The Ascending Cosmic Pulse.:.Nov.2007

The Ascending Cosmic PulseBy Shala Mata

The last several weeks on our planet have been daunting, no matter what part of the planet you inhabit. Without question – the times we are experiencing upon our beloved Mother Earth are critical. Never before have has our impact on this planet been so dramatic. For years, we have discussed the plight of our mother, her birthing pains into higher consciousness.
Recently while following the harrowing fires in California and the rainforest in the Amazon, the earthquake in Indonesia, and the melting polar ice caps I felt such an intense energy that I needed to lay down. I drifted off to sleep and upon awakening, I had been shown the image of Gaia (Mother Earth) as a child very ill. She had a very high fever, and was fighting an infection from some unknown form of bacteria. Like most children, it takes a lot to keep them in bed – she keep getting up and trying to do her normal things, but could not. She grew weaker and weaker. Those caring for her kept trying to calm her and help her heal. They took her outside to a nearby lake to try to cool her; she drank some of the water and become violently ill. They drained the lake and found the bottom was strewn with garbage of every description. Now they knew the cause of the infection and quickly looked for plants in the forest as a remedy. The plant and spirit medicine slowly began to take affect, Gaia was weak, and a tremendous sense of uncertainty was held in the hearts of those caring for her.
“Artwork courtesy of and copyright by Daniel B. Holeman, who invites you to visit his Visionary Art Gallery web site
When I awoke the significance of the dream was not lost on me. Our beloved Mother is struggling to desperately to maintain her biosphere. Our heavy footprint upon her has taken a deep toll and her only desire is to be well, to flourish, and to be in perfection again.
We have such a powerful role to play in her survival. Our thoughts not only create our reality but affect hers as well. Our enlightened thoughts can help her adapt to the changes that have occurred upon and within her. She is a very gentle but powerful conscious being that can overcome her physical dilemma.
Mother Earth is requiring Harmonization and Stabilization. While many lightworkers and starseeds are ready to live in Harmony upon our beloved planet, there is still a tremendous level of polarization. The final two months of the year are always pivotal on how we will move into the coming year.
THE 11:11
November 11th is a special day, the 11:11. Numerically 11 is a double digit and is known as a Master Number. It holds the energy of both the masculine and feminine energies in a balanced form – however many refer to the 11:11 doorway as the feminine aspect and the 12:12 (Dec 12) the masculine. The 11:11 last year opened a portal to understanding our soul life mission or soul path. That energy brought many changes and allowed us to go deeply into our soul energy.
This year the 11:11 doorway is to Harmonization and Stabilization. The 11:11 is also a trigger or catalyst to harmonize those parts of ourselves from ancient times to this now time. Time as we know it is not linear but circular. All of us are feeling the intensity of the energy on our planet. Each of us holds codes that are part of our ascension process. Our current and past lives spin concurrently through the circle of time. Many of us are surprised at the depth of our emotions, our reactions to simple day-to-day events, the feeling of anxiety or uncertainty riding just beneath the surface of our lives. We feel like we are living on the razor’s edge.
During the past month, I received dozens of emails from around the world where starseeds and lightworkers were describing their symptoms. The most common thread was fatigue. Everyone complained of being very tired and often not even certain if they have or have not slept, because of being awake so often during the night. Many were feeling quite intense physical symptoms that we have mentioned so often. Headaches, neck & shoulder pain, feeling of heat rising in the body (no not just women) increased hunger. Dreams were also mentioned as being very intense and often recurring.
The Harmonization energy of the 11:11 doorway is vital to support our physical body. Harmonization and stabilization will impart a calming into the emotional body. When we re-visit old memories or experiences from this lifetime or those from past lives, whether we understand and know the “story” of the experience, the emotion or charge is often still there and brought forward. This is what is understood as bringing all the parts of our soul back to wholeness. There are so many levels and layers to our emotional and spiritual lives. Time is such that a 24-hour period is equivalent to 72 hours or more of living. Everything is being condensed and sped up. It is intense and often makes people react irrationally. This is turn supports further polarization on the planet.
Our relationship with our physical body and spiritual path is directly connected to the body of Mother Earth and her path. The 11:11 doorway of harmonization and stabilization is being support by the shimmering golden light of the Central Sun. We have worked diligently to heal our old patterns and utilize our energy for balance. If we were caring for a sick child with a high fever, our every waking moment would be focused on her getting well and having a full recovery. Nothing would deter us from tending to her, nurturing her, loving her. This same intention and attention is now desperately needed for our beloved Mother Earth. Cradle her as you would your child.
“Artwork courtesy of and copyright by Daniel B. Holeman, who invites you to visit his Visionary Art Gallery web site
During the month of November, we will have the opportunity to open our hearts to the energy of Harmonization and Stabilization. This energy will allow us to open our hearts more fully to nurture ourselves and the collective. This in turn will affect our daily thoughts we have toward each other and our beloved planet. See the 11:11 as a time to stabilize and hold together the brotherhood and sisterhood that is slowly germinating in the hearts of all lightworkers and starseeds. Old patterns will continue to percolate to the surface during the coming month. If we hold on to the emotions or become over dramatic as things clear, we will feel upset and disoriented. Harmonization and Stabilization will support you personally and collectively, by allowing you to trust your heart more. To hear your heart and know that it beats to the rhythm of our beloved Mother’s heart.
We are in challenging and destabilizing times and often we forget just how powerful we truly are. When we telepathically direct our higher thoughts toward our planet, things change and transformation begins. We are potent and powerful when united in harmony and unity. We are at a crucial point on our beloved planet.
I recently worked with a wonderful plant spirit medicine shaman. Like many of you, my physical body has been responding to the clearing of old patterns with some discomfort and uncertainty. When I was speaking with the shaman relayed something that resonated deeply within me. She said everything we experience, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually has a signature or a tag to it. I understand this is not news, but it was in that moment that my head and heart got the connection with the information.
Our hearts signature or tag is love. As the higher frequencies of the Central Sun move through the 11:11 doorway our hearts signature can begin to harmonize and stabilize in a more true unconditional way. This energy will allow our hearts and our mind to be more united; however do not be surprised during the first two weeks of the month you feel an intense tug of war going on inside. Be prepared to feel deep angst at times or anxiety and try to forgive yourself or others that may be triggering these deep levels of healing.
As always, there is a tremendous support from the stars and planets during November, which will wash over us like waves. We will often feel physically tired and need time to process the light frequencies. Many will unite on the 11:11 in meditation or ceremony and this will soften the energy download during the mid month timing. Towards the end of November the energy will build again quite dramatically as we prepare for the 12:12 alignment in December.
Nov 9 – New Moon – 3:03 PST. This new moon in particular sets up the power of the 11:11 doorway for the individual. What are your dreams – be mindful of what seeds you truly wish to plant
Nov 11 – 11:11 Doorway to Harmonization and Stabilization. Light from the Central Sun activating deep codes of activation and transformation. A time of ceremony, ritual and sacred songs to our beloved Mother Earth.
Nov 24 – Full Moon – 6:30 am PST. This moon will illuminate the unseen area’s still needing some nurturing. Nudges may feel a little more intense as the moons rays light the 11:11 alignment. Breathe in this light of Harmonization & Stabilization and allow that energy to reverberate through out the planet.
The beauty of the 11:11 and the transcended Central Sun light is that it is Holographic energy. We have talked often about holographic healing light. When we connect to the whole of our being or Cosmic Egg and affect change in one part we then affect change in the whole – based on the principles of the hologram. When we shine this shimmering transcended light into our conscious or sub-conscious, we create change.
During the month of November, we have the opportunity to walk in unity with harmonization and stabilization. Each conscious thought and step we talk upon our beloved Mother Earth will support her and help her. We have to ability to create change from the smallest gesture to the grandest expression – everything matters and touches the heart of our mother.
Take time to listen to your body as best you can. When sleeplessness is constant, our body tries to compensate for the cellular rejuvenation that maybe being missed during deep sleep. Increased hunger will be the body’s way to get the necessary fuel for the cellular work. Tune in and see if the hunger is for sleep not the extra donut. Being kind, gentle, and allowing with yourself and your body is vital just now. Set patterns of activity and rigid schedules make things tense – harmonization and stabilization energy will need a little space to maneuver in.
May your month be filled with higher evolutionary processes and deep joy in your hearts.
Love and Deep Blessings,
© Shala Mata 2007


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