwise known as the Higher Self..to speak that which is of Love to others; to think thoughts, that are Loving to the Self.

With that, I shall take my leave, and another shall encompass this forum…I hold you in the Love of Creation, of the Goddess, of the Christ: I AM Sadiyaa, of the Violet Flame of Transformation. He who comes forth, is of this Light also: bid him welcome, for he is The Chancellor, of Le-mu-ri-a:

Blessings and Greetings, Dear Ones of Light: I AM, indeed, The Chancellor – Mufa, who was Mafu and on before that.

I bid you welcome: for the Love, that embraces all, is of a depth and profoundness, that few have received of its beauty, while in the experience of incarnate perceptiveness. Let not the storm clouds that may seem to gather around your experiences, take you from your place of Honour, on this day of Mastery: open your Heart Light, to the Love. For the Light within you, is of a greatness, you have no perception of: let it be real – to you, to one another; for it is, as you embrace the other, as a Being of Mastery, such as you are, that you find it within yourself.

I, The Chancellor, walk a path of Love, and in that, I am honoured and blessed to be of this Light, that is known to you, as Tikele this day. It is a grand and glorious Light: why? It knows itself, as Love: a Human – fallible, ordinary, she perceives of the Self: is she? Indeed not: neither, are you. Yet, the Love, is ever her guiding factor: is it yours? Do you choose Love, at every possible opportunity, to guide the course of your actions, thoughts, deeds? This is how it is in Lemuria…for Lemuria, exists still: not in the physical reality as it was in your past, but in the etheric blueprint, that has been laid down for you, to experience, to step into now.

This day, marks the opening of the doorway of Light, that barred you entry, other than those who vibrated at sufficient resonance to pass through unhindered.

Now, you too, may pass through this door: for to choose the Love, is to open the Heart, to the possibility of a journey of Love, ever unfolding, in all of its beauty and grandeur, as you discover now your gifts, your ability, to shape the very essence of your world – that which is known to you as Gaia. For it is not simply another name for the Earth: she lives, she breathes, she exists, in multiple dimensional realities, as you do.

Now, it is a time of such awakening, that her Light is transforming itself to a new frequency: that which vibrates, in the Mastery, of Love. All who choose Love, in each and every moment, arise with her, in that Love. Those who remain absent to it, on the surface of things, establish their place of choosing, outside of this energy frequency, and will find themselves uncertain of their path, that they may reconsider their choosing, until such time as the very last potential is in place.

That which I speak of as potential, is in Truth, already in place now: it is now, this very day, a time of grand awakening, for each and every one of you, who reads this missive, no matter when you might receive it. For the energy is already awakened within you – or you would not receive these words into your thought processes now. Those who have held back from their awakening, will find themselves embraced in the Essential Light, that they return to the Love of Creation, or find themselves moving on their path now, to that which they determined to be, at this time. Fear not for them: all is in the Love of Creation, in the very perfection of all Beingness. Not a stone is left unturned, to ensure that each and every Aspected Light on the plane of Earth at this time, is moving forward in its own Mastery, to that which resonates to its Essential Light’s journey in bringing forth such an Aspect, as you may know yourselves to be at this time of limited perceivability.

Where there be confusion, seek Clarity, of the inner Core Light: ask, as often as there be need, what it is, that you would see in the vibration of Completion, prior to leaving of this Dimension, to travel into the fourth Light: a space of Love and Compassion, gentleness and Honouring of All.

Set aside the vibration, the energy, of competitiveness, and seek now, to weave together with those whom you call friends, the alliances and journeys of the Heart. Seek ever, to Honour all who come before you, as the seekers, the bringers of their Truth: look deeply into the mirror they hold before you, and choose, if it be your Truth now, or to be set aside, as no longer of resonance in your world.

That which you hold to be a fair and just appraisal, Honour. Where there be disagreements, embrace them as well. For these are, as you: Masters, of multiple dimensions; playing out the pattern of Human, in this time of great change and transformation.

Now, as never before, you have the potentials, to create as you would choose: choose wisely and well, that which Honours fully, the Heart Light of all: release from that, which is of limitation and fear in its originating source within you.

Honour yourself as well: for You ARE, the very “I” of Creation: It speaks through you, within you: listen well, to Its words, for It will take you into the Love of Itself, whenever you allow it.

I AM the Chancellor: I hold you, in the Love, the Beauty, of the All That IS: for in that, I am complete. And so it is.


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