VIVAMUS.:.Natalie’s channelled message

Dear light students of the Earth, I come with my deepest greetings and love for you all. It is I Vywamus who is speaking with you, a cosmic master. I channel into your being the enlightenment and wisdom of my soul. I hope you will accept my energy and use it as a support for your growth on the Earth. I am a light being known for dispersing the negative and delusional beliefs and thought patterns of the human subconscious mind. On your physical planet within your physical realities many of you could be compared to living in a physical reality bubble, this is one of the marvels of the Earth and the challenges it has to offer. As soon as you enter the physical Earth as a baby you embody everything that it exists as, everything is true and real in your eyes, of course you have your inner soul to guide you and enlighten you to the truth but to you as an individual, it is as though you are encased in a physical shell, everything within your shell is your reality, the life you live and the way that you see it. This is not a judgement but an explanation. Everything that happens within your bubble or shell feels real due to your emotions and senses of your physical body. Imagine that this bubble that you live within was a game like the computer games and adventure parks you experience on the Earth. Imagine that it wasn?t the truth of your being or life but just an experience you wish to discover. When you are focused in the game of life everything seems real but at night while you sleep you break away from the bubble and understand the truth, you understand that it is an experience of discovery. Gradually as you continue to follow the game your view and perspective of the game changes and you expand your mind beyond the bubble and enter into the energy space and world beyond your bubble. This is awakening to the light, your soul and the Creator. All of a sudden you understand that life is just a series of experiences, valuable and important but not the truth of your being. You begin to open to a new awareness that brings new experiences from outside your bubble into your bubble and reality. You know now that there is a greater world beyond your bubble but you cannot as yet connect with it. As your faith grows and you desire to gain a greater awareness, the walls of your bubble gradually become transparent, you can see into the new world and interact with it easily as you do when you fall asleep. This is my definition of the spiritual growth process of a human on the physical Earth. My light students once you awaken to the world beyond your bubble there is no stopping you, you shall evolve at a speedy and perfect rate for your soul. Faith is the key to being able to see with clarity through your reality bubble. Every light being or master infuses that faith is the key to spiritual awareness, it is the truth! Once you can truly embody faith then everything will manifest, flow and materialise into your life with ease.My light students I ask you to now expand your minds and awareness beyond the life that you lead. See each experience in your life as a chance to evolve and grow spiritually, to ascend to a new level of consciousness, to anchor greater love into your being and Mother Earth. I advice you to say this invocation each day drawing on the positive energy of the Creator to assist your spiritual growth process on the Earth.?I invoke the divine positive cosmic masters and Vywamus to expand my spiritual awareness and raise me to a higher level of spiritual consciousness eliminating any negative or unwanted beliefs from my sub conscious mind. Thank you.? I am here with my fellow cosmic masters to assist you with your spiritual and physical reality on the Earth.My blessings and love to you always,VywamusMay you walk in the love and light always,Natalie


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